Chapter 273 – Arachne and Earth Dragon

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The arachne’s name has been decided.



I know.

Don’t look at me like that.

Though it was me who sent it as a candidate, it is Arako who decided for herself.

Now she’s the arachne Arako.

Easy to get, right?


No, don’t look at me as if you’ve given up.

Rasuti, don’t just decide that you’ll be the one to name our child when s/he is born. I’ll help you with that.

Though I’m not that confident.

I would at least like you to hear my suggestions.


Arako mainly focuses on dungeon activity.

She’s friendly with the lamias and titans.

There’s no problem at all.


You want to raise a new monster?

In the dungeon?

Isn’t it dangerous?

It’s safe?


Hnn, I’m not sure about that.

If the lamias and titans gave you permission, I won’t mind.

You already did?

All right.

Ah, please let me know before you start.


I really want to know.


However, how is she going to bring up a new monster?

Do arachnes have that kind of power?

Come to think of it, it was a spiderling that brought the bees.

It might be nice to take care of a new race.


Recalling the bees, I built a few hives for them this spring.

I was worried whether their territory will be overcrowded but it seems like there’s no problem.

They only demanded for more flowers.

Because of that, I created a flower garden area of an area about 200 by 200 on the north side of the fruit area.

I don’t even need to worry about flower seeds. With the help of the AFT, I just need to think of the flowers and I can plant them.

That was during the beginning of the spring.

Now, various types of flowers are beautifully in full bloom there.


There are sunflowers, thistles, hydrangeas, morning glories, roses, turnip rape….

I’m the guy who only knows the name and I don’t even know if it is the right season to plant them.

Well, it seems like the bees are fine with them and are flying around looking for nectar.

The kuros staying at the flower garden look happy and peaceful.


The civil servant girls have become busy.

You can feel that the festival is close.

However, I’m with Michael-san in Shashaato City.

The modified cram school and inn are almost complete so they hoped to let me know what’s happening in detail.

They want me to direct things on the site before the opening several days later.

The training of the inn employees is about one month….

Oh, I’m thinking too much.

It is better for Michael-san or someone from that field to decide on those things.

I don’t even know the standard of accommodations in this world.


Was the education of the employees considered?

No, I’m not sure….


In this world, the shop employee relationship is dominated by the so-called apprenticeship.

The only familiar words I can use to describe are “service apprentice”.

The employee joins the store as a live-in or commuting where he will learn the trade while working.

“An environment where you can learn how to work by working.” As a result, new employees almost have no wage.

After being admitted as a full pledge employee, only then can they be paid with wages.

However, the shop owner must take responsibility for the lives of the employees and must make sure that they won’t be starved.

Most stores are like that.

Michael-san’s company is the same.

In other words, we will educate our employees and it will take a lot of time.


There’s no shop in existence that fired an employee they brought up.

As for the employees, after finally learning how to do their job, they no longer want to move to another store.

In short, our present employees are mostly amateurs.


I’m uneasy.

If Marcos and Paula will be in charge of educating them, I’ll feel a bit relieved but they are already too busy with the store.

I have no choice but to go over there to teach them for at least a week.

Okay, it’s decided then.

I’ll have Beezel or ancestor-san to send them over.

The festival season is near so I will talk with them there.

Oh, before that, I’ll have to inform Loo and the others.


What’s with that eye Kuro?

You don’t want me to go?

Don’t look at me with that face.

It is work.

The kittens are lining up beside Kuro.

Don’t look at me with similar faces.

Oi oi.

You have never lined up like that before, right?

How can you suddenly do something cute?


I understand.

I won’t leave.

I’ll send those employees here instead.

I’ll train them like how I trained Marcos and Paula.

I’ll write a letter now.


At a later date.

I received Michael-san’s reply and it said that I shouldn’t subject them to something that cruel.




In addition, at a date later than the previous one, I was informed that they already found several people that were involved in running an inn.

No, I wish I could teach them myself…..

How did they manage to get them?

I wish they didn’t do anything beyond the norm.

I’ll have them explain it to me once I go back to Shashaato City.


Arako brought the young monster to the dungeon.

She got permission so no one complained when she brought it.

It is a lizard-like monster called dungeon walker.

It is already a meter long, is it really a young monster?

How big will it be when it grows up?

I don’t know anything about it but Ria said that it will be about 20 meters.


When I was about to say to return it, I saw Arako quietly looking at me. There’s no way I can still say that.

She can raise it properly.

And you can’t just throw it away if it becomes bigger.

So that’s a dungeon walker.

And she’s hiding another one behind her.

No, it’s not one.

There are ten of them?

Aren’t they a bit too small?

They are about 10 cm each.


Are you sure that the 1 meter one is not the parent?

They are not related?

Is that so?

Maa, I get it.

If the dungeon is too small for them, let’s just expand it.

Get along well.

Be sure not to quarrel.


Dungeon walker.

A lizard-like monster that has night vision. They can move to the dungeon intruder by either crawling on the floor or the ceiling.

Each of them are also superior mages and they are called by the adventurers as dungeon’s god of death.

God of death?

Even though they’re cute?

「In some regions, they are also called earth dragons.」

Ria added.

「Are they considered as dragons?」

「No, they are not related to dragons in any way.」


But calling them earth dragons is easier compared to calling them dungeon walkers.

Though I want to call them that, the dragons……don’t mind.


They’re earth dragons then.

Ah, kittens, don’t bully the earth dragon.

Think about it when it fully grows.


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