Chapter 275 – Lost Future

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I have always had the same dream during the old times.

I have dreamt of it many times.

The content of my dream is simple.

There’s this scene where the demon king orders his four subordinates.

The me of that time is looking at the scene from the side.

Am I a secretary?

Though that demon king is different from the present demon king. The demon king in my dream is fierce and scary.

He also ordered a lot of things like destroying something and even massacres.

During the old times, I used to cry a lot whenever I had this dream.

But I’m not scared anymore.

Because the demon king’s face in my dream is different from the current demon king.


I’ve also personally met a person in my dream, he’s Gilspark-san.

He’s the son of the governor of Shashaato City.

The eldest son if I may add.

That’s amazing.

In my dream, he’s even scarier than the demon king but I was surprised when I met him in real life.

He is also a hard worker and helps the store a lot.

He’s not in any way as bad as the person in my dream.


I can’t imagine that scary guy feeding a small child.


The four subordinates in my dream.

Though they might be the four heavenly kings, these four are people I personally know.

One of them is the swordgod, Gulf-sama.

I sneaked into the martial arts tournament arena to secretly observe him….he’s amazing.

Even those nasty, intimidating guys can’t even take a shot from his wooden sword.

It was shocking.

He won the championship just like that.

In my dream, he was calling himself warrior king.

Yeah, swordgod is better suited to you compared to warrior king.


The other one is Shah-san.

He’s an amazing person who can cook various dishes in the store.

Sometimes, he let me try his experimental product… out of ten is not safe for consumption.

Though the other nine times are very delicious, that “one” is really scary.

I thought that he should have known the taste beforehand but it seems like one can only cook by trial and error.

It seems like Shah-san remembered my face because I’m the one who’s not afraid to eat that “one”.

In my dream, he’s called as the gourmet king.

Ah, by the way, in my dream, he’s very fat and he’s not the one cooking but his subordinates.

That’s completely different from the Shah-san I know.

However, I think that person is really Shah-san.


Another one is Potte-san.

She’s the customer service supervisor of the store.

In real life, she’s a person with a wonderful smile but in my dream, she’s a cold-hearted person who never smiles.

She’s called the cold-blooded king.

Compared to the person in my dream, I prefer the current smiling her.


The last one is Hotto-san.

He troubled the store before and was sent to the church.

Now, he comes to the store to offer his free service.

Since Hotto-san comes, Gilspark-san will surely come. Is their relationship that good?

In my dream, he is called the king of jealousy.

TN: Trivia – He loves EmiRia.

Looking at him now, could it be that he’s jealous of himself?

I’m probably doubting reality because of my dream.

The Hotto-san I know is a serious and hard working person.

By the way, I’m not sure if I should say this but, he and Gilspark-san are partners in doing bad things.

However, Gilspark-san fell in love with a baker’s daughter so he changed a lot and stopped doing bad things. Hotto-san was left alone and went out of control.

Gilspark-san then bowed to accompany him.

Is men’s friendship really this complicated?

Oh, maybe not.

I shouldn’t tell others about it.


Anyway, after meeting all these familiar faces from my scary dream, I stopped dreaming that dream.

What was that?

I feel nostalgic from time to time.


However, I still remember the reason for the Gilspark-san of my dream to rage everywhere. It is because his wife was killed by the hero.

Wife, could it be that baker girl?

That girl comes to the store from time to time to research about bread.

However, I’ve seen the wife’s picture in my dream and she looks like a high-class lady… it’s another person.

Anyway, it’s only a dream so I shouldn’t be bothered.

There’s nothing wrong with anything at all.


At a later date.

Marcos-san and Paula-san took me to greet the store manager.

Looking around, I saw Gilspark-san, Shah-san, Potte-san, and Hotto-san.


If only the store manager brought Gulf-san, the four will be reunited.



From me?

Marcos-san, stop. Please don’t push me forward.

「She’s the one in charge of the store’s accounting. Without her, there will be no Marla today.」

Don’t lift me too much!

B-but, I can’t shame Marcos-san and Paula-san.

I made up my mind and said hello.


The next day.

I became the chief accountant of Big Roof Shashaato.




Hold on.

Even if I’m the chief accountant of Marla, I have never dealt with this much money….

Marla is handling this much money.

Why is that executive from the Goroun Company receives me politely?

I don’t need a guard.

Ah, a dedicated workroom?

That’s a little nice.

Subordinates too?

My heart was moved….

Ah, mou.

It’s impossible to resist.

The store I worked at was bankrupt and they hired me who was wandering across the street.

Marcos-san, Paula-san, and store manager-san.

I will do my best.


By the way, I would like to ask something.

Why was my bedroom prepared next to my dedicated workroom?

It doesn’t have a deep meaning, right?

There isn’t, right?

Please don’t look away.

Let’s increase the number of your subordinates. I never had words I don’t want to hear more.


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