Chapter 269 – Various Things at the End of Spring

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I can hear the sound of the low flying Tiselle has made.

This daughter of mine is really cute.

However, even if you seem to be in a safe place, be careful.

You are also prohibited from flying higher than your height.

It will be dangerous if you fall.


The other children can only look enviously at the flying Tiselle since no one can do anything about it.

Give up on this since it is racial difference.

However, do something yourself that will make Tiselle envious of you.


Needless to say, everyone must accept it as it is.


「You must look after at every resident of the village.」

I know and am convinced with Ann’s words.

Certainly, there are a variety of races in the village.

I wonder if this kind of environment has good influence on the children.

Let’s watch over the children in order for them to be not conceited.


I want to drink barley tea but I don’t know how to make barley tea.

Given the name, it is probably made of wheat but, what kind of wheat?

The correct answer is barley.

TN: Sounds stupid in English but it makes sense in Japanese.

Barley seeds should be roasted, pestled, then boiled.

The high elves knew about it.

Let’s make and drink it.

Yeah, not bad.

Practicing a few more times will make the taste better.

It was a little dark this time.

It is impossible to share it like this.

It can’t be helped.

I’ll drink it all myself as a responsible individual….there’s a lot of it.

Let’s gather some victims.

「I have this considerably strong barley tea but who can possibly drink this?」

It’s not a lie.


Ursa gives up after one sip.


Would you like to add sugar?

I don’t put sugar in barley tea but the high elves were drinking it like that.

They were not drinking it like that from the start. I heard that it has become a practice ever since they came to this village which is not troubled with sugar.


Next victim, Loo.


After tasting it, she imitates Ursa and adds sugar.


Frau was able to drink it as it is.

「The barley’s aroma is relaxing.」


Isn’t the number of victims too little?

There’s still a lot left.

It can’t be helped.

Let’s add more water to dilute it.

Also, Loo.

I asked you to magically make ice.

It is good to drink something cool after exercising.

In one corner of the village, some residents are training with Daga and Gulf.

It seems like the lamias are also participating.

Ursa, I’m sorry but take this.

Oh, a favorable response.

I’m counting on you.


The high elves are not only in charge of hunting and construction, they are also responsible for anything plant related.

They gather grass to fill futons, make toilet papers out of grass.

Actually, depending on the season, the grass inside the futon needs to be changed regularly.

I never noticed it even after several years.

I’m sorry.

It seems like the grass collection of the high elves this year is bad.

It is not a rare grass but a common grass that can be found anywhere in the forest so they only need to expand their gathering range a little.

「Were you burdened by it?」

「We’re fine. Also, we feel a little dull so it is a good activity for us.」

That said, the high elves went out fully armed.

Aren’t you going to collect grass?

Why are you fully armed?

「Because grass resists too.」


I didn’t know.

I thank the high elves for what they’ve done for us.


The survey corps that left to look for the western dungeon returned.

The result, they couldn’t find it.

They seemed to have moved around in a moderate range. I heard that they return after being exhausted of food.


Ah, don’t be depressed.

You’ve done a good job.

Take a good rest.

Ah, you want to eat first?

Got it, we’ll prepare it.



It is unsure if there is no dungeon on the west or they were not able to find it.

There is one in the north, south, and east so I thought that the west surely must have one too.

Well, not everything will go according to expectations.

Just like this time.

Let’s send another expedition team some other time.

We’re not in a hurry so let’s take our time.

To tell the truth, I don’t even like finding a dungeon.

I just wanted to meet another race like the lamias, the titans, and the grocks.

Rather than looking for the western dungeon, it is better to go to the eastern dungeon to meet the grocks.

I reflect a little.


This year’s festival committee was formed.

I’m not a member of the festival committee this year.

The reason is because I’m too busy dealing with building the village, setting up the teleportation gates, and a lot of other things related to Big Roof Shashaato.

Like last year, this year’s festival will be run by the civil servant girls.

「We’re not going to repeat our mistake with the previous martial arts tournament.」

「You don’t have to be nervous. Just do what you can. I don’t mind a mistake or two.」

If you’re too nervous, there’s a bigger chance of making a mistake.

Unlike the previous martial arts tournament, Frau is back so I think she’ll be able to smoothen up things….


Yeah, I trust her.

It is impolite of me to worry.

I’ll leave it to them.


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