Chapter 276 – I’m Hungry

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I’m Hungry

Even if I don’t show it on my face, my stomach doesn’t agree.

This is embarrassing.

It’s because those who should have prepared my food suddenly disappeared.

Did they go somewhere else and abandon me?

No, maybe something happened to them too.

Let’s hear their side first before blaming them.

First of all, I have to get rid of the ringing of my belly.


Check my reserves…..there is only a flask of water.

There is no food.

Since that is the case, I have no choice but to look for some.

Fortunately, this place is surrounded by a forest.



Why forest?

Moreover, I can’t seem to remember anything about this place.


Maa, there’s no use thinking about it.

A forest is a forest.

I should find something.



I don’t know which are edible.

The scent seems okay but it looks terrible.

Since it has come to this, let’s poison taste it….better not.

Should I be more courageous here?

No no, no matter how you look at it, that color is definitely suspicious.

Let’s look for something that’s more pleasing to the eyes.

Surely, there should be some.


There aren’t any.

It has been three days since then.

My flask is already empty too.

And as expected, I’m already feeling dizzy.

I’m at my limit.

Since it has come to this, I’ll eat anything that I’ll find next.

I understand that it is dangerous.

However, I really want to eat.

I really want to eat those grasses that grow naturally there but I know…. I know that it’s physiologically impossible.

That idea is a nut.

Ah, thinking alone makes me hungrier.


What in…it smells good.

It’s not food.

The scent of flowers.

Scent of various flowers.


Flowers, are they edible?

They will be later. I wonder if there’s a problem if I eat flowers.

Before I noticed it, I’m already running.

I’m running towards the scent.


On one side of the flower garden.

It is beautiful.

However, it is a trap.

Sentries are flying everywhere.

There are also three individuals in stealth in key areas.

And one of them obviously overpowers me.


Maybe I’m a pathetic butterfly lured by the flowers.

If it’s not for my hunger, I wouldn’t do something like this…..


The sentries withdrew?

However, the number of stealth warriors has increased….and there are warriors in the open too.


This number, isn’t this cheating already?

There are over 20 stealths and over 10 in the open.

And they continue to increase.

I already gave up on counting.

Fighting too.

Then, what should I do?


My mouth.

「I’m hungry and I want to eat the flowers here. Hand them over.」



They looked at me with eyes of pity.

Don’t talk to me.

You’re wrong.

I’m not from a flower eating race!

However, I’m too hungry so I’m trying to trick my belly using flowers…..



Is that an appo tree I’m seeing over there?

Moreover, how can it bear fruit this season?


However, I don’t care about that.

Give me one appo fruit, no, make it two, or maybe three if possible.

Please give them to me.


You need to consult someone first?

If that person says okay, you’ll give them to me?

Yeah, send out your representative, bring him here.

Me and my big mouth.

An egg came out.

Though it looks like a human, I’m sure it’s a dragon.

Next to her is….Is that person a human?

She looks like someone who got destroyed and then rebuilt again….a lump of wisdom?

Is she an egg of a brave?

No, if that is the case it means that the brave was crushed to an egg…..

As expected, it’s not a good idea to go along with hunger….uwooh, I’m suddenly captured!

Wait, you rude fellows!

Don’t treat me like this!


I was captured by the weird human and a dragon. They took me to their nest.

So there’s a place like this in this forest….

It is a mysterious place.

Well, just like that flower garden.

As I was thinking that, I was handed over to an oni.

No, I can be said that the oni took me up.

She scolded the strange human and the dragon.

Probably because they were rude to me.

It seems like this oni understands the truth about me.

Good good.

No pain is good.

Ah, wait.

The way you held me felt painful for a moment.

Hold me as gentle as possible…

And I’m not resisting anymore so bring me food….


You’re preparing it?

Then, can I expect that you’ll give me?

Ah, I want the appo fruit.

Didn’t those warriors tell you?

Moreover, what’re those two flat things….

Though this is only for confirmation but, are they edible?

I’ll dig in.



Me wolfing it down was embarrassing.


There are more stains….


Thank you.

Oooooohhhhh….I’ve regained my power.


As long as my belly is filled, nobody is my match.

Even if it is that tough strange human…..I can slaughter her together with that dragon.


Second serving?

Is it really okay?

Thanks for the food.

This place seems good.

Because of that, I’ll give you the chance and forgive those two disrespectful people.


I’ll forgive you.

And it is not because I’m scared of that adult dragon.


In this place, there are several people who seem to be stronger than me.


What a bummer.

I can fight the warriors one on one but there’s too many of them.

As for the stealth warrior, it seems like they are focused on the flower garden.

They are a bit problematic of an opponent.

By the way, I saw through something.

The one who’s at the top of this place’s food chain.

I wasn’t just eating for nothing for a week.

I’m observing this place.

I know to whom I should negotiate with.

The other party is…

The kittens!


I’m wrong.

The human is the boss of this place.

I was not able to see through him.

Even with these eyes of mine.

No, it’s fine.

That human seems to like me.


Bow down to my charm….ah, are the kittens better?

Is that so?


Though a lot of things had happened, I’m now staying at this place….I’m being taken care of by Big Tree Village.

Please take care of me from now on.

My name is Hitoe.

I’m from the race called nine-tailed fox.


Though you might not believe it yet since I only have one tail but when I grow up, I will have nine tails.

Though it is possible for us to transform into humans, I’m still a child so forgive me if I’ll stay in my beast form most of the time.


You can tell by looking at me.

You don’t?

I’m shocked….

I’m a female.


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