Chapter 272 – Small Talk and Birth

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During a meeting break.

The civil servant girls have a small talk.

「Who do you think are the four heavenly kings of this village?」

「Hmm, Loo-san and Tier-san are definitely the first on the list. As for the other two….Hakuren-san and Rasuti-san?」

「Isn’t being a dragon a cheat?」

「If you put it like that, Loo-san and Tier-san can be considered as cheats too.」

「Ah….you’re right. Then, should we remove vampires, angels, and onis from the list?」

「I think the lizardmen and devils should be removed too.」

「Then, what’s left are dwarves, beastkins, minotaurs, centaurs, and us, the civil servant girls. Let’s decide who’s the four heavenly kings from the choices.」

「You say dwarves but Donovan-san’s group is a group of elder dwarves. They are a legendary race that can move to any country unhindered.」

「Here, I can only see them as ojisans that loves to drink.」

「Ahahaha. Some of them are females so be careful of what you say.」


「Let’s get back to the topic…. For the beastkins, it should be Gulf-san. Gordon-san from the minotaurs. Glueworld from the centaurs. As for us, the civil servant girls, it should be Frau-sama? To our regret, the dwarves are cheat too.」

「Is Frau-sama still considered as one of us? 」

「She’s like our representative. I think so. 」

「I see. Ah, wait. It seems like Gulf-san is referred to as swordgod in the demon king’s kingdom. 」

「As far as I know, yes. I heard of it too. 」

「Isn’t he a cheat? 」

「You’re right. Then, let’s remove Gulf-san…so it will be Gutt-san? 」

「Isn’t the obedient Senna-san better? 」

「Indeed. Then, the four heavenly kings of the village are the beastkin Senna-san, the minotaur Gordon-san, the centaur Glueworld-san, and Frau-sama. 」

「….compared to the first four we decided at the beginning which are Loo-san, Tier-san, Hakuren-san, and Rasuti-san, they lack firepower. 」

「That’s because the four heavenly kings attach great importance to domestic affairs. 」

「Senna-san, didn’t she beat out Glatts-sama before? 」

「Don’t mind it. 」

It looks like it’s settled.

However….I have but one question, why didn’t you consider anyone from the kuro’s group, spider’s group, high elves, lamias, or titans?

「Ah, people who live in the forest of death from the beginning are excluded. 」

In that case, I’m excluded too?


If I’ll be the one who’ll decide the four heavenly kings, they would be….Kuro, Zabuton, Loo, and Tier.

The order is from who arrived at the village first.

They’ve been doing their best for the village for a long time.

When I first arrived here, I never thought that I’d be standing where I am now.

And I’m not being humble when I say that.


While I’m thinking of such a thing, the meeting with the civil servant girls continued.

As to not disturb them, I moved away.

This meeting is about this year’s festival and it is okay for me to participate but I’m not in the mood.

In fact, I received an emergency message a few days after we returned from Shashaato City.

Senna is about to give birth.

According to the schedule, she’s supposed to give birth after the festival but it seems to have been earlier than expected.

Though the devil midwives and Holy are with her, it has already been 6 hours.

And it seems like it will take more time.


If I don’t do something, I won’t be able to calm down.


Let’s make a toy for the kittens.

Cat tower.


The kittens did not even look at it.

It’s alright.

I didn’t mind it.

Jewel, don’t mind it too.

Yeah yeah.

Miel is on my head and the rest are on my lap…..ah, Kuro is on my lap too.


After playing with Kuro and the kittens, I received a report when I was taking a bath.

Senna safely gave birth.

It’s a girl


Senna’s daughter, the beastkin Sette.

A beastkin has the characteristics of a beastkin from the moment he was born.

I knew it but I didn’t realize.

Like Sena, she is a dog beastkin.

Both mother and child are healthy.

By the way, Senna’s the one who named her.


I’m not complaining but mother’s blood is too strong.

Look at Loo and Tier.

Perhaps Ria, Ann, Hakuren, and Frau are the same.

Is mother’s blood the priority of this world?

Or, is my blood too weak?

I don’t mind but that makes me anxious.

No, I should already be thankful that my children were born safely. I hope they grow up fine too.

Though god has cured me, I still died because of a disease.

Them being born and growing up safely is better than inheriting my blood.

Though I feel a little sad.


Each year, the spiderlings who are about a year-old leave while others stay.

There are no spiderlings who left these last two years.

So, the older spider group stayed for about 10 years already.

For that reason, you can find big spiderlings too.

Makura is their representative.

However, even though she’s active in the forest, she refused to grow larger.

She even steps forward as the commander of the guards of Village One, Village Two, and Village Three.

She’s too modest and not very noticeable.

However, large variants began to pop out.

It is probably because the dungeon is big.

Or maybe, they are already in their growth period when they entered the dungeon.

Variants bigger than Zabuton began to appear too.

Moreover, unlike the flat Zabuton, they felt bigger in three dimensions.

They gave the feeling of a big boulder.

Maa, even if they grow older, them raising one leg to say hello doesn’t change and it still looks charming.

Do they want power that much?

Ah, some look faster too.

So that’s how it is.

There are 10 newly evolved types.

Sometimes, when they go out of the dungeon to refresh, they stand out.

By the way, there’s this really special type.

「Virrage shewp」

It is a two-meter spider that instead of a head of a spider, has a woman’s upper body on the supposed to be spider head part.

An Arachne?

She still can’t speak well but she’s gradually improving.

At first, she can only give out a queer cry.

Also, she’s properly dressed.

A naked upper body….I can’t let her be since it is not good for children’s education so my apologies.

「What happened?」

「Zabuton, sama, ish…」

「Ah, you don’t need to force yourself to talk. Use your usual gestures.」

Hearing me, the Arachne nodded obediently and moved her legs.

Zabuton seems to be calling me.

「I understand. Is it Ursa? Or Guraru?」

She seems to have caught someone trying to go to the forest.

…..and it’s both of them.

They’re causing trouble again.

「Ah, you’re getting good at talking. Don’t rush it.」

「Yes, thank, yoush, belly….mush」

She did not wave using her spider legs but used her human hands to wave instead as I left. I’ll have to get Ursa and Guraru.



Arachne, a race name.

I have to think of a name.

Let’s make a name list first and hope that she’ll like one.


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