Chapter 257 – One of the Former Four Heavenly Kings

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My name is Getegul….it doesn’t matter.

No one remembers it anyway.

Everyone calls me this:

One of the four heavenly kings.

Since the former demon king has already abdicated the throne, I should have been called one of the former four heavenly kings.

It was really a blunder since the title four heavenly kings is an official position.

I’m really thankful for being given a chance of being one of the four heavenly kings even though I’m only a local politician before but the hard work I’ve been through after that can only be called abuse.

I made sure that the demon king’s political relationships are perfect.

Ah, it’s all in the past.

When the former demon king abdicated the throne, his four heavenly kings were also dissolved.

The demon king’s kingdom unites under the new demon king and four heavenly kings.

Since I’m only one of the four heavenly kings, I only have to watch the demon king’s kingdom’s management while relaxing in my territory.

That’s my wish.


These past several years.

A special issue flies around the upper echelon of the demon king’s kingdom.

This special issue is a matter of great concern especially to the demon king and the four heavenly kings.

When I was still one of the four heavenly kings, that issue is related to the assassination of the hero.

This generation’s demon king seems to have been troubled by the hero too.

Maybe he’ll come to me to hear my story.

Should I compile what we did before?

When I think about it, I find it amusing.


I would love to see how the demon king and his four heavenly kings deal with this special issue.

I’m sure they wouldn’t work with the hero, won’t they?

That would be betrayal.

Not to mention mankind, the demon king will never cooperate with the hero.

We should never permit an unreasonable existence such as the hero.

Should I shout it out loud?

No, I don’t have to.

I shouldn’t publicize my belief.

I have to examine it properly.


Nothing comes out no matter how much I examine it.

As expected of the active group.

Or, it means that my influence has become weaker…..

I’m shocked.


I understand something about the special issue. It is somewhat related to Shashaato City.

That’s the best news my secret spy can get.

Though I’m reluctant, I decided to go to Shashaato City to investigate personally.


I don’t get it.

I don’t get anything at all.

Is something even happening here?

The governor doesn’t talk.

No, I should have expected that.

This place’s governor is excellent.

I don’t think I can get any information from this guy.

However, the son of this guy seems to be worthy of trying….or not.

The hero hasn’t come to this city yet…..

Even talking with an old friend from the underground world doesn’t give me any information.



Anyway, let’s leave it off for today but it is still slightly early so let’s get some dinner.

There’s still curry this time.

I was really mortified yesterday when they run out of stock.

The curry here is evilly delicious.

Oh, the mutton wrapped in a herb is also good.

The alcohol is also great so I understand well how this place prosper.

They put everything under one roof so business won’t be affected no matter what the weather is.

Compare this to my time as one of the four heavenly kings……


After dinner, I enjoyed bowling a little and returned to the inn.

After moving my body, I slept well.


About the special issue, I’m not the only one who’s worried.

My old companion, also one of the former four heavenly kings, Paruanen, has visited me.

To Paruanen, my problem is simple. If I don’t know what’s going on, just ask the demon king.

Though I don’t know if he’ll tell me honestly, I’m thankful that he worries about me.

Because of that, we went out together.


Paruanen and I are in a village in the middle of the forest of death.

As for the reason, they said that seeing it will explain everything.

Paruanen and I came at a perfect time.

Are we?

That might be the case but…..shouldn’t you have refrained a little more given that we are your predecessors?

You should have at least let us prepare some spare clothes. Oh, there will be more?

Okay, let’s calm down, calm down.

Let’s go one point at a time.

First one…..aren’t those inferno wolves?

Isn’t one of them enough to destroy an entire city?

If there are four or five, it can already be considered as continental disaster….

And how many of them are there?

I’m not counting but it is obvious that there are more than a hundred.

And why are they acting like obedient dogs?

One is showing its belly, should I pat it?


Look at those, there are demon spiders.

I can’t even count how many there are.

Why are they in file and why are they marching?


Furthermore, are those dragons in human forms?

Was I just introduced to the dark dragon Girar?

Dors, the dragon king of the northern continent.

Raimeiren, the typhoon dragon of the southern continent.

And that devil, isn’t that Gucci-sama?

I have seen him once during the old times.

Bulga and Stifano are here too…..

Is this a conference for world domination?

The blood-sucking princess and the angel of annihilation are happily drinking tea together. The three angels of holocaust are flying in the sky…..

Compared to everyone, the vicious Fushu of the Korin religion seemed cute.

Ah, the one beside her is the holy maiden?

When you first came here….you were the same.

How many times did you change your clothes?


Hahaha, it is already my fourth time.

I need to work twice harder.


Why is the shrine maiden of the Gareth Kingdom, Kierbit, here?

Did she resign as the shrine maiden?


Then, who’s the current shrine maiden?

…….an angel who’s name I never heard of.

Is the Gareth Kingdom going to be alright?

There’s no mark.


High elves, elder dwarves, lizardmen, onis…..

Yeah, brutal races.

It’s a good thing to see familiar races like the centaurs and minotaurs.


Isn’t that Shashaato City’s sword god?

Then, he must be the strongest here…..or not.

It looks like he’s one of the lower rankers here….please work hard.


Titans… more.


Slime….I’m healed.

I want to hug it for a long time.

Horse, great.



The greatest person in this village is…village chief.

The man who single handedly built this village in the middle of the forest of death.

He pats the stomach of inferno wolves and put demon spiders on his shoulder as if it was nothing.

He even seemed to have a child with a dragon.

Ah, that child is cute.

But why? If it is others, they would show off their abilities already like the braves…..


While compiling everything in my mind, I suddenly remembered an ancient document.

During ancient times, the evil god was sealed off in the forest of death.

A man built up a village in the middle of the forest of death.

Given what I’ve seen today…


I finally understood.

He is a god.

The evil god.

It’s no wonder why everyone is following him.

The evil god is the god that the demons worship.

In other words, our god.

Thinking about it, this village feels like a god’s domain.

You can feel god’s breath nearby.

Ah, cat-chan.

Go over there for a moment.

I’m currently compiling my thoughts.


Fortunately, my and Paruanen’s granddaughters are working in this village.

Moreover, it seems like they have a chance of receiving the love of the ruler of this village…..


Beezel’s daughter is already….!?

He got ahead of me!

No, that’s not it.

I should be happy.

It was a child with a fellow demon.



I will do whatever I can to support you!

Work hard!

My name is Getegulterateseponesto.

TN: ゲーテグルーテラーテセポネスト(Geteguruterateseponesuto) – yes, it is only a name. No surname yet.

You won’t remember it anyway but I’m one of the most devoted followers of the evil god starting today.



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