Chapter 281 – Person in Charge

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After the usual looking around the field was over.


A suspended bed which is either made of cloth or net.

No, I only said bed but its main purpose might be something else.

I imagined a completed one.

Alright, time to make it.

So where should I….outdoors.

I can only imagine a hammock being used outdoors.

At my mansion’s garden, I put up two poles under the shade of the tree.


Then I just need to tie up a cloth or a net between them and it’s done.


It’s quite difficult.

After a repeated trial and error, I somehow managed to complete it.

Using net, the hammock will get twisted in the middle part so I use cloth instead.

Yeah, it’s not bad.

Oh, it’s still too early to feel relieved.

Technique is also necessary to use the hammock.

First of all, from the side….ugh, uooohh.


「Village chief, what were you had just been doing since earlier?」

The one who asks that is the high elf Ria.

「I thought of using a hammock.」

My body has been beating the ground.

But you don’t need to worry about it.

「You mean like this?」

She easily got on the hammock.

She even lied on it.

「The best way to get on the hammock is by riding on it horizontally or diagonally rather than vertically.」

「Ehto, are you familiar with hammocks?」

「Yeah, we used it when we were still living in the forest.」

Does that mean that you’re an expert?

Looks like it.


「What’s that? What’s that?」

Ursa, Guraru, Alfred, and Tiselle have arrived.

It seems like study time has ended.

「It is something you can sleep at while swinging. Oh, there are tricks to get on.」


All of them were able to ride easily.

I didn’t mind it.

Since the hammock has been occupied by the children, my work here is done.

I look at Ria.

「You have come all the way here, do you have some business with me?」

「I do. Frau is in a meeting about Village Five so she asked me to look for you.」

「The name of the village is still undecided.」

The Village Five Frau is referring to is the village where the teleportation gate will be set up.

We’ve begun to go all out in things related to it a while ago.

「It’s for convenience sake.」

「Sounds like it will be the official name soon.」

「Then, how about thinking of a new name for that village?」


「Gate Village.」

「Eh? Aren’t we supposed to hide the existence of gate?」


For the time being, let’s call it Village Five.

Ursa, Guraru, Alfred, and Tiselle.

Don’t go too far since it is almost lunch.

Ehto….it looks like Kurosan’s group is responsible for looking over the children.

Please take care of them.


I walk into the meeting room.

The content of the meeting is naturally about Village Five.

「Who brewed this? This coffee is really good.」

「It is I, thank you for your praise.」

「It sure smells good.」

「This isn’t bad but I prefer tea.」

「Eh? Isn’t tea bitter? I’m a bit reluctant in adding sugar.」

「Here’s some tea for you.」

「Are you going to eat before lunch?」

「Of course, I’ll send it to another belly.」

chatter chatter chatter


「So, what about Village Five?」

When I said those, the meeting room quieted down.


The civil servant girls are basically serious.

Especially if Frau’s there.

Even if there was a chat in the meeting room, it is rare for it to elevate like the earlier situation.

Because of that, I asked the reason.

It seems like the demon king’s kingdom sent up a list of high ranking officials that they’ll send a person in charge. So, they’re scared?

They were escaping reality earlier?

High ranking officials….are you talking about the two former members of the four heavenly kings?

I’m wrong?

Though those people are indeed great, there are some terrible people queued up behind them.

What do you mean?

Well, there were those grandsons of the previous four heavenly kings.

Three of them.

Then use one as an example.

「Y-yes. Ehto desu ne. For example, the one written in the middle of the list, Zaiash-sama. He is a close aide of the lord before him but when the lord becomes a member of the four heavenly kings, he managed that lord’s territory single-handedly.」

「So, he’s a domestic administrative officer? 」

「Yes, but during that time, he’s too much of a hard worker so he received grudges not just from his territory but from other territories too. They all tried to obstruct him.」

「Obstruct? It is indeed easier to pull someone’s leg down than to work hard.」

「Unfortunately, Zaiash-sama dislikes people who act like that…. There was even an instance where he went alone towards a territory that has been bothering him and breaks the legs of all of those involved.」

「Ehto….are you sure he’s a domestic administrative officer?」

「He is indeed a domestic administrative officer.」

「But that’s not all, let’s continue. Since it has become a territory versus territory battle, demon king-sama has dispatched a high ranking official to judge the situation. Originally, that person should have been fair and neutral but he was bribed by the lord of the other territory. Zaiash-sama one-sidedly judged him as “evil” and beats him up.」


「Even though the other side is wrong, that person still holds the title of representative of demon king-sama. After that, a punitive force was sent but they were repelled. Eventually, demon king-sama had to dispatch his generals. He was eventually defeated but not before he defeated two generals under demon king-sama.」

「Isn’t it better for him to be a general?」

「Maybe. Maa, that’s it for Zaiash-sama’s story. 」

「I get it now. He’s indeed scary. 」

「And he’s not the only one like that from the list that the demon king’s kingdom has sent….excluding the two previous seniors, Zaiash-sama is the most mature.」

「Are the civil servants of the demon king’s kingdom full of military men?」

「There were times where we won’t be able to do anything without military strength.」

In other words, the “person in charge” list of the demon king’s kingdom is full of active civil servants that are used to that kind of strategy.

It was wrong of me to compare them to the civil servant girls in the first place.

By the way, the suppressed Zaiash was protected by the four heavenly king members that time and continued to manage the territory after that.

However, it seems like two incidents similar to that happened afterward.


I’m scared too.

I don’t want to deal with people like that.

Though he is very capable, being violent is the problem.

If that is the case, I would rather ask Rasuti to take charge of diplomacy in my village….

But she’s currently pregnant.

Speaking of which, she’s about to give birth.

Dors and Doraim frequently come and go to check on her.

I know how you feel but you’re putting too much pressure on others.

Also, Dors.

Don’t boast to Girar the great-granddaughter you don’t have yet.

In other words, don’t give Girar the reason to come here.

Girar might want to visit Guraru but, is that okay?

That’s okay?

That’s fine then but….


Oooppss, stop.

I’m escaping reality too.



Nothing will be resolved if you run away from it but….let’s eat lunch first for the time being.

After lunch, let’s fight on without running away.

Fight against reality.


I went to the hammock to call Ursa’s group for lunch and found that they are all sleeping on the hammock.

Looking at them closely, you’ll notice that some parts of the hammock are being supported by Zabuton’s web to maintain balance.

I waved my hand towards her to convey my thanks.

Also, Kurosan and the others, thank you for watching over them.

They are sleeping comfortably but it is already lunchtime. This is bad.

Wake up.


After lunch, the meeting resumed.

For the time being, I’ll decide the person in charge on our side first.

That person will be in charge of business.

Since I can’t endorse anyone, I’ll just decide by lottery….

Several civil servant girls asked me to wait a little and left.

When they returned, they were already with Youko in beast form.


「Youko-san will be the person in charge for Big Tree Village’s side. Of course, we, the civil servant girls, will do our best to support her.」

They asked Youko and she’s okay with it.

If that is the case then there’s no problem.

It doesn’t look like she’ll be bribed or do anything underhanded.


I don’t have anything against her but….

She just arrived at our village.

Is it alright?

Youko felt my uneasiness so she transformed into her human form.

「Be at ease, leave it to me.」

Though you have more persuasive power compared to when you were in beast form, why are you naked?

I think it’s because of that that Frau and the others blocked my view.

Magical power preservation?

Because your clothes were made from magic.

The reason why you’ve always been on your beast form is to conserve magical power.

So that’s how it is.

Since Youko transforms back to her beast form, all the hands and things in my eyes were removed.

Youko is waiting before me while in sitting position.

I understand.

I’ll leave it to you.

She asked for the civil servant girls’ support too.

Good attitude.


Now, before we get back to business.

A little while ago, when my eyes were blocked, there’s someone who had overdone her skin contact, right?

To be precise, you stroked my ass.

Step forward obediently.


I know.

That person is not alone.

There were at least three of them.

Don’t worry.

I won’t punish you.

Frau will be the one who’ll do that.

I’ll leave it to you.


Ah, wait.

One of the criminals was found.


What are you doing?

No, just because there was a chance…..youuuuu.

As punishment for Frau and the other four who turned themselves in, there won’t be given snacks today.


After the meeting, I went back to the hammock.

I’m a little tired so I thought of taking a break…..

Wine slime and cat are both on the hammock sleeping comfortably.


Let’s give up taking a break and look around the field.


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