Chapter 260 – Events at the End of Winter

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It is almost time for winter to be over.

The jewel cat’s pregnancy has come to light.

We were curious why the jewel cat was not running after cat for a while and finally noticed that it was pregnant.

A happy event.


I opened one empty room at my mansion for the jewel cat…..opening and shutting the door is troublesome so I made a cat door at the door.

There’s no spring that can be used for the door so it was only a cloth door.

Jewel cat can usually travel on the passages for the spiderlings but I want her to avoid doing something dangerous when she’s pregnant.

In addition, it doesn’t want to be touched by anyone.

She’s also kind of irritable now.

How saddening.

Even so, cat hangs out around her.

But cat seems to be troubled about how much he should distance himself.

He looks confused.


Remembering pregnancy, I decided to visit Senna.

Upon hearing Senna’s pregnancy, I suggested that she live in my mansion but it was objected by everyone.

If her pregnancy is sensitive, the best place she should stay is the place where she is best accustomed to.

Hearing that, I thought of sending her back to Howling Village but I decided not to voice it out.

That would be a dangerous move.

If a wife does not give birth to the place where the husband is, if there are no special circumstances, it will be similar to announcing divorce.

Good thing I only thought of it.

By the way, special circumstances involve religious beliefs or the absence of a midwife.

This world is hard.

Isn’t it enough to just think of giving birth?

Isn’t the safety of the mother and child the most important aspect?

I heard that it is different here.


I’ll accept those beliefs but in this village, the priority is the mother and child.



Avoid heavy physical labor while you’re pregnant…..please.

You might be fine with it but please do it for the sake of the child in your womb and my peace of mind too.


I wonder if Senna doesn’t have a problem.

Looking at her, she seems anxious so I tried looking at the people around.

I especially focus on Ramurias, the beastkins’ caretaker.

I asked her.

Oh, this is the pudding I made earlier at my mansion.

Eat it if you want.


I visit Rasuti’s house.

Rasuti lives in the villa built for Doraim and she’s staying there with the devils Bulga and Stifano.

Though I prepared a room for her at my mansion, she rarely uses it.

We usually meet each other because of work but we rarely see each other during winters.

「I am not troubled with anything.」

Unlike her usual appearance, I was surprised to see Rasuti in her adult version.

Ah, my apologies.

Your usual appearance is lovely too.

Yes, I’m telling the truth.


She’s in adult form but her character’s still the same.

I brought your favourite dried persimmon.

I dried them for you.

Eat them as you like.


Presently, all the devil midwives that Doraim has brought are in the parlor of my mansion.

The devil midwives are all residing at the inn of the village.

Not mentioning Doraim, you can say that the midwives have come too early but I’m really thankful for their help with Frau’s delivery.

By the way, the midwives’ group is divided into two groups when one is taking care of Rasuti while the other one is enjoying the winter or relaxing at the inn.

When I visited the relaxing group, I found Gucci.

「I haven’t seen you in a while.」

I’ve been acquainted with him for so long so it is easy to speak with him.

Thinking back of the last martial arts tournament, he is considerably strong.

Could it be that he’s stronger than Doraim? I thought of that in secret.

I intended to speak with the devil midwives but I ended up talking with Gucci in a kotatsu.

Our talk is mainly about his complaints about work and reminiscing about working with Rasuti.

The old Rasuti is super violen….I mean, she seems to have been mischievous.

Gucci is also happy that Rasuti will be a mother.

「I never expected anyone to take her….no, I think it’s a miracle.」

Hearing everything he said, I remember the time she first came to the village. She looks like she’s ready to start something mischievous back then.

We had a long talk while playing chess and eating orange.

Whether he wins or loses….he’s a strong opponent.

No, could it be that I’m just weak?


I returned to my mansion and visit Frau and Fracia in Fracia’s room

Beezel is there.

I feel like he’s been there ever since or is it only my imagination?

I wanted to get Fracia but she’s with her ojii-chan.

I remembered Raimeiren.

Yup, similar situation.

I talked about on how I could meet Beezel’s wife, Frau’s mother, since we have planned it for a long time.

Beezel can use teleportation magic so it should be okay anytime.

I want to meet with my mother in law.

But Frau seems to be against it.

「Do you really need to meet her?」

「Of course, meeting her is important.」


She suggested that we do it after half a year, when Fracia settles down a little more.

Is Frau in bad terms with her mother?

That doesn’t seem to be the case.

「Is it rude of me to ask your mother to come here….」

I’m sure her mother wants to see Fracia too.

Frau looks so disturbed with my proposal.

I’m going to ask you one more time, are you in bad terms with your mother?

You’re not?

No, but….

Frau gives up. She called her mother.


The next day.

「I’m Frau’s mother, Shirukine-desu.」

The one who said that is a small pretty woman.

Frau’s mother?

Are you sure you’re not her imouto?

You’re so young.

Super young.

She looks younger than Frau.

No, she also acts like a young girl.

If she didn’t say it herself, I would have never thought of her as Frau’s mother.

「Bee-kun always decides things about Fra-chan without my consent. Don’t you think he’s cruel?」

Bee-kun? Is that Beezel?


Beezel panics.

「Shirukine, please don’t refer to me as Bee-kun outside.」

「Bee-kun is Bee-kun. That aside, I’m in the middle of saying hello. Don’t disturb me.」


「Bee-kun told me various things about you. I’m really honored to finally meet you. Here onwards, Fra-chan…..please take care of me like Fraurem.」

I greeted Shirukine back and had a light talk with her.

I was blamed for not being able to meet immediately with her.

No, it’s not like we’ve been officially married. We’re only working together in the village first before being like this…. I’m sorry.

「Where’s Fra-chan?」

「Taking care of Fracia.」

「Ah, is that so? Right, Fra-chan has become a mother. I’ve forgotten.」

I’m wondering how this young girl gave birth…..

Well, a woman’s body is a mystery.


I guide her to Fracia’s room.

「Fra-chan’s daughter looks like me, really beautiful. Ah, maybe she resembles Bee-kun’s smartness and aura too.」

「No, rather than me and you, she looks similar to Frau and village chief…」

Can this be considered as a close relationship of an old couple?

However, I can only see a middle-aged man and a young girl.

They’re demons so it is normal for their face to reflect their actual age.


Could it be that having more magical power makes one look younger?

「No, that’s not the case. By the way, she’s older than father.」


Ah, if we talk about age, Loo, Tier, Ria, Hakuren, and the others are ………

I shouldn’t mind it.

「What do you think of my mother? Do you understand now why I don’t want you to meet her?」

「What do you mean?」

「Don’t lie」(Frau)

「……given how she looks, all men are attracted to her.」(Frau)

I get it now.

「However, keep in mind that she’s my mother so no flirting, okay?.」(Frau)

「She treats everyone well but it is hard to complain because she’s really good at territory management…. 」(Frau)

I see.

But Frau.

Even if you don’t stand between me and Shirukine, I would never lay hands on someone else’s wife and more importantly, I would never be fascinated with my wife’s mother.

Can’t you believe in me a little more?

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