Chapter 279 – Rehabilitated Youko

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I am the inferno wolf John.

I was named by the village representative of Village One.

I don’t like it but it’s better than being nameless.

If his lordship will ever give me a name, I’ll throw this name away.

Kuro-sama gave me a mission.

I heard that it is looking after the newly arrived fox.

I don’t know the details but it seems like she had taken an irreverent attitude in front of his lordship.


However, she has already been punished so my purpose is to check what she’ll do.

So that’s how it is.

But why me?

I’m in charge of the outskirts of Village One….

Maa, I don’t have any complaints since I’ll be in an active position.

I’ll keep an eye on her.

The name of the fox in question is Youko.

Though she sleeps in the parlor of the mansion, she seems to have an intention to settle in the village.

His lordship has acknowledged it so I have no complaint.

Hitoe, her child, is with her when she sleeps but when she wakes up, she immediately heads out to where the kittens are.

Something that made me smile.

It is said that Hitoe doesn’t need to be watched over so I’ll let her do what she wants.

I’ll focus on Youko.

Though Youko can transform into a human, she seems to have only been in her beast form for a while.

She’s as big as us including her tails but is that her original appearance?

She has nine bushy tails…..those tails are illusions.

Only one of her tails is real.

She can’t cheat my eyes.

Also, because I heard that she had to consume her tails when she was receiving punishment.

She’s a little pitiful.

No, I can’t pity her.

I’ll seriously watch over her.

Today’s action….

First, she went to the kitchen and greeted the oni maids.

She played cute and got some fruits.


Hold on, oni maid-san!

I pleaded to you before and you never gave me any and now you easily gave her!

Are you already working with each other!


 For me?

No, that’s not my intention….

Kuh, be quiet, tail of mine.

It will be our secret?

I won’t be bribed!

Well, however, this time…..yeah, delicious.

I have lost to my desire.

I should reflect deeply.

But I have a mission.

I trace Youko by using her smell.


It seems like she tried to erase it but that’s not a problem.

She can’t escape from my nose.


Lady Makura.

What’s the matter?


The fox did not head this way?

She headed that way?



Everyone fails sometimes.

I won’t be discouraged just because of that.


Alright, found her.

This place, this is where the dwarves make alcohol.

Yeah, I can already smell alcohol though there’s still a little distance from it.

His lordship seriously warned the children to not approach this place.

Also, if you are weak to alcohol, it is better to stay away.

As for me, I’m fine.

As for Youko, she entered this place….is she in her right state of mind?

I went to the place beside the alcohol brewing place where there are chairs and tables.

That’s the place where the dwarves eat lunch.

I can somewhat hear them talking about banquets in that place from time to time.

Youko is on one of the benches curled up.

Is she taking an early nap?


Is there someone else there?


That is, it’s the wine slime.

The wine slime is similarly sitting on one of the benches.

It looks like it doesn’t have anything to do with Youko.

They’ve been there for a while.

Five other people came.

The first one is the woman called the holy maiden.

The other four are beast girls.

All of them are carrying big bags in their hands.

This smell…..ah, the dwarves’ lunch boxes.

When the five of them put down the lunch boxes on the table, the dwarves came out one after another.

And eat their lunches as it is.

Apparently, they eat in turns.

When the five left, it will be the next batch that will eat.

The dwarves are eating their lunch deliciously.

Oh, I forgot my purpose.

What’s Youko’s…..

She’s getting alcohol from the dwarves who are taking lunch.

The wine slime is doing the same.


What is that fox doing?

For food, she returns to the mansion….and because there’s no alcohol after meal at the mansion, she goes to this place?



While the batches of dwarves eat by turns, Youko and the wine slime drink alcohol.

When the dwarves’ lunch was over, Youko moved away from the wine slime and left.

Where are you going?


North….flower garden?

When I ask a friend, who is guarding the vicinity of the flower garden for info, it seems like Youko comes here during this time to take a nap.

I see.

Then, that thing is where Youko sleeps?

Is it a dedicated bed for Youko made by his lordship?

I’m jealous.

No, suppress your feelings.

You are here to watch over her.

Watch over Youko with calm eyes.

….I fell asleep before I knew it.

What a blunder.

Though I got a little impatient, everything’s still okay.

I did not lose sight of Youko.

She’s still sleeping.

Oh, it looks like she woke up.

She’s stretching her neck.

What are you going to do next…….



She’ll enter the forest?

Continue tracking her.

She defeated two great boars in the forest and returned.

However, Youko is empty-handed.

The dead boars are tied up by web and are being carried slowly by the nearby spiderlings.


She’s amazingly fast and strong.

Maybe, I can’t win against her.

An overwhelmingly powerful being.

I feel it.

No, I shouldn’t let her notice me.

Or is she just not minding me?


However, let’s continue watching over her.

Though I was never told to hide when I was asked to look after her.

Let’s complete this task until the end.


Youko returns to the mansion and eats in her beast form.

His lordship is worried about Youko and told her that she doesn’t have to be on her beast form.

The wives of his lordship are there as guards.

Thumbs up.

Do your best.

After eating, Youko was picked up by one of his lordship’s wives and brought her to the laboratory.

I’m sure it is the room where magical tools are made.

They talked about a lot of things.

I don’t understand what they talked about but it appeared to be quite incandescent.

I hope that it’s for his lordship.

Late at night.

She went to her assigned guest room….and crawled to the sleeping Hitoe’s bed.


Today’s watching over ends here.


She’s not defiant in any way.

Maa, she could be pretending to be obedient until she recovers her strength….

She’s always on her beast form….is she mimicking someone? Or is she acting?

That would be scary.

For the time being, my intuition tells me that it’s okay.

However, let’s watch over her until dawn.

She might get out in the middle of the night.

When morning comes, someone else will cover this job.

I was not able to obtain any credit but I was able to spend quite some time in Big Tree Village.

And thus, I am satisfied.


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