Chapter 274 – Tightrope

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On the day of the festival, the demon king came with Yuri, Randan, Beezel, Glatts, and Hou.

Their usual party.

「It seems to be peaceful. I hope this year’s festival is okay.」

「Hahaha. It has always been peaceful.」

That’s the conversation between the demon king and the civil servant girl who’s guiding them.

When the arachne Arako happened to pass by, the demon king’s group was surprised.


Ancestor-san, Doraim, and Dors have arrived too.

Raimeiren came a few days ago and is already playing with Hiichiro.

She’s Hiichiro’s grandmother after all.

Hakuren looks like she has a mixed feeling….why is it?

Do you feel uncomfortable?

No, is she being troubled by Ursa and Guraru? Those two are a handful as always.

Once you take your eyes off them, they’re going to run away.

For those two, the village is too small.

Will the two of them eventually leave the village?

Guraru has Hiichiro so she probably won’t.

What about Ursa…..

I wouldn’t know until she grows up.

I will be lonely but if she really decides to, I will see her off when the time comes.

For now, let’s catch them.

「Ursa, Guraru! What are you holding!」

I already know even if they don’t reply.

Those are the foods we prepared for the guests.

Those have been carried to my table where Alfred and Tiselle are also sitting.

They already got some once and I don’t mind even if they got some again but this is the third time.

And their share wasn’t even given to them yet.

They already took more than they should.

They’re overeating.

And don’t just target the desserts.

If you want to eat, eat this one.

Bean sprout is delicious.

Don’t complain.


Village One, Village Two, Village Three, and Village Four are here. Also, the ghost knight and the lion from the hot spring are here too.

Later, the lamias and titans arrived and so the festival began.


This year’s festival is simple, tightrope.

It is a competition where you have to cross a course made of logs, boards, ropes, etc. as far as you can.

As for the rule, no one is allowed to use their hand and flying is prohibited.

There are five types of courses.

Children course, common course, titan course, centaur course, and expert course.

If you complete the course, yours truly will give you a reward medal at the end of the course.

It seems that the beginning of each course is easy but there are steep up and down in the later half. As for completing the whole course, I already know that it is really difficult and I only glance at them.

In addition, the mountain elves paid attention to the latter half of the course so there will definitely be traps in that area.

Can someone even complete a whole course?


Under the course are Zabuton’s gang and they already put a safety net for those who’ll fall.

However, because of the safety measures, all of the courses are at a slightly higher elevation so it is quite scary.

The top batter of the common course is a beast girl and she looks trembling….or not. It is probably me.

She started running with all her might.


Stop at once!

「Village chief, what happened?」

「Don’t wear skirts, wear pants.」

That’s what happened.


Each course was full of tension, excitement, and laughter.

It’s good that no one’s injured.


Ursa and Guraru completed the children’s course.

They broke the obstacles/traps in the latter half by crashing it with their own body.

The mountain elf who was in charge of that course was holding her head…..

In the common course, the demon king managed to complete it.

It seems like Randan and Beezel put their bodies in line in order to know what kind of traps are hidden in the second half of the course.

On top of that, he also has a good sense of balance and well-trained muscles.

As expected of the demon king.


No one managed to complete the titan and centaur’s courses.

Both seem to be struggling at walking in narrow spaces.

They are already losing their footing in the first half.

I thought that the centaurs could do it a little more but a lot of them lost their hind leg’s footing.

They can’t see them.


In the expert course, the high elf Ria performed well.

On the way, the lizardmen had to drop out because of a trap that seems to be a fighter with a weapon.

I know that you’re happy that your mechanism works well but doesn’t enjoy it too much.

Though I must admit that it is great since you don’t even need to reset it after it was triggered.

It should have been easy for the lamias to coil around the course since they are snakes but that is prohibited.

They must only crawl and not coil around the course so the difficulty was high.

A foothold is really important.

The wine slime completed the course.


Let’s talk to it for the time being.


When the sun goes down, the banquet starts as usual.

It was a peaceful festival.

Yeah, this felt great.

Now, let’s have the kittens….

Hou and Doraim are playing with them.

Demon king too?

I’m envious.

Ah, I know how they feel.

I have Kuro and the others as well.

Pat pat.

Yeah yeah.

Loo is very important to me too.

As well as Tier.

Gran Maria’s here too….? She fell bad, is she alright?

Why does she even need to fly if the distance is short?

She should also practice walking.

By the way, I also tried challenging the common course but ended up giving the demon king information.



While enjoying the atmosphere of the festival, I thought about Rasuti who’s about to give birth.

I couldn’t drink so I returned home after the banquet.

She’s okay since Bulga and Stifano are with her.

I heard that dragons became violent during pregnancy but……

She’s pretty calm.

That means it’s only an exaggeration, right?

Looking at Doraim’s really serious face, I believe it.


Using the banquet, Senna and I introduce Sette.

It is already well known to Big Tree Village but we’ll take this chance to introduce her to other villages, the lamias, the titans, and the other guests.

Say hi to them.

She’s a spirited girl.

I don’t want her to be a bride.

The night breeze might be bad for babies so let’s get her out of here early.


I escort her back.

By the way, Senna’s parents from Howling Village asked us to give them a visit with Sette.

However, Senna opposes the idea.

I thought that she doesn’t want Sette to travel yet but it looks like there’s a different reason.

She said that from a social standpoint, it must be the one in lower social standing that should visit the one with higher social standing.

As the village chief of Big Tree Village, I’m obviously at a higher social standing compared to the village mayor of Howling Village.

There’s something like that?


However, in Fracia’s case, isn’t Shirukine the one who came here?

Given our social standing, isn’t that wrong?

「There’s no problem with that since Beezel-sama has already been here before she came.」

I see.

So there are things like that.


I need to be accustomed to this world’s culture.

I don’t mind being ridiculed but I don’t want to embarrass the village.


Let’s study little by little.


The night of the festival has passed.


Next morning.

「Demon king-sama, please hand over Miel.」

「Never, she’s my child!」

The battle against the demon king for a kitten has taken place.


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