Chapter 253 – A Day with Fubuki

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It snowed.

This….a blizzard.

The cows, horses, goats, and chickens are in their sheds so they are probably okay.

We can’t leave our residence.

Let’s walk indoors quietly.


Ursa and Guraru, don’t act violently indoors.


Don’t play together with them.


If you are bored, do some work….they ran away.

What powerful legs.

However, they seem to have been caught by Kuro and Yuki.

They are looking at me as if saying “how did we do?”.

They’ll really get caught.

I will have Ursa and Guraru help in preparing dinner.

As for Hakuren who didn’t run away….I’ll have her watch over Ursa and Guraru.

I ask them to but I’ll get angry if they play with the ingredients.

Let’s return to our professional work….

What is it Kuro and Yuki?

Do you want reward for capturing Ursa and Guraru?

It can’t be helped. Put your heads on my lap.

You are big so you should take turns.



I’m not working.

It feels more of a recreation.

I’m patrolling the mansion.

Kuro and Yuki accompanied me.

Thank you.


Alfred is playing with Tiselle.

I want them to stay like this and grow up happily.

I greet the oni maids who are watching over them.


Loo is…..shutting herself indoors while doing some research about magical tools.

There’s a danger of explosion so it is closed to the public.


I wonder if she also did that kind of research when she was on the run.


Tier is knitting.

She’s knitting something from the woolen yarn she asks from Michael-san.

I thought she’s making a muffler but that might not be the case since there’s a hole.

What could it be?


I can’t just label the thing she’s making carelessly.

Tier’s mood will surely deteriorate if I’m wrong.

Let’s just ask her.

「What are you knitting?」


She laid it out for me but I can’t figure it out.

I’m f*****.


As for Flora….she shuts herself in the fermentation shed.

I don’t mind but, won’t she be stranded there because of the blizzard?

She brought food and water there?

No, that’s not the problem…..

When the blizzard ends, let’s check her out.


Ann is doing some dish research.

Where’s Torain?

Ah, taking a nap.

I’m sorry, Ursa’s group is probably annoying.

I thought I told Ursa’s group to help so where….ah, they’re there.

The three, Ursa, Guraru, and Hakuren, are taking beans out of the pods. Looking at the bamboo basket, they have a lot of work to do.

It is probably not right to disturb them.

I quietly fled.




He’s with Raimeiren.

Raimeiren loves Hiichirou but she doesn’t only give him love, she also disciplines him if needed.

I entrusted him to her at ease.


As for Frau, she’s looking over Fraciabell who is lying down.

She’s taking a break while enjoying the tea Holy made for her.

I’m quiet since they’ll be angry at me if I accidentally wake her up.

We talk by gestures.

Ah, Holy joined too.


Ehto….don’t you think it is still too early to talk about the second one already?


After patrolling the mansion, I peeped out at the lively bathroom.

Ancestor-san, Doraim, and Beezel are soaking in the bathtub while having a drink.

There are several kuros soaking in the bathtub too.

They don’t hate taking a bath.

There’s a blizzard outside so the kuros are taking a bath……I envy them.

I wonder if I should join them.

I asked Kuro and Yuki’s opinion.


I had both Ursa and Guraru work.

I can’t possibly join the bath drinking session.

Unfortunately, I have to professionally work first.


Let’s return to the workshop.

My work for today is wood processing.

In fact, since a few days ago, I’ve been making a smart ball that I plan to set up in the gaming area of Big Roof Shashaato.

Smart ball is a small ball that will be pitched from the side. They will be holes lined up in a four by four manner on which the small balls have to fit into. If one will be able to complete a line, they’ll win a prize.

Of course, lining the balls into a line is not easy.

There will be obstacle nails and the player has to properly adjust the power of the spring.

This is smart ball.

TN: Here’s what a smart ball looks like. It is basically a simple(?) version of pinball.

Unfortunately, the one I made is not the normal size, it is considerably large.

The length is about 5 meters and the width is 3 meters.

The ball it uses is not the normal size smart ball too but the bowling ball size.

Why has it become like this? It is because of the spring.

The spring size can’t be reduced so I have to adjust everything according to the spring.

Though it might be troublesome to transport, it might be good since everyone can see it given its size.

That’s what I thought.

We found out the problem during the testing period.

It turns out that the obstacle nails of the smart ball can’t endure the power of the ball. It easily breaks or bends.

It can endure once or twice but given the nature of this game, it will be hit many many times.

I judged that the bowling ball made of stone is not for this.

Stone is too heavy.

Thinking of lightening it, I made a wooden ball.

Though it is difficult to make wooden balls of the same size…..a few differences can be tolerated.

I’m glad that Kuro and Yuki have spent much time with me today but can you stop playing with the balls?


They might like bilRiards too.

Let’s make one.

Also, Kuro and Yuki.

Collect the balls.

This is not a gaming area but a workshop.



There are dishes that used the beans that Ursa, Guraru, and Hakuren took from the pods.

They’re delicious.

Ann, please stop putting all the failed experimental dishes in front of me.

Let’s have everyone taste them.

It will be good to hear various opinions.


I love you.

However, this and that are two different stories.

And Flora, don’t just go to the bath, eat too.

Yup, this smells delicious.


After eating.

The blizzard has not stopped yet.

「Good, why don’t we all play.」

Ursa gave a cheerful answer but we’re inside the house so we won’t do something so physical.

We played cards last time.

Let’s play old maid this time.

After that, Flora steps into the bath. Wash carefully.


Late night.

The blizzard seemed to have finally calmed down.

It became quiet.

It seems like snow has considerably piled up.

Let’s make snowman tomorrow.



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