Chapter 262 – 12th Year Spring and Kittens

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Spring has come.

Yup, it’s finally warm.

The snow mountain in the south part of the village is slowly melting….no, it’s not melting at all.

Maa, it will melt sooner or later.

The children were pleased with it last winter so they’re reluctant to see it melt.

Should we make it every year?

No, better not….

Let’s just think about it when the time comes.


Zabuton woke up. I haven’t seen her for a long time.

She greets me like usual….I was caught and carried by Zabuton for some reason.


Why does Zabuton seem impatient?

While I was thinking of a reason, we reached her destination. The entrance of the dungeon in the south part of the village.

That reminds me, I did not inform Zabuton anything about the dungeon.

She’s probably surprised.


While guiding her through the dungeon, I told Zabuton about what occurred last winter.

It is mainly about making the dungeon, and a new village in order to be able to set up the teleportation gate.

Oh, I also talked about the snow mountain.

Though Zabuton seems to have liked the dungeon as it is, she seems to be dissatisfied with some details and asked me to do some revision.

No, those revisions….please spare me from that or this dungeon will totally become a death zone.

The spiderlings are also moving around freely in the dungeon.

Yeah, you may do as you like.

They are strangely suitable for dungeons.

Ah, the third floor has yet to be completed.

Don’t be upset.

There are still various things to consider especially about the teleportation gate.

In addition, there was a talk about expansion so the dungeon making process was stopped.

Spring came and in addition to the usual busy schedule, there is also the building of the new village and the installation of the teleportation gate.

When should we restart the dungeon making?


The spiderlings can continue the dungeon making?

No, I don’t mind but….

Can you really do it?

The soil here is really hard.

There’s a certain evolution that specialized in digging….a spider that can dig holes?

I never heard of it…..

Ah, hold on hold on.

Let me ask Loo first.

If they make it too different from what was initially planned, some may get angry.


After consulting Loo, we can leave the fourth floor to the spiderlings.

According to the plan, there’s a limit where they can dig up and down but they can expand sideways as much as they want.

Do your best then.


I meet with the representatives of each village to confirm this year’s target.

The production plan and even the establishment of new facilities were also decided.

Even if I say that, this meeting is only a reminder since we’ve already talked about it during winter.

It progressed without any problem.


I took out the AFT in hoe form and started plowing in Big Tree Village.

If you think about it, the field here is really wide……

But because I know the joy of harvest, I don’t mind it a bit.

I won’t feel fatigue as I use the AFT after all.

If it was the former me, it would take more time but now….yeah, it only took me one month.

If I don’t have to do anything else, I could have shortened the plowing time a little more.

Bean sprout and asparagus are planted in the dungeon too.

I took this chance to check the state of the fourth floor….why does it look like an underground ruin?

The decorations are also really elaborate.

The first two floors of the dungeon are already complete for some time but compared to this, the first two floors look like it is still under construction.


When I was wandering around, cat suddenly jumped to me.

What is it?

It panics too much….

I pin it down.

I returned to my mansion while carrying cat.


As I thought, jewel cat is about to give birth.

Jewel cat wanders around its bed then lies down. After a while, it stands up and wanders around again.

It seems to be its nature to stand so I can only watch.

I asked the nearby oni maid to call someone who can use healing magic just in case.

It was Loo who came.

Loo was with cat and they’ll watch over the jewel cat until it gives birth.

I can’t watch?

She can’t give birth if she’s not at ease?

Cat asked me to do something.

What is it?

Ah, are you sure?

Cat asked me to put a sheet around jewel cat’s bed to act as blinds.

It seems like it is alright if I’m in the room but she hates being stared at.

I’m sorry for troubling you.


After approximately six hours, four kittens were safely born.

It looks like cat is happy, he gave out a lively “meow meow”.

As for the kittens.

Though their eyes are not yet open, they look cute.

「Hey, husband.」


「I only gave you one child, are you not pleased?」

「Eh? Ho-how could I possibly be dissatisfied?」


「Of course!」

I may have been too pleased seeing the kittens. What a blunder.

Reflect, me.

However, I really can’t help it since they are too cute.

And I don’t have to hold back my happiness since the number of residents of the village has increased.


After jewel cat gave birth to the kittens, a problem has come to light.

Cat and jewel cat’s names.

It doesn’t seem necessary until now that there are kittens.

As for the jewel cat, the oni maids are already calling it Jewel so it will officially be its name.

As for cat….

There’s a problem.

Depending on the person, it was called in different ways.

Which one do you like?

Let’s just think of a new one.

Since you are a black cat, French is chat noir, german is schwarze katze….

It doesn’t sound cool.

Let’s postpone naming it for now.


The kittens’ name has been a debate.

There are a lot of people who participated in the war of kitten’s names.

Even the people who were initially uninterested became captivated the moment they saw the kittens.

Their names should also be recognizable.

I don’t want to get involved so I’ll just prepare a list and have cat choose.

Oi oi, cat.

Sure, you have too many good names to choose from but are you sure you’ve chosen them?

I know that you have high expectations for your kittens but remember that they can be crushed by their names too.

Are you certain?

Michael, Raphael, Uriel, and Gabriel.

I don’t think their bad but in a sense, it will pressure them too much as they grow up so why don’t you make it Miel, Rael, Uel, and Gael?

Ah, yes, I’m aware that I have no naming sense.

Don’t look at me like that.


The kittens’ names.

Michael, Raphael, Uriel, and Gabriel.

However, I call them Miel, Rael, Uel, and Gael.

By the way, we still don’t know which are males or females.

It is hard to determine a kitten’s sex.


As for their hair colors, after a few days of being born, it is now clearer. White, white, black, and spotted.

「Given how they look, it seems like there’s no jewel cat among them….are they all common cats?」

「Though I don’t know cat’s ecology too well, I know that it is still too early to determine if there is a jewel cat among them.」

Oohh, is that so?

It seems like a jewel will only grow as a kitten grows older.

Well, I don’t mind whether they are jewel cats or not.

My only concern is how they’ll grow up safely.


「As expected, you want more children….」

「That’s only your imagination.」

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