Chapter 282 – Installation of the Teleportation Gate

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A middle-aged butler, a witch, and a little maid girl are lined up before me.

The middle-aged butler is Asa Foguma.

His hair is about to become white and it looks like he’s struggling if you see his hands.

His trademark is his round glasses that means he has a certain degree of dandyism.


The witch is Futa Foguma.

She’s not really a witch but a fortune teller.

However, it must be taken note that she can use magic.

She looks over 30 years old which is unusual in the village.

Her chest is modest.

I don’t like calling her Futa so I’ll call her Fu-chan.

TN: Futa mean cap, lid, or cover. Or maybe a slang for futanari.


The little maid girl is Miyo Foguma.

She looks around….7 or 8 years old?

She looks as old as Ursa.

Though I don’t really know how old this little maid girl is, because she introduced herself as such, I’ll just convince myself that she’s a normal little maid girl.

However, if Ursa will ever wear a maid uniform, I don’t think that I can think of her as a little maid girl.


The three of them are from the same mercury race like Gou and Bell of Village Four.

They have been operational for quite some time but it took time to teach them the current common sense.

How hard is it to teach them….? Just look at Bell’s tired expression.

It might have been really hard since Gou had to remain in Village Four too.

Aren’t you house sitting?

You almost collapsed because of fatigue?

Okay okay, don’t cry.

You did well.

Do you want some tea?

Ah, you’ll make it yourself?

If that will relieve your stress I won’t mind.


The three’s actions are not that strange. It is probably the result of Bell and Gou’s education.

They give off a decent feeling.

Judging by their appearance, a butler, a witch…, she’s a fortune teller. Should I treat her like a maid too?

「I can do anything.」

Saying you can do “anything” is an exaggeration, right?


She said she can manage domestic affairs, diplomacy, household chores, battles, anything.

If it’s true, she’s amazing.

Should I make this talented lady the custodian of the teleportation gate?

But, won’t that be a waste?

Currently, the management of the teleportation gate at the dungeon’s side is under the lamias, titans, and the arachne Arako’s jurisdiction.

The three groups are supposed to handle things related to the teleportation gate….

If I’ll make her the custodian of the teleportation gate, I won’t need to worry.


She has the ability to operate it and she also has battle power to do something in case of emergency.

That’s awesome….

Show me a bit of your fighting power.

Ehto, I mean against the kuros….ah, you can’t beat them?

Then, how about Gran Maria… can’t beat her too?



You lost to Gulf in terms of fighting power?

One more try?

I don’t mind but….Gulf, please.

Ah, send someone else?

Gulf, recommend someone.

Bell, the tea you serve is superb.

Another cup please.


「It was too much for me to say that I can do anything. I’m sorry.」

No, you don’t need to apologize.

I’m just wondering how good you are….

However, will she be alright given her ability?

I consulted Gulf.

「If you’re asking me to evaluate her then I’ll say she’s not bad. She knows all three arts, she has techniques, and her physique is good too.」

She can use magic, martial arts, and weapon arts and can cope with any situation.


In fact, she finally showed a good match against three beast girls. She’s actually this amazing?

「As for those three, they are about as strong as anyone from Howling Village.」

Is that so?

If that is the case then it is safe to assume that the three are average fighters from Howling Village.

If she’s not strong enough to manage the teleportation gate, let’s just have her help with miscellaneous duties of the village.

Ah, in that case, she might as well return to Village Four.



The three of them did not come here just to show their faces.

Their purpose is to set up the teleportation gate.

The first part is to experimentally connect the Big Tree Dungeon to the hot spring.

「The dungeon side is ready. All you have to do is to take this stone to the destination which is the hot spring.」

That’s the coordinate specification stone.

According to the procedure, we just need to install the coordinate specification stone to the place we want the teleportation gate to connect to. Once it starts up, it will return to the dungeon side which is the main body.


This is troublesome. We have to come and go.

If only Beezel or ancestor-san is here things will be easier but they are not so it can’t be helped.

We discussed how to go there and it was decided that Hakuren would send us.

Thank you.


I, Bell, Asa, Futa, Mio, together with Gulf, Loo, and Ria arrived at the hot spring by riding Hakuren.

Yeah, it’s hot.

However, the ghost knights are still working hard as ever.

I haven’t seen them for a while.

Long time no see.

Is everything all right?

Today, we’ve come here to install the teleportation gate I’ve told you about beforehand.

It will be easier for you to come to the martial arts tournament after this.

The ghost knights danced joyfully…..

Yeah, they’re passionate but why does it look like they are having a feast for an evil god?

One dance number is enough. Don’t start the second one.

What about the lions?

No no, you don’t have to call them.

If they are alright, there’s no problem.


We head to the place I’ve thought of for a while.

It is on the south side of the accommodation building.

I want to set up the teleportation gate there.

It will be outdoors for now but it has already been planned to enclose it in a building after the teleportation gate is installed.

Otherwise, we’ll be in trouble when it snows or rains and it’s dangerous if monsters and demon beasts jump in.

The person managing it from this side should also have a room so it will be better indoor.

「We’ll need to prepare the surroundings of this place in the future…. Who’ll be in charge?」

「It is I.」

Asa, the middle-aged butler, raised his hand and has an expression as if saying leave it to me.

「Don’t overdo it.」

「Yes. I’ll do my best to not betray your expectations.」

Since Asa will be the one in charge of this place, I asked him to install the coordinate specification stone.

It will be the same whoever installs it but it’s a matter of feeling.

Therefore, Loo, don’t look at me like that.


After completing the installation, we all went to take a bath to the hot spring since we’re here anyway.

Of course, we’re separated by gender.

In the men’s bath, there are me, Gulf, Asa, and ghost knight.


That hits the spot.

Oh, did you call the lions? I thought I already told you not to call them.

A big splash comes next.

I don’t mind though.

Lion…..are you okay?

Let’s relax.



That feels great.

I want to install a device that blows out cold wind here.

Gulf, are you still alive?

Hakuren looks fine.

Loo and Ria are fine too.

The three of them look so sexy after taking a bath.

Bell, Asa, Futa, and Miyo….yeah, don’t overdo it.

A little move will make you sweat a lot.


We return to Big Tree Village and go to the fourth floor of the dungeon.

While being guided by the arachne Arako, we move to the fifth floor where the teleportation gates were set up.

I also ask Asa to start working.

Well, it is not that difficult.

All he has to do is to operate the startup stone.

And a door of light, or rather, a board of light appears.

Though it looks like it is consuming an enormous amount of magical power, it surprisingly consumes a little.

The magical power needed to be consumed is collected from the ground by the stones installed on the floor.

In other words, once you start it, you can use it forever unless you stop it.

「Then, I’ll check.」

Asa reaches for the board of light.

He put his hand in first.

Asa advances just like that and soon his body is already inside the board of light.


He came back immediately.

And the ghost knight appeared right after him.

It seems to have connected without problem.

「The teleportation gate, it is now operational.」

Asa reported.

The ghost knight dances joyfully again.

Oh, the lions came too?

It can’t be helped.


In the village, it has been popular to go to the hot spring at night for a while.


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