Chapter 255 – Snowball Fight

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First of all, let me tell you.

Don’t grasp the snowball too much or it will be too hard.

I will show a useless example.



Hakuren threw a tightly grasped snowball to a tree.

Ah, she missed and hit a nearby snowman instead.

That was the snowman that Tier did her best to make….

Ah, Tier noticed.


Everyone, stop whatever you’re doing.

Let’s repair the snowman.

TN: Just a reminder, ever since Hiraku introduced snowmen to that world, Tier’s hobby during winter is to make a snowman.


Let’s start again.

I will show a useless example.


……no, not in that direction.

Yes, that’s better.

Are you confident to hit the target?

Are you sure?

Don’t overdo it.


The snowball Hakuren threw passes by the side of the target and hits a tree in the forest.

A loud sound was heard. The tree shook and snow dropped from the big tree.

「Ehto….I think you understand the power using this useless example. Do you really want everyone to throw something like that to each other?」


My thoughts and what the villagers think does not differ that much.

My apologies for those fully motivated people….

However, if someone was hit with that, he will die.

You can’t survive that without using a shield.

Yes, give up.

Grasp the snowball gently.

We’re playing.

This is not a hunting game where you need to kill the prey with a snowball.


There will be a snowball fight in the village.

A battle between two teams.

If you are hit once, you’re disqualified.

Snowballs will be made on the spot.


It’s a family battle where children can also participate.

A few adults who have no children can also participate.

However, they must give leeways.

They shouldn’t be too heated up too.

Remember that.



Okay, they got it.

Thanks for the useless example.


Now, let’s take a warm bath.

All participants of the snowball fight took a bath without exception.

But don’t stay too long.


Though a small amount of snow melts, majority of the snow still doesn’t melt.

The snow mountain on the south side of the village will stay there for a while.

This snow mountain.

I climbed it and was surprised that it’s higher than what I thought.

Judging from the top to the bottom, this looks dangerous.

However, Ursa, Guraru, and the other children including Alfred climbed up here to play sled.


Ah, Tier and Gran Maria’s group are watching over them.


I can only say thank you very much.


The children are playing but they will not be left unattended.

Someone will surely watch over them.

Today, it is one of the oni maids.

I know that it is cold so thank you for your hard work.

As for me, I tried baking a rice cake in the brazier that I brought while watching over the children.

I put some soy sauce, sugar, and wrap it in a seaweed to enhance the taste.


Before I noticed it, I’m already surrounded by the children.

The number of rice cakes I baked is insufficient…..


I left the brazier and the rice cake to the oni maid and ran to the mansion.

Hi kuros.

I’m glad that you are running with me side by side but this is not a race.

I’m only going to get some rice cakes.

We’ll only run in a moment.

Don’t look at me with eyes full of expectations.


After delivering the additional rice cakes, I ran around the snowy village with the kuros.


On a certain fine day, the minotaurs of Village Two and the titans from the northern dungeon came.

This is not a coincidence.

It was arranged in advance.

There are 15 members of each race.

Though the minotaurs can come here in several hours, the titans might have traveled for several days just to come here.

And the reason why they are here…..

Snowball fight.

It seems like they promised each other last martial arts tournament.


I lend the place and remind them to never grasp the snowball firmly.

Absolutely don’t.

I want to start heating the bath already but given their physiques, they can’t come altogether.

Alright, do your best.


Wait a minute.

Please move further south.

A stray shot is dangerous.


I watch the snowball fight of the minotaurs and the titans while cutting the body of a fish that looks like a skipjack tuna that I plan to grill in the brazier.

If you grill it indoors, the smell will be terrible.


I slowly grill it.

I chopped the skipjack tuna like fish.

This is not something that should be eaten during winter but since this skipjack tuna like fish was sent by Michael-san, let’s eat it.

Yup, it can’t be helped.

I made something similar to ponzu sauce.

I also prepared a large amount of leek.

I sliced garlic and onion while waiting.

Ah, I should have eaten it already…..!

A snowball that looks like a cannonball blew off my brazier together with my skipjack tuna like fish.



It fell in the snow.


Really safe!


I gave the kuros near me grilled skipjack tuna like fish.

They deliciously eat it.



There’s no skipjack tuna-like fish anymore.

But I still have the spices I prepared.

Let’s grill another one.

But…..ah, this.

How about straw-wrap-grill it?


Oh, I’m not stupid.

Let’s build a snow wall around it for protection.

If it’s too defenseless, a stay shot like the one a little while ago would waste it.


I’m so thorough.

I took the charcoal from the brazier, put the brazier wire over it and put the straw wrap on top.

A large number of snowballs suddenly fell from the sky.



It seems to be a mis-bombing of the angels.


What are you even participating in?

Everyone available, ASSEMBLE!

Let’s do an anti-air battle!

Prepare the shields!

Secure the top of the snow mountain!

Don’t let the other party replenish their snowball ammunition!


You’ve already been hit by snowballs and was disqualified?

Don’t worry.

Let’s start again!


A warm bath after playing in the snow feels great.


Should I have built a bath that can accommodate the minotaurs and the titans?

The bath is fine with a few of them but since there are 30 of them, it will be too crowded.

I only wish they won’t catch a cold.


During dinner, grilled fish came out again.

I was glad for a moment.

Let’s use the spices I failed to use earlier.



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