Chapter 277 – Nine-Tailed Fox

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I was plowing the field when one of the kuros called for me.

I wondered what happened and it seems that a young fox got lost.


The word “destructive animal” floated in the corner of my mind but it’s not good to label it like that.

Let’s take a look at it first.


Once I get back to the mansion, Ursa and Guraru are already holding the fox.

It’s quite like a stuffed toy.

Ah, looking at its feet, it is struggling.

One of the oni maids took the fox from Ursa and Guraru and scolded them too.

Ah, the fox is pretty dirty.

Because they were holding it, their clothes are black now.

And as expected, they got scolded.

That’s an oni maid for you.

Also, I feel sorry for the fox. They are holding it via its neck.

Be a little more gentle.

At this stage, I had almost decided to keep the young fox.

As for its name….how about Kon?

TN: Kon is supposed to be the sound a fox makes. It is similar to naming a cat meow.

Do you think it’s bad?


「My name is Hitoe.」

It was refused by the person herself.

Well, if you already have a name, I guess it can’t be helped.

No no, that’s not the problem here.

The young fox transformed into a human.

Moreover, a little girl.

Though I tried to give her some clothes in a hurry but it seems like she can’t stay in her human form for a long time.

She returned to her fox form in no time.

After that, I thought of getting some information from her when she transforms back into her human form later.

That thought disappeared too soon.


A depressed ancestor-san came over.

Anything related to the holy maiden seems to be full of trouble and intense labor is necessary.

While he was explaining, he saw Hitoe in her fox form playing with the kittens. He froze.

When I told him that that fox can transform into a human, he collapsed on the spot.


Ancestor-san is looking for a place that will receive the holy maiden.

He prepared several places but most of them seem to have some kind of trouble.

When he thought he finally found a place that was free of trouble and prepared enough to receive the holy maiden, he was suddenly surprised attack.

It was a raged nine-tailed fox.

It seems to have strength on par with ancestor-san.

Ancestor-san can’t leave that raged nine-tailed fox alone since it can destroy anything in its path so he fought with it.

After several days of deadly battle, they temporarily stop.

The nine-tailed fox is rampaged because its child was kidnapped so ancestor-san promised it he’ll rescue her child.

The nine-tailed fox calmed down.

After that, he commanded the Korin religion believers in that area to use everything in their hands to find the kidnappers.

To ensure that everything will be alright, he brought Fushu and her subordinates to the kidnappers’ hideout when they found it for a surprise attack.

Most of the kidnappers were captured but they made a mistake in the end.

The other party’s boss escaped using teleportation magic.

Though he used teleportation magic, it is not the convenient type like the one ancestor-san and Beezel are using. He used a random destination type teleportation magic.

It is supposed to be a magic that you should use on your opponent in order to escape danger and shouldn’t be used on yourself.

The other party’s boss used that magic on himself and on the child.

He was forced to use it himself to escape.

As for why he used it to the child, he wants to harass us.

And it was super effective.

Because of that, ancestor-san promised the fox that he’ll rescue the child.

Ancestor-san then directed the whole Korin religion.

He hasn’t eaten or slept for two weeks.

He looked for it.

However, he can’t find anything.

The situation is quite dangerous.

He also thought about the possibility of dying so he came here to ask for support. Then he found the child playing with the kittens.

He also confirmed the name.

It seems like she’s the person in question.

After explaining what happened to ancestor-san, he left while holding the fox.


It’s a good thing that she’ll return home but suddenly parting makes me feel a little lonely.

The kittens are the same.


The next day, there was a reunion.

「You’ve protected my daughter, I wish to express my gratitude.」

A beautiful woman with raven-black long hair and is wearing kimono-like clothes.

She has nine fluffy tails on her back.

She’s holding the young fox.

Next to them is ancestor-san who just used teleportation magic. He looks like he’s about to collapse.

Since we’re done with greetings, let’s have ancestor-san rest.


That day, there was a banquet.

The name of the fox, I mean the nine-tailed fox is Youko.

I can’t believe that such a graceful woman has fought with ancestor-san.

And why is it that Loo and Tier never leave my side?

「Good. Quite splendid alcohol and food. I ask for another cup of alcohol. Also, use your biggest bowl.」

She prefers alcohol than food. She seems to be a drunkard.

The dwarves have already considered her as comrades.

Hitoe, the young fox, eats with the kittens.

She mainly eats fruits but she also eats meat.

An oni maid cuts the meat in small pieces for her to consume.


Youko-san was acquainted with Bulga and Stifano.

In the old times, they seem to have rampaged together.

Their youthful passion can make someone blush but I can’t imagine the scale of their story.

From what I heard, they burnt a kingdom to the ground.

Do they know Youko-san? Doraim is seated away from her with a little blushing face while Hakuren is seated in front of Youko with a provocative expression.

It looks like they are about to test their skills.

Don’t go on a rampage in the village.

You can’t do it in the forest too.

Rasuti is….about to give birth.

It is almost time.

I want you to deliver our child safely.


That large-scale banquet only lasted that day but small-scale banquets continue.

Though I’m not sure if it will still continue until ancestor-san recovers. His recovery was unexpectedly slow.

「I thought I would sleep for 100 years.」

Don’t say something terrible.

Maa, I’m glad you’ve woken up after five days.

Let’s continue the banquet for another day for ancestor-san’s sake.

After that, we’ve prepared souvenirs for them and it is time to part.

The young fox Hitoe.

See you again.

「No, I’m not going. I’ll live here.」

It was Youko who resisted.


「There are many fierce warriors here. Hitoe can grow safely here. I’ll rule over this place. The lords here will work for us.」

Hold on, wait a minute.

When I tried to protest, ancestor-san stopped with a smile.

He took Youko-san somewhere using teleportation magic.


「What is it? You want to fight again?」

「No, I’m here to teach you since you seem to have misunderstood something.」

「I misunderstood something?」

「Yeah. You’ve met village chief, what do you think of him?」

「A normal human. Though I feel a little divine power….but he’s not my match.」

「Is that so? Then, do you want to make a bet?」

「A bet?」

「Yes, a bet.」


「No, it’s not interesting since I’ll surely win.」


Ancestor-san returned using teleportation magic and he took me with him this time.

The place……

We’re still in the forest of death but it is already considerably far from the village.

Are we in the west part?

It seems to be the correct answer.

It seems like he wants me to throw a spear at Youko-san the same way I threw a spear at that wyvern.

No no, that’s a bit….

「Is my figure as a human in the way? Then how about this?」

Youko-san became a huge fox.

Her height….about 10 meters?

I didn’t count her tails so I’m wondering if she has nine tails.

In addition, can she run in the sky in that form?


「Nine-tailed fox, you should be farther away.」

Ancestor-san calls out to Youko-san.

「Get farther away? Are you stupid? I’m not afraid of a human.」

「Are you? Then, village chief, please.」

「No, but…….」

「She seems to want to rule over Big Tree Village.」


This is…..troubling.

I put out the AFT in its spear form.

Took an aim.

The fox’s face is scary… expected, I’m intimidated.

I aimed at her foot.


Youko-san is in dogeza in front of me.

「I’m really sorry for being rude all this time.」

Ancestor-san’s face looks strangely refreshed.

No, I’ve thrown a spear at her.

Is your foot okay?

It looks like she’s okay.


Maa, now that she’s withdrawn from her plan of ruling over the village, we returned to the village via ancestor-san’s teleportation magic.

When we returned, Zabuton tied up Youko-san and dragged her somewhere.


Where are you going to take her?

Up to now, Zabuton never showed herself to Youko-san.

I wondered why.……

Do they know each other?

The dragged Youko-san’s face turned blue.


While that’s happening, the young fox Hitoe was playing with the kittens.


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