Chapter 280 – In the Summer Heat

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It has become hot.

Even the snow mountain we made last winter has become quite small.

But it is still cool near the snow mountain.

Because of that, the animals of the village like to stay near it.


First of all, the goats.

Have they escaped again?

Though they don’t have the courage to go outside the village, it is surprising to find them come here.

Moreover, they’ve come in a group.

They go back to their place at night though.



Oi oi, what are you and your family doing here?

I know it’s hot but don’t come out without permission.

You can’t deceive me by looking at me with puppy eyes.

Go back when the night comes.




You’re off duty.

That’s alright then.


Nine-tailed fox Youko.

What are you doing?

「It’s cool here.」

Youko, in her fox form, replied.

「My residence has a device that blows out cold air, isn’t that enough?」

「The cats already occupied that area.」

「How about the dungeon? It’s cool there too.」

「If I don’t have to, I will never go there.」


「When the night comes and it has become cooler, I go out to the forest to hunt so I’m not slacking off.」

「No, I’m not criticizing you. I’ll add more devices that blow out cool air as soon as possible.」



「I know you’re in beast form but, why are you lying on your back facing up?」

For a moment, I thought she was dead.

Shall I make her a hammock?

No, I can only see her struggling in the net.

「You are not thinking something rude, are you?」

「I’m just imagining things. Don’t let your stomach gets too cold.」


I return to my mansion.

Yeah, the kittens are indeed occupying the area before the device that blows out cool air.

The young fox Hitoe is with them too.

Kuro and Yuki are a little bit further.

After them are cat and the jewel cat Jewel.

The ceiling….there are a lot of spiderlings.


This place, isn’t this my room?

Noone seems to care.

What the…

Let’s put an ON/OFF function in it later.


I head for the mansion’s workshop.

At the workshop, the mountain elves were making devices that blow out cool air.

They are overflowing with heat.

Really hot.

The irony of making a device that blows out cool air.


That device originated from Senna’s request.

A beastkin baby is not strong against heat.

Though she doesn’t need to be too concerned, Senna was worried that Sette would be affected too much by the summer heat.

I know how you feel and I don’t want that to happen too.

Because of that, I decided to make an air conditioner.

However, even though I know the principle, it is not something that can be easily made.

I had no choice but to have Loo make magical tools that make ice and wind then combine them to make a simple air conditioner….ah, the fan? I made it.

The downside is there’s no ON/OFF.

The wind power can’t be adjusted too.

However, that stimulated the mountain elves.

The prototype that the mountain elves made, the one with working ON/OFF switch and adjustable wind power, was installed in Senna’s residence.

Though we are still waiting for Senna’s review, we were flooded with requests.

Mass production was requested.

However, even if the mountain elves can reproduce the device by working hard, we can only rely on Loo on things related to magical devices.

Presently, one machine can be made after three days and that’s the limit.

Since the production is limited to one in three days, what are the mountain elves enthusiastically making?

Of course, it’s improving the device.

After repeated improvement, it is now twice bigger compared to the initial size.

Isn’t that bigger than the one yesterday?

Have you ever thought of downsizing?

For the time being, I think they should already stop thinking of unnecessary functions…..

No, let’s have them fail after making one so they’ll realize it themselves.

You’re going to use three magical tools for wind control for this, right?

Loo will break.

It will be my job after then….

When Loo’s seriously angry, she’s scary.


Before the full-scale heat of summer comes, I want to make as many as possible.



Ann was scolding one of the oni maids.

The reason is simple.

She fell asleep while she was cooling herself in my room.

Thus, she now has a slight cold.

That made Ann angry.

I should also note that about the device.

After all, cool wind blows out of it.

Before sleeping, it should be noted to adjust the device first.

Though there is no ON/OFF function, you can just turn it off.

However, once it is turned off, turning it on again will be quite a challenge.

Due to the operation of magical tools, there is also an increase in consumption of magic stones.

Oh, I got derailed.


After she lets off steam, she’ll be fine.

For now, let her be angry.

As for Loo’s medicinal plants….Loo is too much burdened by magical tools lately.

I’ll have Flora take care of the medicinal plants.

Okay, let’s go to bed.

I shouldn’t be affected by other people.

Nursing someone is…..I’ll probably be more of a bother than a nurse.

I’m sorry but ask someone else who’s free.


If you think about it, isn’t this the first time there was a sick person in the village?

No, the medicines are being consumed.

Which means there are only simple diseases here?

And the most fatal one was the cold of that oni maid…..

I heard the oni maid sneeze.

Take care of yourself.


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