Chapter 250 – Frau’s Delivery

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There will be different opinions between individuals, but in case of your wife who began laboring, everyone’s opinion will be unanimous.

It is to pray for the safety of both mother and child.


Men might even think of being in the same room and holding his wife’s hand at least but….

「Men are prohibited.」

I can’t even approach the room where Frau is.

However, I’ve already experienced some childbirths so I’m not panicking.

The devil midwives, Holy, and the high elves, who are in the delivery room, are doing their best.

I just need to stay still and wait.

I can only wait…..

「ooohhhhhh, ooooooohhhhhhhhh, wwwhhhhhahaaaa, wwwaaaa, what is……ah, is everything alright? Is everything alright? Tell me everything’s alright. 」

When I see someone panicking in front of me, I wonder if I should panic too.

The one panicking in front of me is Beezel.

Did you sense that Frau will be giving birth? You’re already here even before we call for you.

I’m just wondering.


A father looking worried about his daughter is normal.

As for me …. Have I been too accustomed?

Even in this world, giving birth also comes with the risk of death.

However….there is no record of stillbirth in this village.

It is not limited to my children. The minotaurs of Village Two safely gave birth too.

All the lizardmen’s eggs also hatched.

Therefore, I might be a little numb to its danger.

If you think about it……no.

I shouldn’t think of something bad.

For Frau’s safety, for the child too.

Please be born safe.



For the time being, maybe I should disturb Beezel.

However, he has been looking forward to Frau’s delivery for a long time.

It might not be a good idea to ask him about the child’s future.

If I really talk about it with Beezel, who knows if my child’s marriage partner will be decided even before being born.

But, will he really ignore me and Frau, the parents, and decide the marriage partner on his own?

There’s a possibility.

It is said that talking about a child’s future is something similar to a gentle consultation.

What does that mean?

「If the child grows up straight, that child won’t be against anything.」

In short, making a child think like a noble in order to follow any order.

「We’ve been looking for an excellent teacher already, can you try finding one too?」

I thought that it was a teacher and fiancé are too far off topics but the civil servant girls don’t think so.

It seems like nobles will never say something directly.

Beezel doesn’t talk to me that way so I’m doubtful but ever since we found out about Frau’s pregnancy, they might be right.

Given his behavior, he’s asking me “Have you found a good fiancé already?”.

He’s not directly asking me that but his actions are telling me otherwise!

This might be a future problem.

And so, talking about the child’s future is prohibited.

Honestly speaking, this is tough.


How about talking about religion?

Well, we both wish for safe delivery so I can carve a statue of a god now.

Fun fact about this world.

There are actually a lot of gods that you can pray for easy childbirth.

The cause of it is Korin religion.

Originally, it was the earth god that was in charge of safe delivery but as the number of factions increases, the other factions told people that the god in their faction is the one that is truly in charge of safe delivery.

TN: As you all know, Korin Religion is a collection of religions that worship different gods. Ancestor-san, Fushu, and the holy maiden(if I’m not mistaken) are part of the god of creation faction. The one who sent O’Brien to the village is from another god worshiper faction but still a member of the Korin religion.

I think they said that in order to increase the number of believers.

「The god we’re in favor of here is the god of agriculture. Safe delivery? Of course, his divine power also encompasses safe delivery. Look, childbirth is directly related to crops. Therefore, he’s also in charge of safe delivery. There are a lot more things he’s in charge of too.」

It is said that most gods have divine favors such as easy delivery, victory, passing, health, and longevity.

In this world where gods truly exist, I guess it is safe to say that.

But for the revered gods to be asked by their worshippers about a wide variety of things….are they fine with it?


In any case, because of those circumstances, the god who needs to be prayed at will change depending on the person praying.

I’m also praying to the god of creation for safe delivery.

Frau said she’s the same as me but what about Beezel?

Let’s ask.

「The evil god.」

TN: 魔 can be translated to evil, demon, or magic. He can be referring to demon god or magic god and since he is a demon, it is probably more appropriate to call him demon god. However, since all of you are already calling him “evil god”, I’ll follow you. The evil god’s story will be after 11 more chapters.


I was surprised for an instant. To think that he’s praying to the evil god.


I asked Beezel about the appearance of the evil god.

The evil god has no specific appearance, it changes from person to person.

The race of the believer influences it greatly.

For instance, the elves imagine the evil god having long ears while the dwarves imagine the evil god as being short in stature.

The evil god that the centaurs worship might look like a centaur as well.

I carved the god of the minotaurs before and it seems like its appearance was also affected by their race.

It seems like faith is what’s important and not the appearance.


However, if it is a famous god, he will have definitive characteristics.

For example, she is a woman, has 10 arms and her hair is long enough to touch the ground.

The definitive characteristic of the evil god is having a wand.

I used the AFT and got a 30cm long log to carve the evil god according to Beezel’s imagination.

I strengthen my imagination before carving it. The image is the only thing that’s in my mind while using the AFT.

This is the trick in order to carve a statue of a god.

Before I noticed it, the statue of the evil god had been completed.


And why did I carve cat’s statue?

Did some worldly thought distract me?

Let’s put this aside and try making one again.



Great, I have this good feeling.

What are you doing Beezel?

「This is…..amazing. This is a splendid embodiment of the evil god.」

「Let’s pray for Frau’s delivery with this.」

「Okay. But this is…..」


「This cat statue, don’t you feel divineness?」

「……..must be your imagination.」

Beezel and I prayed for Frau’s safe delivery at the statue.


Cat statue………………….…..let’s make one now.

After making one and while thinking of what to do with it, the wine slime took it.

Is it going to play with it……oh, I guess not.

Then, what are……are you taking it to the holy maiden?

However, isn’t the holy maiden afraid of cat?

Is it planning to use it to get her accustomed?

Are you sure that’s going to work?


The holy maiden brought it to the altar.

Is she going to worship that cat statue…….

Is she going to put it beside the Big Tree Village’s god of creation statue?

Is she really going to do that?

I see I see.

There’s a mini altar.


I met with the mountain elves before.

They designed a compact altar that can be carried anywhere.

It looks like a box but it can transform into an altar when needed.

I wonder how it is.

Ah, someone already built it already?


Let’s make our own version then.

I’m supposed to be waiting for Frau’s delivery, what am I doing…..

A considerable time has passed by. Is everything alright?

Did she begin laboring?

I became uneasy for a moment.

No no, I must stay positive.

She’ll give birth safely.

The only thing I could do is to believe.

When I was thinking so, I heard a loud first cry.

Beezel, who was praying in front of the evil god’s statue, hastily moves before the door of Frau’s room.

Beezel knocks on the door to check if it is okay to open…..the door opens.

「Girl desu.」

One devil midwife came out of the door and reported that to me and Beezel.

Is that so?

It was her first childbirth so she had a hard time but Frau is safe.

First childbirth.

Well, that is certainly true.

But when Loo and Tier gave birth, there was no trouble at all even though it’s their first child too….


In any case, she has given birth safely.

That’s what counts.


The altar making is postponed.

We started a banquet that day.

Beezel drank more than usual and fainted.

That must be built up fatigue from Frau’s delivery.


Thinking about it, Beezel has become my father in law.

Doraim, Dors, Beezel.

When I first met them, I never would have imagined that our relationship would end up like this.

That reminds me, I haven’t met Beezel’s wife yet.

She’s alive and well but it seems like she is really busy managing their territory.

It seems like she’ll go here next time to meet Frau.


Ancestor-san participated in the banquet.

Together with the holy maiden, they grandly gave blessings.


Frau’s daughter, Fracia.

Fraciabell to be exact.

She’ll surely grow to be a beauty.

Oh, of course, Tiselle will surely be a beauty too.

This girl is your younger sister.

Get along well.

What is it, Alfred?

You want to play music in this banquet?

You want to play music in order to celebrate the birth of your younger sister…..

I have a good son.

Then, do it and we’ll listen.

Wait, Fracia is taking a rest in a quiet room.

Holy, can you bring Fracia?

「Leave it to me, my lord. By the way, I’m also taking care of the sleeping young master Beezel there.」

「I see…..will it be alright to leave him alone?」

「Of course. In case of emergency, I’ll give all priority to Fracia-sama.」


She’s reliable but in case of emergency, give the poor Beezel even a little bit of support.



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