Chapter 283 – Village Five. Construction On-going

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Connecting Big Tree Village to the hot spring, only then have I become fully aware of the convenience it brought.

A few days on foot, a few hours of riding Hakuren, those are incomparable to the time we have to spend to go to the dungeon and use the gate.

This is really convenient.


It is convenient but we have to do things for it first.

The very first thing is to build a building surrounding the gate in the hot spring area.

Since there’s a teleportation gate, workers can be transported from Big Tree Village so it will be completed in no time.

Incidentally, I wanted to repair the accommodation and the changing room of the hot spring.

Since the number of visitors increased because of the teleportation gate, baskets, where they can put their change of clothes and pail for hot water drawing, needs to be increased.

I also have to ask Zabuton about making more towels.

Ah, the ghost knight and the lion are peeking.

The ghost knight and the lion only come to the village during festivals and martial arts tournaments. The rest of their time, they stay here.

There are also a limited number of people that use the hot spring.

If I don’t introduce them properly, they might get attacked or they might attack.

I want to reduce any unfortunate accidents.


As the number of users of the hot spring increased, the ghost knight and lion’s group happiness increased too.

You can come to visit Big Tree Village anytime you want too.


The manager of the teleportation gate on the hot spring side is Asa.

The manager of the teleportation gate at the dungeon’s side are the lamias.

The basic rules for using the teleportation gate were decided by me and the civil servant girls.

Though I said decided, they are not difficult to follow rules.

There are only two rules.

The first one is for the user to tell the manager his name and purpose and let the manager record it.

Second, children 10 years old and below won’t be entertained unless accompanied by an adult.

That’s all.

The first one, aside for the purpose of managing the users, is a request by the demon king’s kingdom.

Though we thought about limiting the number of people, it is only for hot spring purposes now so there’s no problem.

If there ever be a problem that occurs, only then we will be strict.

As for the second one, we won’t allow the children to drastically expand their range of activities.

If they’ll ever be in trouble on the other side, it might be too late for the village to take action.

Big Tree Village has eyes all over it, more specifically, the kuros and the spiderlings. However, I can’t ask them to do the same on the other side of the teleportation gate. It will be too much.

For the children’s safety, I prohibited the children to use it by themselves.

Of course, the kids complained.

I’m sorry.

However, I don’t have any problem if you’re accompanied by an adult.

By the way, the requirement ratio is 1 adult for 1 child.

The kuros and spiderlings are also considered as adults.


The slimes have become a little bit of a problem.

The slimes are everywhere in Big Tree Village but after the Big Tree Dungeon was built, the slimes moved into the dungeon.

I won’t be surprised if I find a slime at the teleportation gate room.

Should they be permitted to use it?


I was a little troubled but it was decided that it will be fine if they’re with a guardian.

In other words, the same treatment as the children.

I specifically want the wine slime to be safe.

Especially since that fellow is smart.

As for the animals…..Cat and the jewel cat Jewel are fine but not the kittens.


When we began operating the teleportation gate, various problems came out.

Because of that, I asked Asa and the lamias who are in charge of managing the gate to record the problems and if they thought of any improvement, they can suggest it.

Watching the teleportation gate towards the hot spring, we can prepare for the teleportation gate at Village Five in the demon king’s kingdom.


A temporary name, Village Five.

The suggestion of the official name of the village is now open.

Though the village will only be used to conceal the teleportation gate that is to be installed in the demon king’s kingdom’s official land, full-scale construction has begun.

Though the atmosphere during the meeting about Village Five is negative, when we started the construction, all members became positive and started moving.

I no longer can pull my hands off it.

In the meantime, a part of the construction site has been decided. It will be where the teleportation gate is located.

That place will also become my mansion there.

I was thinking of a small house but I was persuaded to not do so since we need to conceal the existence of the teleportation gate. A considerably large residence has to be built.

After deciding the plot of land, the people from the demon king’s kingdom offered to leave the rest to them.

That makes sense. A representative of the demon king’s kingdom will definitely make it better compared to what we’re planning.

I asked him to make sure that there shouldn’t be too many buildings there for fire prevention and he said to leave it to them.

According to the report, it seems like they are moving at a fairly high pace and there’s already a small number of people who want to migrate.

It’s going well.

Cleaning up the area doesn’t seem to be smooth.

Cleaning up the area?

I wondered why but according to the civil servant girls, it looks like monsters and demon beasts have their own territories around that vicinity.

They already employed a large number of adventurers that are good at hunting in the mountains but they are still behind schedule.

Fortunately, it has not come to the point where village workers and migrant applicants were injured by monsters and demon beasts. I asked them if we could send them our help.

After consulting the civil servant girls, I decided to dispatch Gulf, Daga, five other lizardmen, and five high elves.

I wanted to send the kuros and the spiderlings but they all opposed.

They said that if we do that, Village Five will stand out in a bad way.

That will happen?

Maa, I’ll accept it since it is the opinion of the civil servant girls and they are from the demon king’s kingdom.

Gulf’s group moved by riding on Hakuren.

They plan to stay overnight at Doraim’s nest and move to the location on the second day.

Futa is with them.

She’s the one responsible for installing the coordinate specification stone.

After the installation, she will return to the village with Hakuren to prepare for starting up the teleportation gate.

Gulf’s group will be based in Village Five to help there for a month.

「We will finish it early. We want to attend the martial arts tournament.」

「I know that but don’t be reckless and be injured.」

「Of course, we won’t overdo it.」

「Take care. Also, think of an official name for Village Five.」

「Isn’t Village Five good enough?」

「We know what it means but to the citizens of the demon king’s kingdom, they would find it strange.」

「Then how about building five huge tower?」


「It’s a joke. I’ll think of one.」

Gulf’s group leaves.


…..Five big towers, is it?

Though it is impossible to build five big towers, how about five statues?

It will be the symbol of the village and they will be arranged in a pentagon….

Isn’t that easier compared to thinking of a name?


Let’s not expect that much.

Let’s ask the demon king’s kingdom’s side regarding the official name first.

Let’s hear their opinion first.

While I was thinking so, I received a report that Rasuti’s labor has begun.


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