Chapter 261 – Evil God

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During the ancient times, there was a god who was managing the world’s magical power.

The god has no name.

However, he was called evil god.

TN: Just a reminder, the word “evil” can also refer to “magic” and “demon”.

Though managing magical power is troublesome and difficult, the evil god is proud of his work.

However, one day, the evil god failed in his job.

「How could this happen! The magical power leaked! If this continues, magical power will spread throughout the world.」

Because of this failure, a new species called demi-human was born in the world.

It is a big blunder.

The evil god, who is ashamed of his failure, apologized to the god of creation, the one who assigned that job to him.

However, the god of creation did not scold the evil god.

「Even god can make a mistake. Since new beings are born, just watch over them and don’t get rid of them.」

The evil god was given a new job.

To be the god of demi-humans.

The evil god worked hard.

He managed magical power more strictly and watched over the new species, demi-humans, closely.


On a certain day, the reason for the failure of the evil god’s magical power management has come to light.

The reason is, an idiot god and an idiot goddess making out at an important warehouse where magical power is accumulated.

How did it come to light?

Because the two were caught in the act in the same place.

Moreover, magical power leaked into the world again.

As expected, the evil god was enraged.

He has beaten up the idiot god and the idiot goddess on the spot to death.

But they were only destroyed since gods don’t die.

Their existence merely returns to god’s origin.

However, the idiot god is the one watching over the humans in the world and the idiot goddess is the one managing farming.

Though new gods will be dispatched, the world will be in chaos until then.

In addition, because of the newly leaked magical power, monsters and demon beasts were born.

If this continues, the world will collapse.

The evil god ascended to the world and used his magical power.

He prevented the end of the world.


Nevertheless, the evil god was forbidden to return.

He was sealed off deep down to the world, in the place where he ascended.


The evil god was angry but he understands the reason.

He used magical power in the world and it made everything in the world out of order.

Moreover, he did not only influence that world but many other worlds too.

Some important laws went out of order and it has become impossible to restore them.

If you think about it, being sealed as a punishment can be considered as gentle.

That is the gentleness of the god of creation.

In a thousand years, if the seal is removed, he will be permitted to return to the world of gods.

However, during that time, the evil god was totally enraged with the so what he called “unjust treatment” so he cursed not the world but also the gods.



Wasn’t that really stupid?

I looked at the sleeping jewel cat beside me.

She bears my kitten….

TN: So, should it be child? He’s a god after all.

My kitten….

I wonder if I was forgiven.

Or, will I rot here as I presently am?

Either way is fine.

Presently, I no longer have my old power.

But I will still protect my wife and kitten.

Ah, incidentally….

Since I’ve become a resident, this village too.


「Ursa, don’t run with cat.」

「Eh, but」

「No but. Now, put it down. Not like that! Put it down gently!」

It is one of the oni girls.

I’m thankful of them.

Yes, thank you for always feeding me.

I love fish.

If possible, I would be glad if you add alcohol to it…..

Ah, no, forget that I asked anything.


My kitten who is yet to be born.

Father will work hard.


  • Omake

Oops, way to go boy!

It was Alfred.

The right edge of the kotatsu is my place.

He was there but gave the best place for me.


Very obedient.

You’ll grow to be a big guy in the future.

I’ll give you my divine protection.

I’ll let you pat my back too.

Pat it gently.

From the top, there, go a little more to the……ugh, Ursa!

Kuh, whenever she sees me, she always gives me a low-level tackle!

No, there might be some sort of reason for it…..

Since you apologize, I’ll forgive you!

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