Chapter 278 – Youko

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I’m a nine-tailed fox.

It’s been hundreds of years since I was born into this world.

I live freely.

There’s nothing that can bind me.

Or so I thought.


About a hundred years ago, I tried having a child for fun.

That child is my other half but I didn’t think that she was important.

However, I won’t be so heartless of throwing her away so I entrusted her to a nearby human village.

The price is my divine protection.

It might be too generous of a reward.

Since then, I had this habit of meeting my child once a year.

It was troublesome but it doesn’t feel bad.

Also, the village where I left her, they started worshipping me and my child.


The situation has changed this year.

The village where I left my child with was destroyed.

In just one year?


What has become of my divine protection?

It shattered?

And what happened to my child!

Dark emotion oozed out from the bottom of my heart.

Before I noticed it, I’m already fighting with the immortal king.


The immortal king and I had a truce.

It was because he is someone I know.

Though it seems like he has already forgotten about me….

Ah, it was me who forgot me.

TN: She’s talking about how she lose herself.


Not funny.


It turns out that someone kidnapped my child.

The immortal king promised to get my child back so I returned to the village and waited for them.


This has been a thriving village….

According to the immortal, it was the work of the hero.

You didn’t do something good hero.

It’s unforgivable.

I don’t mind you ruining the world but to break my divine protection and hurt the people I’m protecting…

I won’t be satisfied even if I tear you in eight pieces.

I will make you suffer from an eternal purgatory.

Ah, stop stop.

I feel like I’m being drawn up by dark emotions again.

Hurry up, immortal king.

I don’t know how long I can wait.


The immortal king kept his promise.



My child, Hitoe.

Are you okay?

Are you scared?

I see I see.

There are people who took care of you.

Alright, I’ll go there to thank them personally.


I would like to but….the immortal king is already half dead.

He will not die because he’s immortal but if we push him more, it will take him a long time to recover.

Immortal King.

Take a rest until tomorrow.

Until then, I’ll protect you.


「You’ve protected my daughter, I wish to express my gratitude.」

Having been brought by the immortal king, we arrived in a certain village.

This place….the forest of death?

There was someone who actually set up a village in this terrible place.

As for the residents….immortal, with wings, with horn, long ears, lizard…they are a pretty strong group.

They are also keeping horned wolves and spiders.

Quite amusing.

However, there is also the terrifying dragon race.

The gatekeeper dragon….those times were only accidents.

I’ve accidentally beaten him several times already.


Nostalgic faces.

Those two devils.

Do you remember when we’re on a rampage together?


We destroyed a country at that time.

Ah, you mean we sank a continent?

We did that much?

I thought we only half sunk it.

Stop stop.

That was a long time ago and we’re at a banquet.

I want more of this delicious alcohol.

Another cup.

The foods are delicious but I like alcohol better.

Ooops, my child….

Why are you playing around with kittens?

You like them?

Then do what you want.

Excuse me, another cup please.

Bring out your biggest bowl.


The banquet continues for some time but it will end someday.

The immortal king woke up so it is time to part.

But I don’t want to go yet.

If I go like this, aren’t I someone who only receives?

I still have to thank them for taking care of my child.

I was thinking before coming here that only when I arrive at this place can I only think of some way to pay them back but this village already has a lot.

Now that it has come to this, should I give my divine protection?

No, my divine protection was broken by the hero.


How about living here so I can protect them personally?

Ooohhh, this isn’t a bad idea.

When I’m telling them so, I was taken out by the immortal king.

What is it?


I’m misunderstanding something?

What do you mean?

What about village chief?

Ehto….ah, you mean the guy who always plays with my child and the kittens?

I feel some divine energy from him but….

He’s just a normal human.

「That’s what you misunderstood. He’s stronger than you.」

「What a joke.」

「Is that so? Then, do you want to make a bet?」

「A bet?」

I will be fighting with the village chief and if I win, I also win the bet.

If village chief wins, it will be the immortal king’s victory.

The winner can order the loser anything.

What a stupid thing to do.

Isn’t it obvious who’ll win?


The immortal king, why is he looking at me with eyes of pity?

Is village chief really strong?

…..I shouldn’t let my guard down.

Though I don’t relax my guard, my instinct is telling me that everything’s okay.


Let’s start this child’s play.


I’m looking at village chief and he’s approximately 50 meters away.

My instinct is still not reacting.

If that is the case then there will be no change no matter how much the distance is.

He’s still a weak person I can instantly kill.

In addition, village chief is reluctant to attack me.

Don’t be so.

He is the type of person who can’t kill someone of the same race.

I like that but that would make him unreliable.

However….with the way things are going, the bet will not conclude.

I return to my beast form.

It would be easier for him to point his weapon at me now.


What the!

What in?

I regret being here.


My instinct is telling me to escape with everything I got.

Wh-what am I facing?

Isn’t he a normal human being?

This pressure……

What is that spear?

Where did it come from?

Eei, calm down!

Keep your guard up!

It’s a spear so it’s a physical attack.

Eighteen layers of physical barriers.

Don’t be careless.

On top of that, 22 layers of anti-magic barriers of the most significant attributes.

A total of 40 layers of barriers.

The strongest shield I have.

This shield can even protect anyone from a dragon’s breath.

Moreover, I’ve always been covered with seven layers of universal barriers.

What should I be afraid of?

Calm down.

I have to turn offensive.

My most powerful attack….

I’ve seen how village chief’s stare moved from my face to my foot.

I didn’t even have time to wonder why.

The spear thrown by village chief shattered my strongest shield and blew off my right foreleg.


However, because I have magic accumulated in my tail, I was able to regenerate my blown off foot super fast.

Though I was surprised by the attack, throwing your only weapon is a stupid thing to do.

You should regret not aiming for my face!

When I look at village chief again, he’s holding a spear.


By the way, how many spears can you spawn?


I lowered my head.

I think this is the first time since I was born.

Begging for forgiveness.

No no, I don’t have any malicious intent against the village.

I proposed that thinking about the village.

You have saved my child, I won’t do anything terrible.

That’s right.

I apologize for not making my words clear.

I never thought that there would be someone so strong there to not need my protection.

Please excuse my rudeness.

Immortal king, great one.

Hey, back me up.

Our bet?

I know.

I haven’t forgotten.

So please.


Conclusion, village chief is an understanding man.


I returned to my human form and the immortal king brought me back to the village.

No no, my apologies…..areh?

What’s this?

What’s this thread that binds me?

I can’t cut it.


No way….

I started screaming.

Wai, eh, wha, can’t?

The spider queen….

Moreover, she’s really angry.

TN: As you all know, Zabuton is the only one with “queen” title, aside from a certain bee. Even Ursa and Potte were called king in some previous chapters.


I don’t want to talk about what happened after I was brought into the dungeon of the village.

I’ll only say that the majority of the magic that I saved up in my tails was used and I can’t save more for a while.

Ah, a pack of horned wolves.

Ah, don’t.

That’s a foul.


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