Chapter 256 – What Becomes of the Teleportation Gate

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Meeting room of my mansion.

About what will become of the teleportation gate, I am currently speaking with the demon king.

Beezel, Doraim, and ancestor-san are participating as observers.

「As far as it was examined, there is no law limiting the installation of a teleportation gate in the demon king’s kingdom. If the feudal lord of the place where you want to set up the gate gives his permission, then it is okay. However, I want you to keep it open from the general public. That will end the logistics business in a lot of places.」

「Logistics….but we are only planning on using it to carry crops from the village.」

「That is certainly not a problem. What I want you to not do is to use it as some sort of business that everyone can use. For example, if I connect Shashaato City to the capital through the teleportation gate, though it will really be convenient….the towns and villages between them will definitely suffer.」

「Ah, indeed.」

「If the other side is this village, whatever you want to do, I won’t complain. However, I want you to thoroughly consider it.」

「Thoroughly consider?」

「To be clear, you’ll probably turn this place into a city then.」

「Is that so?」

「Yeah. Also, by chance…..though there is really a very tiny little chance…..thinking of the monsters and demon beasts of the forest of death passing through the teleportation gate….ugh.」

I know what you mean.

Even if we say that we have a perfect plan and perfect defense for it, you are not qualified as a statesman if you believe us unconditionally.

「If possible, I want you to set it up to a place of 1 day distance by carriage from Shashaato City.」

In addition, he wants to know how many people will use the gate, daily traffic, who are the gatekeepers, which resident will be responsible for this and that, and he also requested to have the teleportation gate as hidden as possible.

The demands of the demon king are understandable.

However, handling the teleportation gate now has become troublesome.

That’s about it.


「I heard that Shashaato City is the number one candidate on where you want to set up the teleportation gate, have you changed your mind now?」

Before speaking with the demon king, I’ve consulted Beezel many times.

Beezel might have talked about it with the demon king.

「Are you bothered by it?」

「Shashaato City and its outskirts is royal territory so I can directly permit you to install a teleportation gate.」

「That’s great.」

「However… would be a hassle for you to set up a teleportation gate outside of the city and have someone managing and guarding it.」

「That’s true.」

Apart from being a hassle, we are understaffed.

「There’s an easy method to solve that problem.」


「In the place where you will install the teleportation gate, how about building a village there?」


「There’s a good place that is only 1 day carriage travel away from Shashaato City. If you can build a village there, it will be easy to conceal the existence of the teleportation gate.」


The heavy discussion with the demon king became a light one during the dinner banquet.

「Great. This is really delicious. The food in Shashaato City is not bad but the food here is special.」

Though I don’t have the skill of a chef, I can boast about the premium quality ingredients here.

After eating, Beezel boasted Fracia to the demon king.

Now they are talking about the marriage of the demon king’s daughter, Yuri.

Maa, I don’t want to get involved in such a delicate topic.


A new village.

The tentative place is a place 1 day carriage travel away from Shashaato City.

Going to the sea will probably take 2 days.

If we set up the teleportation gate there, exchanges with Michael-san will greatly improve.

To be honest, I really want to set it up inside Shashaato City….

However, given the circumstances like what the demon king has said, by chance, it might be really dangerous.

About concealing the existence of the teleportation gate, I can only nod since I also don’t want unnecessary troubles.

Maa, I don’t want to publicize it in the first place.

Aside from Beezel, Doraim and ancestor-san did not say anything too.

However, I’m troubled whether it is hard to make a new village.

I’m certainly serious when we made Village One, Village Two, and Village Three.

The problem is not really building the village but the residents.

The one who’ll act as the manager of the teleportation gate, who will be the gatekeepers, and the village surely need its own manpower too.

It will be necessary to get those.

Let’s not think much about it.

There’s a lot of things that need to be done in Big Roof Shashaato too, should I scrap the idea of teleportation gate?

No, Big Roof Shashaato will surely have it easier if there is a working teleportation gate…..

Will it?

Transporting cooking ingredients will be easier and the two, Marcos and Paula, can go to Village One easier too.

That reminds me, the two named a kuro Kricky and it is already lonely.

Should I take it to them this time?

No, it is doing its best to guard their house.

Should I have Marcos and Paula return then?

But the two of them are going all out for the store.

Rather than thinking about it, let’s consult everyone.

Whatever we will do, it will only start when the spring comes.

By the way, the plan of connecting Big Tree Village to the hot spring still exists.

Is it okay to set up a teleportation gate in the same place?

TN: Both are in the forest of death so “same place”.

Though it seems convenient, it’s a waste.


Let’s sleep.

There’s still time to think.


One of the kuros came to me looking pitiful.

Apparently, there is a small bone stuck in its throat.

What did it do?

I put my hand inside its mouth and pulled out the small bone.

If it is large, it shouldn’t have swallowed it.

Small bone….yeah, this is a bone of a rabbit with fangs.

Eat calmly from now on.

Ah….you were able to hold the pain.

Good good.


Loo came before me looking pitiful.

It doesn’t look like she has a small bone stuck on her throat.

「What is it?」

「The teleportation gate, I want to dismantle it…..」

「I already told you that you may.」

「But the possibility of me breaking it is high.」

「If you can learn something, I don’t mind you breaking it.」

「You said that but….ugh」

Okay okay.

She seemed to have been troubled for a while.

Why don’t you play with other magical tools for a change?

Child making?

You’re very direct.

No, I want to have a second child with you.

It’s true.

It’s really true…..


I discussed the teleportation gate issue with the villagers again.

I also spoke about the proposed new village of the demon king.

As a result, half agreed and the other half are against it.

There was an opinion that it was not necessary to install the teleportation gate in the first place.

I think it’s true.

As for the new village, there weren’t even prospects on who’s going to be the new residents so it was decided to check out the place first.

Let’s check that place after we’re done plowing the field this spring.



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