Chapter 268 – Growth

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The kittens became small cats all too soon.

Their cute faces have become manly.

Ugh, a little disappointing but I’m happy for their growth.

Miel, Rael, Uel, Gael.

The white, white, black, and spotted cats are beginning to have a jewel-like thing on their foreheads.

Mother cat’s blood seems to be strong.

It looks like it will become bigger as they grow.


That reminds me, it was Loo who brought back the jewel cat Jewel.

Just where did she get her?

She said she confiscated it by stepping in into an illegal transaction in a black market.


Please don’t do something dangerous.

I see, so the jewel cat was being traded, is that it?

Are you sure it is fine for you to confiscate it?

Are you sure? Won’t you be sued later?

If that is the case, there’s no problem.


Though the kittens often act alone now, they are still too young.

When they are about to go to bed, they gather around their mother, Jewel.

Next to them is the lonely looking cat.

Oh, Rael is next to cat.

Now they look like dad and kitten.

By the way, the kittens are all female.


Hang in there, dad.


Ancestor-san entrusted and left the holy maiden to the village.

In fact, she’s still in the village.

What happened to the thing that ancestor-san said? He said that he’s only preparing the place for the holy maiden.

He’s also a consultant about the teleportation gate so he comes here from time to time….

You still need more time?

It looks like things are not going according to plan.

He has it tough.

Maa, the holy maiden is already not a guest. She’s already working as a resident of the village so she can stay that way.

In addition to wine slime, she has begun interacting with the beastkins and demons.

However, if the holy maiden leaves, no one will stop her.

All I can do for her is to improve her daily diet a little so she can take it easier.

When the holy maiden leaves, the wine slime will be lonely.


The lamias and the titans have started living in the Big Tree Dungeon.

There are five lamias and seven titans.

From time to time, they replace their members that are staying in the dungeon.

They said that assistance from the village is unnecessary but I don’t think so.

In order for them to live on the ground, we prepared houses for lamias and titans in the residential area.

Maa, they have been to the village for a while now so it is normal to prepare it for them.

For the lamias, they can live there while they are helping with us during the winemaking season.

When I talked about the house to the lamias and titans, I was surprised to see them weeping in gratitude.

They are pleased that much?

In any case, you should thank the high elves since they were the ones who did most of the construction.

I only gathered materials.


In addition to the lamias and titans, the spiderlings and kuros have begun living in the dungeon too.

This year, the spiderlings started their journey too but their numbers were less than usual.

The reason is obvious.

They have begun living in the dungeon.

I instinctively thought that if I expanded the dungeon more, there won’t be a need for them to leave.

The spiderlings that live in the dungeon evolve into something that specializes in dungeons. This is the first time I’ve seen that form.

But not everyone, others evolved in different forms too.

Loo and Tier explained to me the reason why in front of the real thing before but nothing came to my mind before probably because I’m scared a little.

But not now.

You’re that fellow that was staying in my room until recently, right?

Yeah, you’re that tomato lover.

Even though you evolved, your taste stays the same.

Ah, the others too?

You want potatoes?


I’ll entrust the dungeon to you.

Befriend the lamias and titans.


The gemstone ores that I receive from the wyverns.

They will stay as raw ore until the jewel part is cut off.

However, no one has ever done that before.

Who in the village can do something to them?

According to fantasy world rule, it should be the dwarves’ turn to shine but….the dwarves here specialize in making alcohol.

Normal dwarves….

Ah, since there is a scheduled migration of them to the newly made village, I might be able to ask them.

Maa, I don’t even know if they can do something about these gemstone ores in the first place….

「They are good at things related to that so it is alright to entrust it to them.」

Donovan guaranteed it, so I’ll leave it to them.


For the time being, I should really decide whether to make a new village or not.

Even if there is already a predetermined route, if our connection to the new village is poor, it will be difficult to maintain it.

This time, I have to fit it in my schedule to check the place where we can build the village.

I have to take a look.

The gemstone ores will continue to be gemstone ores for a while.


Alfred, a child between the vampire Loo and the human me.

Up to date, there’s no problem with him and he had not shown any vampire-like characteristics.

As for me, I think that I was created as a being close to a human.


Now that I think about it, what’s a vampire supposed to be like?

Externally, they look similar to a human.



Loo can make it long or short as she pleases.

Is that it?

I check Alfred’s teeth.

He has beautifully arranged baby teeth.

There are no fangs.

There is no problem then.

What are the other characteristics?

If you’re a vampire, you should be vulnerable to sunlight and afraid of water……

Those don’t apply to Loo.


Isn’t being normal great?

Hearing my conclusion, Loo sulks.

Isn’t that good?

Your child is normal so you should be happy, right?


There is one reason for Loo to act like that.

My daughter with the angel Tier, Tiselle, has grown small wings on her back.

Though she can’t do it yet, when she gets accustomed, she will be able to retract and show off her wings anytime she wants and that’s what she’s been practicing.

Tier is really pleased and even prepared a lecture for her about wings.

Ah, Tier.

Don’t you think it is still too early for Tiselle?


In any case, Loo minds it too much so I warn her not to since she might cause Alfred to be depressed.

Maybe it hasn’t appeared yet so you don’t have to worry about it.

Though I already told him a while ago, he is also my, a human, son.



At a later date.

「Alfred-sama seems to have sharp eyes at night.」

Hearing Ann’s report, Loo was pleased.


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