Chapter 252 – Playing in the Labyrinth

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The dishes that use bean sprout and asparagus continued for a while.

It is because, considering the preservation life of these two, they must be immediately consumed.

Also, I might have planted too much.

Let’s reflect a little.

However, I still think that bean sprout and asparagus salad is delicious.

Ah, stir fry is good too.


「Village chief, what’s with the hidden room on the first floor?」

I am in a pinch.

In this dungeon, I tried to secretly build a room.

No, I’m not alone.

Kuro and cat are with me.

This is a room for men.

A room for peace of mind.

But it was found out.

It’s all over…..

NO! It can still go on!

「Hidden room? It will be a food storage room.」

It’s not a lie.

I really plan on secretly keeping food there.

「Is a bed really necessary for a food storage room?」

Kuh, it seems like making my ideal comfortable environment backfired…..

「I-it will also act as a napping room.」

「Really? I don’t recommend sleeping at a place with so much food…. Then, let’s make a partition. We’ll make the door stand out a little more.」

「….o-okay. Do it.」

「I’ll take care of it.」



I did it.

Though I failed when they found it out, it is not really fatal.

Though that room is important, my favorite is the room on the secret third floor.

「Ah, village chief, the room on the third floor is also hard to distinguish so we’ll change its door too.」



A two-floor labyrinth.

Since the two floors are already complete, I’ll have the children try to play in it.

It’s a simple game, everyone will start at the same time and whoever makes it to the goal before anyone else is the winner.

Obviously, the dangerous traps are sealed off.

However, the labyrinth is still too dangerous for a child to venture alone.

Because of that, we decided to have each one accompanied by an adult.



Ursa and Hakuren pair.

Guraru and Gulf pair.

Alfred and Loo pair.

Tiselle and Tier pair.

Nutt and Gutt pair.

Each beastboy will be paired with a high elf.

Hatchlings will be paired with lizardmen.


Map, food, and water are in the hands of the adults.

In addition, there are wandering kuros all over the dungeon who have maps, food, and water with them.

Even if there is an emergency, everyone will be alright.

At the entrance of the second floor, I gave the signal to start.

Though the main players are the children, I initially thought that they would just obey the adults but…. It seems like they want to act according to their characters.

Ursa and Guraru immediately dash forward.

Alfred also advances while saying something.

Tiselle and Nutt relied on their adult partners.

Well, there’s no particular nasty trap so if they just casually advance, they can reach the goal.


I heard Gulf’s scream while chasing after Guraru.

It looks like he can’t catch up with Guraru.

Then, should I have paired her up with Doraim and not Gulf?

However, I’m still asking Doraim to do something else.

Raimeiren, on the other hand, will not step away from Hiichirou.

Rasuti is pregnant.

Yeah, let’s put our trust in Gulf.


I used a hidden door to the side of the starting point to move to the goal.

If you don’t prepare something like a shortcut, a lot of things will be troublesome.

I’ve waited at the goal. After an hour, the first pair arrived.

It is the Nutt and Gutt pair.

「Yahoo! Goal!」

「Fuh….that was tiring.」

Gutt is carrying Nutt on his back.

Is the travel distance too long?

After a little more time, a beastboy and a hatching came running.

They are quite energetic.

It seems like they have used the water and food that their adult partners are carrying.

It’s not like I mind.

This is not training after all.

There’s no need for anyone to suffer.


After that, the participants came one after another but none of the pair of Ursa, Guraru, Alfred, and Tiselle has reached the goal.

Are they all alright?

When I was already a little uneasy, Tiselle reached the goal.

「It’s like taking a stroll…..」

Though Tiselle is still energetic, Tier seems tired.

Is it because I prohibited her from flying for fairness?

「Tiselle goes here and there…..she doesn’t listen to my instructions and just does what she wants.」

Thank you for your hard work.


After waiting for thirty more minutes, there’s still no Ursa, Guraru, or Alfred.


Time’s up

I asked the kuros to bring me to where Ursa, Guraru, and Alfred are.

As expected, the three teams are in the same place.


To prevent this to be a battle of only physical strength, I made several types of obstacles.

I had a ghost knight from the hot spring, clay dolls of Ursa, and Doraim act as obstacles.

Aside from them blocking the road, there are also riddle type, quiz type, and puzzle type obstacles.

As for Doraim, he’ll only act so it is still possible to beat him.


Ursa and Guraru were caught in a riddle type obstacle and failed to advance.

Though their adult partners, Hakuren and Gulf, already gave out some hint, they might be too excited to notice it.

Alfred was able to solve the riddle but he waited for Ursa and Guraru.

Being a gentleman is good but…..this is a game.

I think you should aim for victory.


We pick up those three. The end.

Dinner became a small banquet where we hear their impressions.

By the way, Doraim was defeated by Ursa and Guraru’s teamwork.

「Anee-sama glared at me….ugh」

I’m sorry.


The next day.

Is it really alright to let only the children enjoy the labyrinth?

Of course not.

However, things will be dangerous to still team up with children so this time, it will be adults only.


After the children enjoyed the labyrinth, the mountain elves modified the labyrinth in a hurry.

The seal was lifted so the offensive traps are now active.

「If someone was caught on a death trap, he needs to retire on the spot. If that happens, return to the starting spot according to instruction obediently. Though you can start all over again, it can only be allowed twice.」

The civil servant girls are the ones presiding.

「It is prohibited to break the wall. In addition, flying is prohibited too. Please walk. Flying is only allowed during combat.」

It’s unfair for those who can fly to evade the pit traps and other floor traps.

「A key is necessary to reach the goal. There are only three keys. In other words, only three will be able to reach the goal. Okay, enjoy!」

I participate too.

I’m the one who made this so this will be a piece of cak… I was caught in a death trap and forced to return to the starting point.

「That trap, isn’t that too evil?」


Though we enjoyed it the whole day, no one was able to reach the goal.


Words from the capture side:

「I can’t beat the ghost knight.」

「Isn’t meeting Hakuren-san in her dragon form the same as a dead end?」

「Capturing this labyrinth in a group is hard because of the traps. Even if you evade it, the person behind you will be the one who’ll get caught. Too cruel.」


Words from the defense side:

「Using the terrain for our defensive measures is super effective.」

「I’m really happy that no one reached the goal.」

「There’s still a trap that wasn’t activated. Someone, please climb at that wall. You’ll surely enjoy it.」


It looks like everyone enjoyed the labyrinth.

There’s a banquet that night.



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