Chapter 271 – Randan’s Subordinate

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The desire to get promoted is normal.

Moderate worker, an extremely normal domestic affairs official will want to be evaluated as such.

Like me.

My name?

Don’t mind it.

We’ll get in touch for a short time anyway.

You can just think of me as Randan-sama’s subordinate.


By the way, though I’m like this, I still receive a special mission from Randan-sama.

It is a project that also involves demon king-sama.

If I do well, I’ll surely be promoted.

As for the project itself….. it doesn’t seem to be difficult.

It is already a work in progress.

I undertook it with pleasure.

The only thing I’m interested in is …

Randan-sama, he selects people by draw lots.

Moreover, he’s murmuring “I’m sorry”….

What is he doing?


Isn’t it simple to invite people to a village?

Though building a village from scratch is difficult, it is only a job to help those who need to have a new village as their home.

It may be necessary to do some preliminary research but it’s not that difficult.


I understood his trouble immediately.

There are already petitioners that want to move to that village and there’s a lot of them.

A “lot” of them.

So that’s how it is.

Is this the reason why this job is being loathed?

When I was checking things over, I saw high ranking people were mixed.

This lord, isn’t he an active feudal lord?

Migrating to a village…..

Ah, when a feudal lord retires, he can migrate.

I see, I see.

Let’s report and consult Randan-sama.

Randan-sama is on his wit’s end.

Hang in there.


By the way, I took a large number of petition papers earlier but I did not dare get more.

My mind’s already broken.


Yeah, it’s impossible.

I judged that it is impossible for one person to do this alone so I asked Randan-sama to get more staff.

The qualification, someone that doesn’t mind falling and doesn’t have a family yet.

Two personnel were quickly sent.

As expected of Randan-sama.

However, are they usable staff?

In front of me are two former four heavenly kings.

No, I’m…

Ah, he-hello.


These two former members of the four heavenly kings are famous people who know the in and out of the demon king’s kingdom ever since I was a child.

For people like me, they are considered as grand masters.

Why are they here?

No, I recently saw their names.

They were one of those petitioners.

I even reported them to Randan-sama. Why are they here?


No, I only found it out. It is already beyond my power so I have to report….

Show you the petitions?

Here they are.


As expected of the two former four heavenly kings.

They were able to do something to that mountain like petitions one after another.

Thank you.

Thank you very much….that, why is it that I’m the only one who doesn’t know what is the standard criteria we’re looking for?

Don’t mind it?

Okay, I won’t mind it.


This is bad.

My office was taken over.

For the time being, let’s report and consult Randan-sama.


Not here?

Ran away?

Ahahaha, no way….

I-it’s not a joke!

Please come back!


In any case, let’s check out the place.

I’m accompanied by 20 guards and 10 investigators.

The two former four heavenly kings are with us too.

This is not an easy job at all.

However, I still have to smile.

Never forget to smile.

Okay, wait a minute.

Don’t just decide the location of the main street and where the residential area will be without permission.

It is written that that area shouldn’t be touched.

Rather than that, is this really the place?

I know that the two of you are more informed but, isn’t this place the one that the former demon king-sama of two or three generations ago decided to build a hidden fort?

Even if it is left unattended, we shouldn’t…..

Isn’t this a very important site?

I heard rumors that strictly confidential military operations are being held here.

Don’t mind it?

Okay, I won’t mind it.


So we’re now looking for water….isn’t there a river over there?

You need to check the wells too?

You too are too involved.

I see.

But, we have to start digging then….

I’ll ask the investigators to dig wells with me.

I thought that it would be hard to dig a well but we dug using earth magic.


…..Ah, you’re out of magical power already?

Let’s take turns….

We’ve reached the planned depth by the fifth person.

It seems like water is flowing out.

We’ll have to check if they are drinkable….

I throw a small fish called mitt fish into the well water.

Water is drinkable if the mitt fish is still alive after three days.

On the contrary, if the mitt fish dies within three days, the water is undrinkable.

Though it takes some time, this method is popular for water investigation since it’s simple.

Well, there are four wells planned to be dug….

Can we go to another place?


I understand.

Let’s prepare to camp.

Can the guards search for a suitable place to camp?


We investigated a lot of things while camping here for 10 days.

We even checked how long it would take to travel on a carriage towards Shashaato City and the nearby villages.

This seems to be the most important thing.

We’ve done it carefully.

By the way, we were attacked by monsters several times.

Though they were repelled, it was a tough battle.

I’m not a combatant.

Are the injured guards safe?

As expected of the elites.

Their offense is spectacular.

The two former four heavenly kings were amazing too.

Weren’t they in charge of administrative affairs?

Ah, yeah, I won’t mind.


However, such powerful monsters appear here….

Is it okay to build a village here?

The place where the village will be built is alright but isn’t the road too dangerous?

It’s okay?

I don’t need to mind it?

Ano, how can you be so sure?

No, I won’t mind.


Count Chrome joined along with a group.

Count Chrome is similar to Randan-sama, he’s one of the current four heavenly kings.

He can use teleportation magic and it seems like he’ll specifically use it this time for me and the survey team.

This is the kind of treatment that’s impossible to get.


I’m fully aware of the events that have happened so far.

This job is so important.

There’s danger that comes with it too.

It seems like I have to brace myself.


It seems like I didn’t brace myself enough.

That’s Lulushi.

Bloodsucking princess Lulushi.

The real deal.



Ah, she’s the wife of the person who’ll build the village?

They’re married?

In other words, Lulushi’s husband.

And next to her is, isn’t she one of those angels of holocaust?

She’s a guard?

You mean there’s someone that can make an angel of holocaust be a guard?

Then, the last ojousama is….

Count Chrome’s daughter?

Ah, from what I heard…

She’s also one of his wives?


Who on earth is this guy with the name village chief?


I mustn’t mind it.

My instinct is screaming that I must not mind.

If it is not something that must be concealed, they will deliberately say it.

Eei, why aren’t the two former four heavenly kings here when you need them?

They can explain things better.

They suddenly, disappeared….

No, I’m the person in charge.

I will explain.

What kind of monsters are around here?

Yes, there are many ferocious ones.

Are you scared?

You’re fine?

Is that so?


What a calm reply.

Yeah, he can’t build a village here if he’s not that kind of person.

One of the angels of holocaust went out and exterminated a large number of large monsters.

The twenty elite guards had a life and death battle just to drive them away.

A lot of them were injured later.

The difference is, insurmountable.



Village chief is the manager of Big Roof Shashaato?


Excuse me.

I’m full.


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