Chapter 237 – Employee

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Big Roof Shashaato.

That is where I’m working at.

It is larger than a noble’s mansion.

There are more than 400 employees employed here.

First, there were only ten, then it became 200. After that, it became what it is now.

They are the first batch.

As for me, I’m part of the 2nd batch.

Both the 1st and 2nd batch are composed of homeless orphans but that doesn’t mean that everyone’s close.

There are conflicts and competition especially when it comes to bed and when one is not good at something.

Though I’m glad when I heard that I can work at Big Roof Shashaato when I heard it the first time, I became uneasy because of someone from the first batch.

Those from the first batch, all of them are children indebted to Goldie.

Us 2nd batch belongs to the manpower handler that was called by Goldie.

We are of different faction.

In addition to that, the first batch is already working for more than two months before we were hired.

I thought back then that we will get bullied for not being able to properly do our job.


But such a thing did not happen.

The 1st batch is surprisingly kind.

Of course, if you fail to do something or do something stupid, you’ll be scolded.

However, there’s no bullying.

I wondered why at first but upon continuing doing my job, I finally understood.

No one would dare do such a thing. No one would dare cause trouble.

Yes, there’s that feeling of not wanting to lose your job but what matters most is to not trouble the acting managers who employed us, Marcos-sama and Paula-sama.

We are indebted to the two of them so we would rather use our time improving ourselves rather than making fun of others.

This is something everyone can’t help but do.

Because they gave us decent lives….no, they gave us the best lives.


The house we are living in is specially made to accommodate employees.

It is called dormitory.

Only employees working in Big Roof Shashaato can enter this dormitory.

The dormitory is composed of three houses.

Boy’s dormitory, girl’s dormitory, and children’s dormitory.

TN: Yes, boys and girls here refer to teenagers so it is different from children.

Boy’s dormitory and girl’s dormitory, as their names suggest, only males or females can enter them.

The children’s dormitory is for those who find it difficult to live in dormitories alone.

They are those who are still slightly dependent on their older brother or sister.

In all dormitories, one room is shared by four people.

It seems like it feels more crowded before but was able to achieve the current situation after adding additional buildings.

In those rooms, it is possible to sleep in a bed with a clean sheet every day.

At first, I was scared to make the sheet dirty so I slept on the floor but it is all something good to remember now.


The dormitory has a bath.

A big bath.

It is being heated up to make the bathwater warm and using it is free too.

Bathing is by group so we have to spend our time properly when taking a bath.

It is also been decided that we must take a bath every day.

Skipping is not allowed.

With the exception of you being sick.


Meal is served three times a day.

I was surprised because before coming to this dormitory, it is already luxurious is I can eat a whole loaf bread in a day.

Moreover, it is properly cooked.

Let’s say, for instance, breakfast.

The tan bread here is baked on that day unlike what I previously eat, burnt bread that is as hard as a rock and I don’t even know how many days have passed since it was baked.

The soup is a real vegetable soup and not some boiled weeds.

There’s also another dish but it changes every day.

Sometimes there’s boiled egg or grilled fish.

On top of that, the second serving of soup is free.

During my first breakfast, I was scared to eat anything because they might charge me.

Another good thing to remember.

Looking at the situation now, no one’s holding back for another serving anymore.


Lunch and supper are more luxurious than breakfast.

Though strange dishes appear from time to time in the name of research but they are delicious enough.

At least the taste is not enough for us employees to complain.


When we were hired by Big Roof Shashaato, we were provided with something.


Three clothes that should be worn when working, two everyday clothes, and two sleepwear.

There are undergarments too.

Honestly speaking, I never had so many clothes so I’m troubled with what I should do.

When we were given with pieces of furniture in our room, I’m slightly elated.

We were also taught on how to properly wash them.

It is a rule to wash your own clothes.

You must not let other people to do it for you.

And it’s not like we’re scared that they will be stolen if we let someone else touch them.

It is a voluntary rule that us employees made.

It is also embarrassing to let someone wash your dirty clothes when you yourself have time to spare.

All of us wants to work neatly too.

By the way, we are provided with shoes too.

It is only a pair but if it doesn’t match the size of your feet, you can ask for a replacement. You can ask for a replacement too if it breaks.

We won’t be allowed to work if we’re barefooted.


By the way, let’s get back to the main subject.

That is work.

I can only live as much as I can work.

First of all, there are employees who are doing specialized jobs.

Specialized jobs like cooking and drawing signboards which I’m particularly not good at.

It was rotational before but taking orders from the counter has become a specialized job too.

A person doing a specialized job is highly respected by other employees.

Me too….I want to be in a specialized job too but to my regret, I am not one of them.

However, my time will come.


If you can do a specialized job, you’ll have to do it.

If you don’t, you’ll work like everyone else.

Serving food, arranging the queue, cleaning tables, and distributing water.

Oh, you can also help in the gaming area like in bowling, quoits, shooting, or if something needs to be done on the stage.


Though any work there is popular today, it’s my turn to help with bowling.

Though the work there is easy to do, it is heavy labor.

The bowling lane should be manned by three to four people.

First of all, the lanes are cleaned by all of us.

Afterward, one of us will greet and arrange the queue of the customers.

We must do it with a smile.

There must be one person at the end of the lane and that person will be responsible for arranging the pins.

The last one will be coordinating and monitoring the throwing and will also be responsible for cleaning the ball.

There are customers who just throw the ball as they want.

Given that, they should be reminded to not throw the ball violently.


The one at the end of the lane will collect the pins that fell down and will throw back the ball that the customers threw.

This job needs focus since if the person in charge will not do her job properly, it will consume a lot of time.

That person also should take care to not touch the ball the customers throw until it hits the end.

When the pins fell, that person should collect them carefully and not carelessly.

Who knows if she’ll accidentally knock down a pin if she’s careless.

Ah, that person also needs to return the ball by letting it slide at the gap at the side of the lane. She should also ring the bell to let everyone know how many pins have been knocked down.

If there’s a performance being done on the stage, the signal won’t be from a bell but from a flag.

Some customers prefer using flags too so that everyone can see their “greatness”.

Ah, but if there’s another customer in line, we have no choice but to take it down immediately.


If you’re in contact with customers, you’ll get a chance of receiving tips.

A generous person will give as much as a large copper coin.

There’s a rule that the tip will belong to the employee who receives it.

In the beginning, this has been an issue.

If you receive a tip, the employees are expected to give it to the store.

The reverse of the present condition.

Everyone here already heard that it is a normal practice for stores to take tips given to the employees.

However, acting managers Marcos-sama and Paula-sama did not take anything from the employees.

They said that it has nothing to do with them so they should save it instead.

Therefore, from that time, tips received by the employees belong to them.

Well, that’s great and because of that, I managed to save some.

By the way, the employees are planning to present gifts to acting managers Marcos-sama and Paula-sama.



Though I’m doing my best in various ways, there are three people who I aim to be or treat as a rival.

The first one is the 1st batch’s Potte.

She’s doing a specialized job which is receiving orders at the counter.

Potte is like the representative of that job.

She wears an exclusive waitress uniform which I really envy.

As for me, I’m only wearing the common employee apron.


Another one is the signboard painter Razek.

She’s famous even when she’s still a child because she likes to draw on the ground.

TN: The past, the present, and even in the future chapters, I still don’t know what this person’s gender. Being female is just an assumption.

At that time, she has a not so good reputation but who would have thought that she’ll make a killing by drawing signboards now.

Moreover, she was directly ordered by the manager to do it.

How envy-inducing.

Though we all admit that no one can compare to Razek in terms of drawing.

The picture that I drew….I tried drawing Goldie’s dog but no one guessed it right.

At least they said that it is some sort of living thing.

Is my drawing really that bad?


The last one is Sha-san.

Though he’s just a customer with ardent love in cooking, he started working here before anyone noticed it.

He is now like an aide to Marcos-sama in cooking.

His weakness is talking in high tension when it comes to food but he teaches us in reading, writing, and arithmetic.

He is also very polite and approachable.

However, he’s treating me like a child.

Though he might be right because of my age, I want to get rid of that image of me by learning how to read, write, and calculate earlier than most.

But arithmetic is hard.


Ehto, what I really want to say is that I want to learn from the three of them.

I’m currently explaining that in front of the 200 members of the 3rd batch.

Ah, why am I explaining?

It’s because Big Roof Shashaato’s employees have increased again.



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