Chapter 236 – The Village Chief and the High Elves Who Do Their Best in Summer

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After the festival ends, summer came in full scale.

The villagers are now playing in the pool.

「This is fully utilized.」

They have been using it whole year round so I left the management to the lizardmen.

「We drain its water once a month for cleaning.」

「That’s praiseworthy but….don’t overdo it.」

There’s no need for you to overwork.

Though the first thing I thought of this summer is the pool, there are a lot of things that need to be done.

I have to respond to the “wishes” of each village and increase the facilities in the hot spring too.

Ah, there is also that issue in Shashaato City so it is necessary to get in touch with Michael-san.

Small wyvern messaging takes time.

Though our messages are advancing, we still need to write what we have been talking about first or else we will forget about what we’ve been talking about.

As a result, it has become writing two letters.

Maybe it’s time for me to introduce some sort of formal writing style but that might not work because of cultural differences.

I think it’s troublesome too.

I want a copier.

The civil servant girls are accustomed to two-letter writing and seem to view it as the correct way to write.

Though some of them don’t practice it and leave drafts but….

「You can just write a fair level copy of the drafts. 」


To fulfill the wishes of each village, I’ll go around them with the high elves.

For Village One, it’s mushroom field.

Yes, I know.


Truffle is not something that can grow on the tree and should be on the ground.

There’s a lot of suitable places nearby…..

That reminds me, aside from black truffle, white truffle exists too.

Should I plant them too?

I plowed while thinking such unnecessary thing so there’s a possibility of white truffles being mixed in this black truffle field.

In any case, they are both truffles.

Since they are mushrooms, it is possible to harvest in the same place multiple times.

Do your best to harvest as much as you can.

And my apologies, I prefer shiitake so you can’t stop me from arranging and plowing some lumbers for it.

As for how to take care of mushrooms…..their natural enemies are insects, birds, and beasts but since the spiderlings are guarding the village, you don’t have to worry about them.

For Village Two, farming tools.

Hoe, hatchet, sickle.

Ah, pitchfork too.

It is a spear with three heads that is used to collect fodder and things similar to that.

Since Village Two is populated by minotaurs, it is normal that their tools are appropriate for their big size.

However, a big size pitchfork is useless.

The crops are still the same size.

Everything fell using the enlarged pitchfork.



Let’s make a new one.

Let’s increase the number of spearheads this time.

Ah, Gutt was the one who made the farming tools so I have to reward him.

As for the filed fork… about making it a decoration?

I shouldn’t really mind but I admit that it’s embarrassing.

For Village Three, house expansion and a course around the village.

For the houses, the high elves took care of it for several days.

As for the course around the village, I took care of it using the AFT.

Compared to the time when we founded these villages, I can make a road faster now.

Will the soil of the course be hard enough?

Currently, it doesn’t feel soft…..feels okay when I step on it.

Good to know.

The centaurs run around the course immediately after completion.

For centaurs, being faster means wielding high fighting power.

I think it is good considering the defense of Village Three.

Eh, ehto….

Did they just begin a race?

Ah, it is like a ceremony when a male is asking a female for marriage.

So they requested for the course to be able to do this.

My apologies for being too slow.

May you be happy.

Village Four, also known as Sun Castle….

I’ll bring up the raising of seasonings.

Though I know I can’t expect anything….let’s just cook.

Is it good?


Ah, maa, seasonings is the last thing I need to worry in this place.

Now then, the nabe…

The ingredients we lack were delivered via a balloon.

Though the number of balloons has increased, the amount each can carry is limited.

I want to improve it but I don’t have time.

Research is required for it.

After cooking, I visit the cannery of the Sun Castle.

It’s not a real factory and it looks like this facility was made only to make souvenirs.

The performance is also amazing.

You just need to put raw material and a can will be made.

The can is very thin.

Nevertheless, it looks like it is properly prepared to be rust-resistant.

It is not much different from the can I know.

Unfortunately, to our regret, this doesn’t seem to be able to do anything aside from making cans.

Though there’s no manpower needed since can making is fully automatic, what should be put on the cans should be prepared manually.

We tried canning an orange first as an experiment but it stayed as it is and is not even peeled off.

In addition, there’s no syrup either so when the can shakes, you can feel the orange inside stirs up.

A terribly canned food.

When you can a fruit, it will be pointless if the fruit inside is not soaked in syrup and not even peeled.

Maa, it will be hard to use it for business too since the daily capacity is too little.

According to Bell, there is someone who knows a lot about this device so we probably get what we want once that person wakes up.

I feel like if this can be used to preserve food, it surely can be used to preserve seasonings.

That’s what I’m looking forward to.

I am now facing the hot spring. I intend to increase the number of facilities here.

Even if it is summer, it feels good to soak in hot springs.

Though you’ll face a problem once you left.

It’s hot.

The lion conjured a block of ice with the use of magic.


So you can use magic huh.


In any case, let’s start working since that’s what I came here for.

First, let’s improve the present facility that is being used by ancestor-san.

That said, let’s rebuild the cottage….

It’s more dilapidated than I thought.

Maybe because it is on a hot spring that it became this dilapidated.

Will wood be a more durable material?

Then, let’s build a new cottage.

Let’s make an exclusive cottage for the ghost knights who are guarding this place.

After preparing lumbers, I left it to the high elves. Now it is time to realize the wish of the lion.

The lion wishes for a place that can protect them from rain.

Given the season, the sun might also be a problem.

Since there is a rock wall near the place where you can mine thermal insulation stones, it will be good to build their place there.

Let’s make a cave there so no matter how much it rains, you won’t get wet.

Now, this looks similar to the one I’ve seen in a zoo….

Are the lions okay with this?

The first one to check it out is the father lion.

The next one is the mother lion, then the cubs.

There seems to be no problem.

Ah, still, the ground is so hard.

Let’s soften it a bit.

The hot spring now has two lodgings.

One is for the ghost knights.

The wall is now made of wood and it can also serve as a semi sunshade when taking a bath.

I also rebuilt the water supply from the river.

The other one is only a roof and floor. Something made for the lions.

The lions want to be near the ghost knights.

The food of the lions came from the monsters and demon beasts exterminated by the ghost knights. They have enough, no, more than enough to eat.

I’ll prepare a place where they can throw rotten foods away.

I’ll make it once I’ve returned.

What are you doing?

You don’t need to do that thank you dance….wait, that’s a new version.

Did you practice?

The lion cubs are participating too.


I had no choice but to join.

When I return to Big Tree Village, it is almost harvest time.

We’ve worked hard.


Let’s play a little first.

This is the empty can I got from the Sun Castle.

「Kick the can. 」

I gather the children and enjoy playing kick the can.


I underestimated the physical strength of the children.

They’re amazing.

With things going this way, I’ll be the “oni” for a long time.

After capturing several children, someone will surely kick the can.

It can’t be helped.

Let’s increase the number of “oni”.

Looking at it, even adults are now participating.

I made the rule clear to everyone.

Using violence or magic is prohibited.

Going outside the village is prohibited.

Nyunyu-daphnes, stop turning into trees.

Hakuren, there’s no need to kick with all your might.

We enjoyed playing kick the can until the sun went down.



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