Chapter 270 – Welcome Party with Absent Protagonists

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Beezel will be the one guiding me to the place where the new village is planned to be built.

My companions are Loo, Gran Maria, and Frau.


I thought it was a flat land but when we reached the place, I saw a plateau on a hill.


Forests and hills surrounded the plateau.

「Yes. We already tried digging several wells and there’s no problem with water. There is also a river running down the hillside so there’s definitely no water problem.」

The one who said that is not Beezel but a subordinate of Randan.

It looks like he’s in charge of building the village on the demon king’s side.

He looks like a young man but you should never judge a demon by its appearance.


I asked Beezel in secret and he told me that that guy is much older than me.

I’m glad he didn’t say I’m older.


Let’s get back to the main subject.

「Can’t we use the lower side of the plateau? Isn’t it more convenient to traffic compared to the plateau itself?」

「The lower side is indeed convenient for traffic but it is also more dangerous.」


「Because it will be easier for monsters to attack.」

Convenient for traffic but has defense issues.

I see.

「What kind of monsters go around here?」

「There are various kinds, they are….」

Monsters I’ve never heard before were listed.

I’m sorry.

I don’t know them.

Let’s ask Loo.

Are they dangerous monsters?

「So so」

Is that so?

I’m relieved.


The top of the plateau is almost flat.

Though it looks easy to farm there, I’m worried about the water supply.

The wells indeed have water but they look so deep.

If we make a field at the foot of the plateau, won’t that be convenient since there’s a river?

However, there are monsters.

Then, how about terracing?

I can’t imagine a terraced field or even a dairy farm if we do that.

Maybe it’s better to arrange the resident’s houses that way….

「Given the number of resident applicants, I think we can secure enough living space. It can even be a town instead of a village.」

「Indeed, the plateau is wide. However, public transport is still a problem.」

「I agree. The slope on the south side is gentle so we just have to use it that way.」

Thank you for your consideration but given the present condition, it is likely to be the only way.

This village will likely not one to be frequently visited.

But given the purpose of the planned village, which is concealing the teleportation gate, isn’t that good?

Maa, that’s what an amateur would think.

Let’s listen to the arrangement of the demon king’s kingdom.


While I’m checking the vicinity, Gran Maria flew around.

She defeated a number of monsters and returned.

Yeah, there’s no question about the presence of monsters.

However, I still won’t make the final decision here. I’ll do that once I return to the village.


We move to Shashaato City using Beezel’s teleportation magic.

「The new village and Shashaato City’s distance is a 1-day carriage trip. To be more precise, if we exclude the breaks and sleep break, it is about 20 hours by carriage. If you put it your all, it is possible to go out in the morning and reach the destination by nightfall.」

It looks like Randan’s subordinate measured the traveling distance several times.

Thank you for your hard work.

That’s it for the new village.

We parted from Randan’s subordinate.

We might be together but I can’t have him accompany us more because he still has some things to do.


We’re about to go to Big Roof Shashaato.

Since Beezel is with us, we came here incidentally.

I’m sorry.

Once we’ve set up the teleportation gate in the village, we will be able to freely come and go to Shashaato City without bothering you or ancestor-san.

I want to set up the teleportation gate for the two of them.


Big Roof Shashaato, it’s been a while since my last visit….

It is amazing as usual.

Though it is only early afternoon, you can see that business is great.

Curry store Marla has a long line.

Even the other stores are overflowing with customers.

Is this good business?


Even though Marla has a long line, they are served quickly so the waiting time is short.

There are a lot of people in the stall of other stores but it is not crowded since the customers are controlled for each stall.

When I talked to an employee who was taking a break, it seems like it was Goldie’s idea.

Thank you.


The terminal at the south side of Big Roof Shashaato, just across the street, has also been completed.

There are not many routes yet but there are a lot of running carriages.

Although there are a lot of carriages, each one is full of passengers.

Is it because it’s free?

Most of the people who ride those carriages will be sucked by Big Roof Shashaato.


No, we’re just inspecting this store area.

Are we carrying commodities then?


How about having an exclusive carriage for Big Roof Shashaato employees.

However, that will just confuse everyone.

Let’s consult Michael-san.


An advertising picture is drawn on the side of the carriages.

Majority of them are pictures of Big Roof Shashaato but others have different pictures too.


I asked the employee who’s taking a break again.

「Excuse me but, what is that picture?」

「That’s the swordgod Gulf-sama. It is an advertisement for the martial arts tournament of Shashaato City.」

I see.

Next to me are the laughing Loo and Gran Maria.

Don’t laugh so hard.

The drawing was good and it resembles Gulf for about 50%.

Look at the gentle Frau, she’s not laughing.

Or so I thought.

She can’t laugh.

The carriage in front of Frau has a picture of a woman that I seem to have met before.

「Excuse me, what about this picture?」

「It’s an advertisement of the shop that sells beauty product.」

「Who’s the model?」

「As for who the model is….I guess you should personally ask the painter.」

Is that so?

You don’t know who she is.

That’s a shame.

Also, do your best to study reading and writing.

There are large characters written on the picture.

『Shirukine loves and uses Apollo Beauty Products.』


Isn’t she Frau’s mother?

「It is a beauty product shop that is based on our territory…. Many housewives are fans of it.」

Though Beezel muttered so, he looked obviously satisfied with that carriage.

Yeah, I know you want to ride it but you can’t see the picture from the inside.

She’s drawn outside also…. Shirukine’s carriage is already full.

「That carriage, why don’t I buy it?」

Beezel said something noble-like but it angers Frau.


Big Roof Shashaato is still open at night.

At first, it was planned to be closed at night but because of the insistent demand of the other tenant stores, it was decided to be still open at night.

Though curry store Marla is already closed, the other stalls are still lively.

It gives off the feeling of a bar.

Most stores will be closed at dawn but given the current status, it feels like a 24-hour business.


Though the Curry Store Marla is closed, the employees are still busily working.

I apologized to them and sat on the chair for me.

The attendees are me, Loo, Gran Maria, Frau, Beezel, the Goroun company’s Michael-san, Maron, Tito, Randy, and Milford. Goldie is also here along with his subordinates.

Led by Marcos and Paula several employees accompany them.

It looks like they are trainees for being officers.


I was a bit surprised to see the son of the governor.

Nice to see you again.

And next to him is….the lady who went berserk once at the store?

Yeah, that’s her.

She apologized again.

She’s calmer compared to when I’ve met her before. I almost didn’t recognize her.

….but that can’t erase what she has done.

You can still make up by working in the future.

I heard that she is working hard for the store.

Good luck.

After that troublesome talk, the rest will be bright topics.

「The east side will be finished soon. According to the schedule, it should have been completed before spring. I’m sorry.」

And here I thought that we’ll be having bright talks. Michael-san bowed to me.

No no, I think you are fast enough.

The inn and the cram school will be opened at the east side of Big Roof Shashaato just across the main road.

At first, I thought that we can’t gather people in charge of the inn and lecturers for the cram school but the civil servant girls, Loo, and Tier took care of it.

The people they gathered even join the construction by modifying them accordingly.

It seems like construction was delayed because of those modifications.


I don’t have any problem with money so I’m not upset. Take as much time as you want.

By the way, I haven’t met the lecturers nor the person in charge of the inn yet.

I thought of meeting them today but it is already dark so Loo and Frau said that they’ll arrange it at a later date.

It looks like I’ll meet them some other time.

The main reason I came to this city today is to meet those people.

They are the protagonist of this welcome party.

Maa, I guess it’s fine since I’ve seen Marcos and Paula in good spirits.

The two of them can easily return to Village One once the teleportation gate is installed.

No, they might not want to return to Village One….

Under the influence of alcohol, I asked Marcos and Paula about it. The two of them dogeza on the spot to apologize.

「Our soul is in Village One.」


Ah, I’m glad that you said that but you don’t need to apologize.

On the contrary, I’m the wrong one since I carelessly said that.

I’ll have to reflect.

After apologizing, I consulted them about new products.

On the side, I saw Michael-san and Maron’s ears twitched so I laughed a little.

You don’t need to hold back and participate in our discussion freely.

For our next product, I’m thinking about pizza.


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