Chapter 258 – Paruanen

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My name is Paruanen.

I have worked for the demon king’s kingdom as one of the four heavenly kings.

I am also called warlord Paruanen. My name is famous far and wide….or not.

This warlord’s opponents are only documents.

In short, I’m like a sidekick.


Now then.

My friend, who I had spent most of my time with as one of the former four heavenly kings, is acting funny.

After visiting a certain village, he has begun worshipping the village chief as the evil god.

What on earth was he thinking?

Sure, that village chief is certainly not an ordinary person.

However, I want him to calm down a little.

Yes, it is true that the evil god is served by monsters and demon beasts.

However, there is one important thing that he has forgotten.

The evil god is the magic god.

I heard the village chief is poor with magic.

How can he be the evil god?

He’s not.

He’s really not.

No matter what the evil god looks like, I’m sure he won’t lose his essence.

He’s the god of us demons after all.


Is it alright for you to be too friendly and lie on my lap?



If you want the proof if he’s really a god, let’s just ask him.

I know that this is something very rude but I really have to ask him!

「Eh? Am I a god? Of course not. I’m an ordinary person. 」


An ordinary person won’t make a village in the middle of the forest of death. An ordinary person can’t live in harmony with inferno wolves and demon spiders.

Even our kingdom’s demon king-sama can only bow his head if he is ever compared to you.

No, if possible, I want to know the extent of his power…..


Isn’t that?

I’ve seen a familiar face.

Ah, my daughter had become a bride and she had a daughter.

In other words, that’s my granddaughter.

It has been a long time.

Why are you here?


You know the military prowess of the village chief?

Let me hear it.


He’s the one who killed the wyvern of the iron forest.

He can kill grappler bears and bloody vipers in a blink of an eye?

He repulsed the rampaging Rasutisumoon.

You mean he really repulsed that dragon who rampage unstoppably for the last hundreds of years?

In addition, he kills monsters and demon beasts of the forest of death on sight?


What kind of terrible story have I just heard?


The crazy dragon Rasutisumoon is currently pregnant with his child?

The dragon that unstoppably rampaged for hundreds of years is pregnant, with his child……ah, to be able to embrace that kind of woman is already incredible and he impregnates…….

A smart one huh.


No, I must not escape reality.


Yes, let’s give up.

He is a god.

Even if he is not the evil god, he is a god of something.

That must be it.

Otherwise, he won’t be able to tame the inferno wolves and the demon spiders and it will be more unrealistic to even fight with dragons.

Martial arts tournament?

Ah, a subtitle for the strongest in the world tournament.

That time, I made a promise to my heart to never defy the village chief.

Ah, this slime heals me.


After having returned from the village, I’ll strive to satisfy every demand from my granddaughter in the village.

God seems to be requesting talented people who can teach.

Is he looking for someone to take charge of the education of his child?

Fortunately, I have some people in mind.

However, all of them are seriously doing their own job so I don’t think they will accept my request.

Ah, there’s no need to rush.


Is it a bad idea to mix in a concubine candidate with the talents he’s looking for?

Her ability is quite high.

Though she has a personality problem, that’s nothing to a person who can even mate with dragons.

There’s a possibility that she will…..

Are you sure?


That’s regrettable.

I understand. I’ll just gather talents without mixing anything unnecessary.


This is strange.

I can’t contact the people I have in mind.

Is it someone’s plot?

What….ah, there was someone with the same request as me that has come to you before me?


I can’t lose.

I must do my best for god.


I heard the story about the teleportation gate.

Was there an operational teleportation gate?

Ah, I shouldn’t be surprised since it is a god’s village.

The candidate for the installation location is Shashaato City.


Not bad.

Not bad but….there’s a problem.

Where are they going to install it in Shashaato City?

Who will manage it?

Now that most people don’t know about god’s village, there won’t be any problem but if it was known that there is a god’s village, won’t there be a dispute with the teleportation gate?

Worst case scenario, the hero will make trouble to god.

That’s not good.

But, what should I do?

The existence of the teleportation gate must be concealed so, where should it be installed?

As for the purpose of installing the teleportation gate, it is for the sake of selling crops from the god’s village…..

Well, it is certainly hard to buy and sell in the middle of the forest of death.

To think that all this trouble is for the sake of getting crops from god’s village but….

If you think about it normally, you will certainly die.

The forest of death.

It is said that walking on magma will give you a higher chance of survival than walking there.

The food from the village is delicious.

I was really shocked and impressed so installing a teleportation gate is definitely worth it.

I immediately wanted to migrate there but I strongly endured it.

It is because I’m not sure whether I can be of help in that village.

I am confident in terms of paperwork but…. Will there be such work in the village?

Given that god is there, everything will surely be easy to process.


I’m bitter for myself for not specializing in military or magic.

However, I won’t give up.


As for the teleportation gate, it will be installed in a place a little far from Shashaato City. It was proposed to make a village in that location.

I gave my name as a candidate for being the village chief.

I will be assisting him in his territory.

I have worked since I was young and I’m already in my years but I can still work.


My son, who is now the lord of my territory, is shedding tears in agreement.

「That’s not it. With father gone, the territory management will be really hard. Please reconsider, PLEASE! 」

He agrees with me.

I have a good son.


My long time friend seems to have the same idea.


I will not hand over my village chief position.

「No, won’t it be more convenient for us if I do something in Shashaato City? 」

He said that demon king-sama is taking things lightly so I supported my friend with some documents.


It is about anti-hero measures.

However, that thing needs not to be told to god.

The hero is a problem which we could deal with….to be precise, it is the problem that the current demon king and his four heavenly kings should deal with.

We shouldn’t disturb god.

In order to maintain his peace of mind, I will take care of this new village that is a little distant from Shashaato City.

God only needs to install the teleportation gate and I will do everything else here.

I will protect the teleportation gate with my body and my life.



God wants to personally make the village.

Wait, what?

There must be something I can do!

I’ll work hard.



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