Chapter 259 – Something to Worry About and Inspection?

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Dwarves, 160.

Elves, 275.

Beastkins, 120.

Demons, 600.

Humans, almost 200.


This is strange.

The village hasn’t been fully decided yet and they already gathered this many residents.

No, it is only written in the document and no movement has actually been done yet….

「Here is the list of the candidates for the representative of the new village. And here is the list of key personnel for territory management…. 」

「Isn’t this too early? Building a new village is still on consultancy stage. 」

I asked the civil servant girl who brought the documents to me one after another.

「But the demon king’s kingdom’s side is already preparing everything needed to support you in building this new village. Even the former members of the four heavenly kings queued up to be the village chief of the new village. 」

「Former four heavenly kings? Ah, you mean those two visitors who came for the martial arts tournament. 」

I remember the two of them. They are very polite.

「I’m glad that the two of them are cooperating but, isn’t that bad? 」

「Sort of. We’ve already received a petition from Paruanen-sama’s son. 」

「The content? 」

「I will work for the village in my father’s place even if my bone is crushed so can you ask him to forgive me. Areh? Isn’t he the present lord of their territory? Was it handed down to the next generation? 」

「To receive this kind of appeal, it only shows the weight of the former four heavenly kings in their family. As expected, he can’t become the village chief. 」

「Right. However, village chief, Paruanen-sama is a paperwork expert. 」

「… he? 」

「Yes. I heard that he can take care of paperwork equivalent to 20 civil workers. 」

「Kuh. Recruit him. He’ll be in charge of the village. 」

「I’m with you on that but….as expected, we can’t desu yo ne. 」

「Hnn….right. 」

A person like him who has both position and honor can’t be recruited just to do some paperwork in a certain village.

Really regrettable.


「It seems like the 160 dwarves will be migrating from a nearby dwarven village. 」

「Are they not forced? 」

「Don’t worry. It seems to be the result of Donovan-san’s contact. 」

「So they’ll migrate for alcohol? 」

「Maybe yes and maybe no…. In fact, I have no idea either. I heard that Donovan-san seems to be someone great from the dwarves’ perspective. 」

「Really? 」

「Yes. Thus, they did not spare any effort to cooperate upon hearing Donovan-san’s name. 」

「Heh 」

Thinking about it, Donovan’s group are dwarves, to be specific, elder dwarves.

Are they different from normal dwarves?

「Heh 」

「The elves are the same. They’ll be migrating to the village from nearby villages.」

「By chance, is it Ria’s influence?」

「No, it is still Donovan-san’s influence desu. It looks like he has a lot of acquaintances.」

「Looks like it.」

We have high elves here so I rashly thought that they were acquainted with elves.

I guess I’m wrong.


The beastkin candidates are also unrelated to Howling Village.

Similarly, the demons and the humans are gathered applicants from various places.

The recommender is probably either an influential or a forceful person.

However, I can obviously see that the candidates were chosen not because of ability but because of reRiability.

Even if I don’t interview them, they’ll be fine migrants.

Ah, I don’t think they’ve volunteered just to cause trouble.


I’m sure they’ve thoroughly thought about it.


Wait, hold on.

Why am I already thinking that as if building a new village is already a fact?

We haven’t decided to build a village yet.

I haven’t even seen the place.

「These documents related to the new village, leave it to a suitable place. The more I look at them, the more I tilt to building a new village.」

「I understand. Then, the next one is, the remodeling plan for the dungeon.」

「It’s not even completed yet…..」

「It can’t be helped since the teleportation gate was decided to be installed there. We can’t even use it now.」

「Right. I know. However, let me drink some tea first.」

「Okay. Then, you can take your tea break village chief. Please make some tea cake.」

「How about pancake?」

「I’ll prepare some whipped cream and strawberry sauce then.」

「Okay. Don’t inform the others.」

「Fufufu. I’ll take proper precautions.」

As the result, I ended up making a lot of pancakes.

「Areh? What’s that delicious smell….」

「It’s coming from that room.」



The day when the coldness of winter has calmed down.

I went to each village to check their current state.

Though I hear the state of each village via their representatives during meetings, seeing their states first hand is still the best.

I’m leisurely riding the back of the horse on the snow-covered road.


First stop, Village One.

There is an indoor track where the pigs can run here.

Is that a pig?

Why does it look strangely bulky?

Did it become some sort of athlete?

It is also strangely fast.

It also gives off a stoic feeling.

What on earth did I just hear?

That’s the result of working together and studying pig race?

You gave it some sort of diet first and now it can even do complex orders.

You told them that you won’t eat them if they work hard?

At least it’s not arrogant.

No problem in particular so let’s head to Village Two.


In village two, there’s a minotaur calf playing outside.

Though I said it is a calf but the height is similar to mine.

He asked me to play together so we played a little.

Daruma-san fell down.

TN: If you google this game, you’ll find it as a very dangerous game but we’re in a slice of life novel so it’s just the green light/red light game.

Yeah, one large step.

Ah, I have to start from the starting point again?


When I reached Village Three, the horse got excited for some reason.

It began competing with the centaurs.

I thought that it would need some maintenance but the course around Village Three is properly maintained.

It seems like they are maintaining it when the weather is good.

I’m glad that they are taking good care of it.


As for the competition, the horse won by a narrow margin.

It looks considerably cheerful.

The centaurs who competed with it seemed a little depressed.

Don’t worry, your movement was dulled by winter.

Ah, right. The horse is also like that.

Moreover, the horse wants to pick me up and leave immediately.


Hold on.

I hate myself for being only able to say those words.

There’s no problem in Village Three too.

I thought that they would be at least troubled with either food or firewood but it doesn’t seem to be the case.


I return to Big Tree Village and board a balloon to go to Village Four.

The sky is cold.

However, when I approached the sun castle, also known as Village Four, the temperature got better.

It feels like the weather in Village Four is already spring.

This place is like a new world.


There is no particular problem in Village Four.

The houses are mostly complete and it looks like it’s regaining its former beauty.

「Of course」

Bell is the one guiding me around Village Four.


Finally, I’m guided to the room where Gou’s body was kept.

With Bell’s signal, the wall opens.

Yeah, it’s absolutely impossible to know that there is something there unless you really know about it.

This is on a whole different level compared to other places.

「Because this is where the most important secret lies.」

It is a reasonably large room and there are a lot of cylindrical objects similar to glass cases.

In one of the glass cases, there’s a stark-naked man. In another glass case, there’s nothing.

I guess Gou’s body was there.

It seems like I guess it correctly.

This room has nothing else.

「Is there a tool needed to operate this place?」

「We don’t need something like that.」

I see.

Thinking about it, it might be Bell and Gou who are operating this place.

They’re pretty useful.

「Soon, Asa, Futa, and Miyo will wake up. I’m not sure what the exact time is since it takes time to tune up their bodies.」

「There’s no need to rush. Just make sure you do all possible measures first.」

「As you wish.」

「By the way, don’t you have one?」

「Mine? There’s this disgusting chair-like thing below.」

I shouldn’t have asked her.


After enjoying supper with Gou, Bell, and Kuzuden, I returned home from Village Four.

There’s no problem in each village.



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