Chapter 238 – Village’s Children

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The beastboys look like they are playing around but in truth, they are quite busy.

They are helping with oil extraction and making sugar and salt ever since they’ve arrived at this village.

They are also milking the goats and cows in addition to picking up eggs of the chickens.

They are contributing by doing those simple tasks.

Recently, Nutt, the daughter of Gutt, has been coming here.

She’s here to help Ursa and Guraru a little.

They are not only doing work but they are studying too.

They are being taught with how to read, write, calculate, and ethics.

Hakuren is the teacher.

She was absent for a while since she gave birth to Hiichirou but she can teach energetically now.

I tried observing them one time and found out that her teaching method is softer than I expected.


When they have free time, they will voluntarily practice with sword and spear.

The high elves and lizardmen occasionally guide them.

When I was thinking that Gulf should be teaching them too, I saw him on the side that is being taught.



By the way, my son, Alfred, is the latest addition to the group.

But it’s still too early for him, right?

I raised that concern of mine but it seems like he’s being allowed to study but they are teaching him little by little.

Since they are being lenient, I’ll give my consent.

Maa, though I said that he’s the latest addition, he already knows everyone and he’s even living with Ursa and Guraru at my mansion.

Though I don’t believe that anyone will act rashly at him, I still spied over them.

「Ano, village chief. What are you doing?」

I was asked by a random civil servant girl passerby.

Can’t she tell by looking?

「I’m watching them.」

「If the person you are watching over don’t know that they are being watched over, doesn’t that make you suspicious?」


No, that’s not it.

「Don’t worry, it’s fine. I’m still letting the children grow on their own. In addition, isn’t Ramurias doing the same?」

「I-if you say so….」

Ramurias is an oni maid.

She’s the caretaker of the beastkins so the beastboys have been under her watch ever since they were infants.

She’s still watching over the beastboys up to now.

「Ramurias is the caretaker of the whole beastkin race in this village. Isn’t it normal for her to watch over the children?」

It seems like Ramurias heard us and has turned her head towards us.

She gives off a smile with an obvious meaning.


“Trust me.”

「It seems like it is settled now so can I ask you about work? Demon king-sama and Michael-san sent messages.」

The civil servant girl took my hand and drag me to work.


Night of that day.

Alfred reported what happened during the day.

Is that so? You did well.

Tiselle and Torain are envious but it’s still too early for them to join in.

Good good.

I still want you to stay in my arms.

Children grow too fast.


Evening of that day.

I have the cat on my knee while drinking alcohol.


Wine slime.

I shared alcohol with it so it didn’t ruin my mood.

TN: I can already see the AFT in spear form flying by the time Tiselle introduces him her bf in the future.


When the heat of the summer calmed down a bit, it became easier to spend the days.

Ursa is equipped with a spear while riding a Kuro’s back.

And they are heading to the forest…..


Wait wait wait!



「What do you mean by what? Where do you think you are going?」

「The forest」

「Ah….is that so? What are you going to do once you’re in the forest?」



Though Ursa is boyish, how could I let her, a child, hunt in the forest?

It looks like Kuro himself will guard her….and looking at a distance, there are other kuros too.

Ah, there’s Kurosan and Uno.

It looks like the kuros intend to guide her well.

I can see high elves on the trees too.


Should I permit her to go?

What am I hesitating for?

I don’t know what she is before but the present Ursa is a child in every single way.

I won’t let her go.


However, it’s pointless to say anything to her since she won’t listen.

She’ll likely go out once I leave.

Moreover, she’ll do it in secret.

What if the high elves didn’t notice her when she sneaks out?

「Why do you want to go hunting?」

「Alfred said he wants meat so I said I’ll get some for him.」


Kuro looks guilty.

It seems like she didn’t lie so I nodded.

I see.

I see I see.

Isn’t this a good time to show how my good side as a father?

Ursa-san, do you mind transferring that duty to me?


Is that so?

It can’t be helped.

Let’s do it together then.

If you won’t accept, I will prohibit you from going into the forest.

Ha Ha Ha! Adults play dirty.


By the way, what kind of meat does Alfred wants….is it the fanged rabbit?

However, if he wants to eat that, all he needs to do is tell Loo or Ann about it.

Why did he tell Ursa about it?

Well, Ursa is certainly in a position where the children consider her as the mediator….

If they talk, it will naturally go to a point where one would say he loves meat and Ursa will voluntarily get it for him.

The beastboys, Nutt, and Guraru certainly made a good judgment of not following.

If they were to go together, Alfred will surely go with them.

Ooops, a rabbit.

I took out my AFT but before I managed to do anything, Uno already killed it.


I heard Ursa telling Uno to take it away.

Something’s wrong.

Let’s verify it for now.

「Ursa, is that meat not good enough?」

「No. It’s pointless if it is not something I personally hunt.」


So that’s how it is. There’s no point in hunting if she’s going to bring back meat similar to those who are already in the storage.

In other words, there’s no point if Ursa isn’t the one who hunts it.

It can’t be helped. I’ll just devote myself in supporting her.

For the time being, let’s bleed that rabbit first….this is a little heavy to carry.

I feel bad for the sacrifice but one of our guards must take this back to the village.


Now then, the next prey….

A high elf on the tree sent a signal.


Looking at it….a big wild boar!

Hmm….isn’t this larger than the usual boar?

As expected, this prey is not for Ursa.

While I was thinking, Kuro, who’s being ridden now by Ursa, dashes towards it.

Ursa looks motivated too.

She firmly grasps her spear.

Oi oi, will she be okay?

I panic and took out the AFT in spear form. I took a stance where I can throw it anytime.

My worry was useless.

The spear-wielding, Kuro-riding Ursa struck the side of the big wild boar.

Kuro ran through the side of the wild boar at the last moment and I trust that his judgment is good. As for Ursa, she no longer has the spear.

The spear is stuck on the side of the wild board and it is even currently swinging around.

But given this situation, Ursa no longer has a weapon so this can be counted as her lost.

Though the boar was struck with a spear at its side and it is even still stuck on it, it still can move.

That moment, Uno jumped out of nowhere. I thought that he intends to help Ursa in battle but all he did was take the spear from the boar and give it to Ursa.


And, it’s time for the second attack.

Ehto, Uno.

Wouldn’t it be better if you had pushed the spear further?

Were you bothered by your failure with the rabbit?

I’ve seen your eyes during that time and you looked like you’re really blaming yourself but you shouldn’t mind it.

Kuro and Ursa attack. Along with Uno’s devotion, the big wild boar was killed.

This will surely be delicious.

Though Kuro and Ursa are looking proud after hunting that wild boar, it seems like they did not notice the problem.

How do you plan on taking that home?

…..ah, they finally notice it.

They panic for a moment.

Usually, if a prey that big was hunted, it will be divided so it will be easier to carry.

However, it will be impossible for the kuros to divide it.

Because of that, they might call for me and the high elves.

The high elves gestured if they can come out and I gestured back telling them to wait.

My turn finally came.

When I was thinking of that, Makura, Zabuton’s spiderling, pops out.

You are here too?

Aren’t you being over protective?

No, I won’t think about it since my time to shine was stolen.


Makura ties the big boar with its web and pull it up.

Quite powerful.

However, I won’t be a mere watcher so I turn the AFT into a hook and stab the boar with it.

That will make the boar easier to lift up.

With that, Makura’s movement became faster.

Great, then, let’s return.

However, Makura-kun, I know that you’re enthusiastic but you might shake me off.

It’s pointless if you manage to return home only to find out that I already fell from your back.


We arrived at the village.

The bleeding and dismantling can easily be done but if we do it now, no one will be able to see what the prey hunted by Ursa looks like.

Ursa, who’s still riding Kuro, went out to call Alfred.


Alfred did not praise Ursa that much.

Ursa did not mind it either.

However, I’m still uneasy.

This time is okay since I’m accompanying her but what if she goes to the forest without permission?

I told the high elves, Kuro, Kurosan, Uno, and Makura that if they ever found her sneaking out, stop her immediately.

Ursa might be fine but what if the other children imitate her.


Granmaria, why are you here?

Ah, my guard….

「If you’re going to the forest, it would be great if you’ll inform us first.」

Is that so?

My apologies for worrying you.


Now, why did Alfred wants meat in the first place?


Loo is the one who wants it?

I see.

So that’s how it is.

She wants to use it for her experiment?

If she wants to, she could have told me so…..

So that’s the only reason you want it?

You want to gift it to your mother? You want to catch one with the use of your own power?

He certainly would want to go to the forest if that is the case….

So his careless remark pressured Ursa to do it in his stead.

Ursa is safe so it’s all right but you better be careful in the future. Think about it for ten thousand times first.

Ah, let’s not scold Ursa who has done her best for others this time.


The big wild boar is today’s supper.

It was handed to Loo first before sending it to the storage.

Okay, gather people now and start things up.

What for?

We’re going to roast it outside….ah, it is better to call it barbeque.

It is now slightly cooler so this will be good.

That night’s supper became a lively banquet.



「Loo, do you even want to eat meat?」


「Alfred said so.」


She seemed to have remembered something.

「Ahaha. It was hot a while ago. I was a little down so I consulted Ann on what fun thing should I do.」

「And she said meat?」

「Yeah, like today’s barbeque.」

「I see. So you’re a little down. I’m sorry. I didn’t notice.」

「Ahaha. It’s not like it interferes with my daily life.」


「When I said a little down, I mean… night.」


「Wait a moment, there’s still…..hold on.」


….just now, I think I heard the lock of the door being opened.

Who is it?

But I understand.

Nobody got pregnant this year.

It’s not like we’re in a hurry but there will surely be people who mind it.

I remember the attendees of this night’s barbeque banquet.


I know you’re doing what you can.

However, can you empty my load tomorrow?

I’m still in my father mode.

I’m currently not in my man mode.

If you can’t do as requested, can you limit the number of people?



It is useless to resist so all you have to do is to get their warm-hearted sympathy.

Remember that.

These are words of wisdom coming from your father.



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