Chapter 251 – The Return of the Eastern Dungeon Survey Corps

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In celebration for Fracia’s birth, the demon king, Yuri, Randan, Glatts, and Hou sent gifts.

According to the demon king’s kingdom’s custom, if you are not close or friends with someone, you don’t need to receive his gift.

As for the reason, it seems like visitors make a fuss when someone in position gives birth and it really troubles the family.

What a great custom!

But Beezel seemed to have wanted to show off his granddaughter…..

Let’s calm him first now and let him do it later.


For Fracia’s childcare, it will be taken care of by the oni maids headed by Holy.

Some high elves and civil servant girls also help as apprenticeship for child care.

I wanted to do something too but given my position, there are a lot of things that only I can do so I can only let others take care of my children.

Sometimes, they allow me to hold her.

I’m already satisfied with this arrangement.


I restarted my interrupted work.

First, the altar request of the holy maiden.

Was the previous one destroyed?

That’s not good.

We just finished one and there’s another order.


It was completed in three days with the help of the mountain elves.

It is a rectangular, easy-to-carry box that can be folded.

The basic parts were completed on day 1 but it took two days to make it look like an altar.

The result is quite good.

The holy maiden put the statue of the cat on the altar and began to pray.

Ooohhhhh, what’s this divine atmosphere?

However, the wine slime ruined the divine atmosphere by stealing and drinking the alcohol offering.


The dungeon making is restarted too.

The temperature in the dungeon is now better than before.

It was cold before now the temperature is somewhat moderate.

I heard that it is because of the magical tool that Doraim set up.

Is it some sort of air conditioner?

For the time being, I appreciate this constant temperature.

I widened the first floor of the dungeon and made fields for bean sprouts and asparagus.

With the power of AFT, it is possible to harvest bean sprouts in a few days.

It will be crunchy and delicious.

I should have done this earlier.

When an asparagus is grown in a dark place, it will become white asparagus.

White asparagus is popular with children.

Adults like the green one better.

I found both of them delicious.

However, I don’t know many dishes that use asparagus.

Like, asparagus and bacon maki and adding it to salad.

Maa, not really enough.


When the first floor of the dungeon was almost complete, when we were about to start the second floor, the eastern dungeon survey corps returned.

「Thank you for your hard work.」

At first, the harpies are supposed to deliver daily reports.

However, after several days, we noticed that the harpies are not eating or drinking given their speed. We had them stop doing that.

The harpies are okay with that as long as it is only a few days but the content of the message that they deliver with hardship is questionable. Sending a message like “No problem” is indeed poor.

Because of that, I only had the harpies send a message if there’s an emergency.

After that, no report has come until today which means no one is injured.

I’m relieved.

By the way, the harpies are also in charge of patrolling the entrance of the dungeon.

The kuros will be responsible for exterminating the monsters they found and they exterminated a number of them.


It is cold outside.

I had the survey corps drop the items they collected in a room.

After that, I had them take a bath to clean up.

After taking a bath, the banquet, where the survey corps will report their findings, begins.

「Let’s celebrate for their safe return.」

That’s my opening speech.

According to leader Kierbit’s report, there seems to be a race that we can communicate within the eastern dungeon.

Grock race.

TN: ゴロック (Goroku) – If you want me to change the name of the race to Gorock, just let me know.

It’s a race whose whole body is made of rock and in some places, they are called stone man.

Their body is as hard as rock and it seems like even if they are crushed, they can regenerate in time.

Their defence is high but their offensive capability is approximately zero.

When asked on how they live in the dungeon, it seems like they hide by mimicking rocks and live by eating moss and others.

This might be rude to say but they seem to be lacking in the brain department…..that’s what I thought but it seems like that is not the case.

They are highly intelligent and seem to be talented in poetry.


「Yes, poetry.」

「…..ehto, do they write it in rocks?」

「No, they seem to remember all of it.」

「I-is that so….」

What an elegant racial hobby.

「I think we were able to conclude a friendly relationship with the grock race.」

「How did you do it?」


「Be honest」

「All of them are somewhat tattered…..I don’t think anyone can move…..」

「What is the reason of them ending like that?」

「Us. We thought they were enemies when the rocks suddenly started moving when we approached…. 」

「It is good that you are honest. Let’s apologize later….what’s the thing they are pleased to have? 」

「They said that they want to continue living in peace. 」

「I understand. Was there anything valuable in the eastern dungeon? 」

「That is…. 」

It seems like there is.

When Kierbit gave the signal, Daga, who is also a member of the survey corps, brought an arm long rock.

A whitish rock.

「Village chief, can you do something about this rock? 」

「Hnn? Maybe….is it okay to break it? 」

「Yes 」


I took out the AFT in hoe form….it’s not like I’ll turn it to fertilizer.

I turn the AFT into chisel and chisel it.

Chisel chisel.

Yup, doing great.

I’ll carve the jewel cat this time.



Yup, quite good. Even the improvisation is great.

「I-is there something wrong?」

「….that is, a lump of rainbow silver.」

「Rainbow silver?」

「It is used for weapons and armors……ehto…..No, it’s nothing. As expected of village chief.」

Kierbit bowed.

It seems like me being able to do something to it is a bet.

「Is this rock that amazing?」

「It is famous for being ridiculously hard. It is a valuable mineral that is said to be unprocessable unless to those who have true skills. If someone aims to be a master blacksmith, he’ll dream of being able to process it at least once.」

The one who said that is this village’s blacksmith, Gutt.

Ehto….in other words….

「When you asked me to do something about it, you only mean to check if I can shave it a little.」

「No, the jewel cat you carved is really…..」

Ah, darn.

The impregnable armor material became a statue of a jewel cat.

I get it now.

Let’s take care of the valuable jewel cat statue that I carved.

「I don’t mind if you’ll leave shaving it off to me but….Daga, is that the only rainbow silver you got?」

「We took back some more. In the inner part of the eastern dungeon, there seems to be a vein. 」

「So that’s the case! 」

Gutt is dancing with joy.

But, don’t you need to practice your skill first?

Are you going to be alright?


Ah, Loo came.

Does she want some rainbow silver as material for magical tools too?

Got it.

Of course.


The statue of the jewel cat was supposed to be set up on the beam of the hall but because of the danger of dropping, it was put down on the floor.

Though it was set up in a place where you can’t always see it, it might be stylish.

Sometimes, the cat suddenly becomes startled as it passes by that place.


Poor cat, should I place a cloth on it?

「By the way village chief, can I ask you a question? 」

「What is it, Gulf? 」

「We went out to investigate the dungeon and upon coming back, is it true that there’s a dungeon in the village? 」

「We’re still working on it. 」

「There is this dungeon gimmick that I thought of. Do you mind if I tell you? 」

「……Let me hear it. 」

This guy likes dungeons.



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