Chapter 267 – reconciliation with Wyverns

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Raimeiren came over.

She often visits Hiichiro so it doesn’t feel like she hasn’t been here for a long time.

As for her purpose, she’s always been visiting for Hiichiro so it is rare for her to come here for me.

「The wyverns want to reconcile.」


Why is she telling me that? The only wyverns I know are the wyvern that attacked the village before and the small wyverns we are taking care of to send messages.

By the way, we’ve eaten the wyvern that attacked the village so the only ones that remained here are the small wyverns….

「reconciliate is it? Did we even quarrel? Are they somewhat dissatisfied with something?」

「What are you saying?」

It seems like there is some sort of misunderstanding.

An elder wyvern seems to have proposed to reconcile.

They are apologizing for the matter of the previous wyvern attack. It looks like they want to be friends with the village.

「Ehto….first question is…. About wyverns’ intelligence….」

「Though not comparable to us dragons, a wyvern that has lived for a long time has high intelligence.」

It seems like when the raging wyvern was subjugated, the long-lived wyverns have become timid.

Because of that, they have always been wanting to apologize to the village for causing trouble but can’t find the right timing so they consulted Raimeiren.

「Then we must apologize too since I killed and ate the wyvern…..」

Sounds like I really have to apologize.

「I heard from Doraim that you were so angry that time that you might kill one if you see one.」

「What a stupid thing to say….」

I look back at what I’ve done back then.

I only attacked that wyvern since it is an enemy.

Certainly, I don’t have any good vibes for wyverns but I’m not some homicidal maniac that would kill one as soon as I see one.

Also, I never killed even one of the small wyverns.

They’re safe.

What he said is a groundless accusation.

But how could Doraim conclude that and even report it to Raimeiren…..


That reminds me, Doraim asked me about wyverns several times.

「Village chief, what do you think about wyverns?」

「I’ll kill one as soon as I see one.」


I did.

I did say that.

No, whenever I speak with Doraim, we’re almost always under the influence of alcohol so I’m sure it’s the same when he asked me that.

I answered instinctively without thinking deeply about it.

So that’s how it is.

Doraim is probably already been consulted by the wyverns at that time about reconciliation.

I said something wrong.


I decided to receive the apology from the elder wyvern.

By the way, is there some sort of etiquette that needs to be observed?

It is unnecessary since the wyverns are the ones apologizing.

We’re going to meet outside the forest of death.


Why am I being called out to receive an apology?

According to Raimeiren, the wyverns can’t fly over the forest of death.

It is not a curse or restriction but a limitation of their ability.

What about that wyvern that attacked the village?

According to her, that wyvern has the power to rival a dragon.

Is that so?

Maa, it can’t be helped if there are these circumstances.

The place we’re going to meet was in the mountain where Doraim’s nest lies.

Given that, it looks like this meeting is arranged by Doraim.

That helps a lot.

While they are contacting the wyvern, I can wait comfortably at his place.


I made a box for the kittens.

Cats like boxes.

Considering safety, it doesn’t use nails and is fully made of wood.

It looks great.

I’ll make one for each kitten.

Compared to the past, my skills have improved.

Come on kittens.

How’s this!


They didn’t even look at it.


Is the size not to their liking?

Is it the material?

Is it better to make it using a paper bag?

But paper is a valuable item.

Ah, cat.

You don’t have to worry about it.

It’s too small for you.

Okay okay.

I’ll make a box for you.

Is this the right size?

It’s not relaxing and a bit cramped?

Got it.

The kittens went to the box I made for cat.



It will still take time for the wyvern to arrive so I’ll look around at Doraim’s nest first.

My companions are Loo, Tier, and a lamia.

Aside from Loo and Tier, a lamia, who’s working in the Big Tree Dungeon, came with me.

She heard it from somewhere that I will speak with the elder wyvern so she offered to come with me.

I’m not troubled with her request at all so I let her accompany me…..

Could it be that she wants to say something to the wyvern?


The elder wyvern is big.

It is as big as a dragon.

There are similar sized wyverns behind it and they are all in a face-down pose.

It looks like they can’t transform into humans.

「To trouble yourself to meet us, we wish to express our gratitude. Moreover, we apologize for taking time to apologize.」

The apologizing elder wyvern can’t be more polite.

However, he speaks in a long winding manner.

To summarize, they are sorry for the wyvern’s attack on the village.

The wyvern that attacked the village is a variant wyvern that they even consider as a hooligan.

They are not resentful in any way when I killed the wyvern that attacked the village. If possible, they even want us to establish friendship with the wyverns in the future.

I also don’t want to make enemies for no reason so I received their apology.

And of course, the wyverns are not going to harm the village in the future.

「This is a token of our apology. This might be unsatisfactory since you are trading with the dragons but this is all we have. Please accept it.」

There is a pile of stones placed at the place where the wyvern points out.

Ah, gemstone ores.

Even Loo and Tier are surprised so they might have considerable value.

I’m glad that they apologized but they don’t have to overdo it….

However, if I don’t accept it, they might think that I’m hostile.

It was noted by Loo and Tier beforehand so I received them.

With this, reconciliation is complete.

Doraim acted as our witness.

The wyverns’ faces have an obvious expression of relief.

After that, the lamia that accompanied us started talking with the wyverns.


Honestly, I don’t think that this set up is necessary for a simple apology.

After the wyverns left, I spoke with Doraim.

「No, they view you as the feudal lord so everything must be organized. The whole wyvern race was really troubled.」

「Really? 」

「Yes. The places where they can live are not large. Especially in the south of Iron Forest….They can’t live near the suburbs of Shashaato City. Since they troubled you, the place they can live in was further restricted.」

「Ah, so that’s how it is. However, why does it looks like the wyvern knows what I’m doing?」

「The small wyverns you used to send messages. They report what you’re doing to them. You can consider them as followers of the elder wyvern.」

……small wyvern, they’re smart.

As for me.

I won’t say anything strange in front of a small wyvern from now on.


Yeah, I think everything’s fine now.

However, I think that the cause of the wyverns’ fear of me was how Doraim told them my answer.

If possible, ask me when I’m sober.

Doraim said that he asked me several times and he’s sure that I’m sober.


Is that so?


I’m sorry.


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