Chapter 266 – Teleportation Gate’s Secret

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We carried the teleportation gate to Big Tree Dungeon. After that, Gou and Bell began setting it up.

The teleportation gate, though it has gate in its name, is a kind of device.

As for what it really looks like……

Stone circle?

It looks like putting some random big and small stones around to form a circle?

Ah, taking a good look at the stones, they have some sort of characters carved on them.

And they are arranged in a certain interval. Finally, they put down the last stone which is also the one that can start it up…. I see.


How on earth did Loo plan to dismantle these things?

Each stone….perhaps.

The startup stone looks like an artificial artifact.


I see I see.


I only asked Loo to observe the set up for the time being.

「When you say that you want to dismantle it, do you mean that start-up stone?」

「That’s right. That device is where the secret of the teleportation gate lies! Ah, I want to examine it. I want to try various things to it….However, up to now, nobody has ever succeeded in doing so.」

My wife is mad.

Though I already knew it.


「Village chief, like we told you before, setting it up to make it operational can be done immediately.」

「Thanks for your hard work.」

This is the first of the two teleportation gates.

We also have to set up one on the other side but it is probably simple too.

There is also a stone similar to the start-up stone we have here. It seems like that stone makes the teleportation on both sides possible.

In addition, the teleported will be moved around 5 meters within the start-up stone.

Reinstallation is time-consuming so it is better not to do it.

「Is this the only one we’re going to set up?」

We have three sets but they only set up one.

I don’t understand why.

The other two sets are still strictly stored in the underground warehouse of my mansion.

I am proud to say that if they are there, even Ursa and the kittens cannot do anything.

「Yes, for the time being. Trouble increases with the number of teleportation gates.」

「I see. They, please let us know when you want to start the operation or if you want to set up the others..」

Gou and Bell bowed together….then, they suddenly recalled that the place we are at is a dungeon.

「Don’t worry. The traps won’t be activated until the gate is operational. You are safe.」

「Great. Apologies for my behavior….」

「No problem. Loo, make sure to go back for dinner.」


We left Loo who’s still studying the teleportation gate. Gou, Bell, and I get out of Big Tree Dungeon by being escorted by the spiderlings.

Upon arriving at my mansion, Gou drinks Holy’s tea.

Then, they talk about several topics like raising a child.

I don’t really care but why does Holy’s face look younger?


Females are incredible.

However, what is wrong with Bell…..ah, the kittens.


Whenever the kitten moves, Bell raises her voice.

I understand how she feels.

In order not to disturb them, I left the room.


Kuro, who is lying down while facing upwards in my room, stands up in a hurry and comes to me.

No, you don’t have to. You can continue sleeping.

When I sit on the chair, Kuro puts its jaw on my knee.

I pat his head while thinking.

Teleportation gate.

Loo said that the start-up stone artifact is an important part but it only represents a fixed location.

The important parts are the big and small stones.

The stones are useless as individuals but it’s a different story after Gou and Bell arrange them.

To put it simply, one stone is carved with a word and they must be arranged in order to make a sentence.

They are the essential ones especially once they formed the stone circle. An arranged stone circle determines the coordinates.

According to Gou and Bell, in the unlikely event of an emergency, removing a stone is enough to make the teleportation gate impossible to use.

It seems like a lot of teleportation gates were decommissioned because of that.

But….if you start everything from zero, won’t you be able to use them again?

There’s something written about that issue.

That is, as long as the start-up stone is still in the stone circle, you can just recurve another one…..

Are they saying that new stones should be used?


So troublesome.

Kuro lifted his head away from my knee and began sleeping in a place away from me.


Why did he even do that?

Ah, it’s Yuki’s turn.

Okay okay.


Gou and Bell smoothly set up the teleportation gate as if they already know the coordinate of the partner gate. Oh, it seems like they only need to recreate it as precisely as possible for the other one.

The meaning of the characters carved at the stones that made up the stone circle should be foreign to me.

But I understand them for some reason.

Therefore, if it’s about a teleportation gate, I think it is possible for me to do something.

In any case, why can I read them?

I remember something.

The beginner pack I got from god.

I never had trouble when it comes to conversing, reading, or writing up to date.

It’s probably because of that.

However, why is it that I can still read a character that seems to be written as a code?

Isn’t this too convenient….? I apologize for the person who invented that code.


At this point, there’s something I’m thinking about.

It is whether to teach Loo about it.

But, won’t the knowledge about the teleportation gate spread once I taught her this?

At this point, I know how heavy the things related to teleportation gates are, especially when they were pointed out by the demon king, Beezel, and ancestor-san.

Though I might be thinking too much but, if the knowledge about the teleportation gate spreads, it will greatly affect the world.

To what extent should I teach?

This responsibility, it’s too heavy for me.

No, I don’t even want to take it.

I am a resident of this village, that’s it.

As long as the residents don’t be unhappy or suffer misfortune, that’s enough for me.

As for changing the world, I don’t even want to think about it.

I’ll have to bury the characters of the teleportation gate deep in my heart.



Why is Yuki’s head against my belly now?

I don’t mind but, isn’t it supposed to be Kuroichi’s turn now?

Let’s have him wait a little more then.


It is already time for supper but Loo hasn’t returned yet.

Loo seems to be enjoying her observation.

Loo, who is troubled whether to dismantle the spare, should be on her way hypothesizing things.

But that’s only wishful thinking.

She’ll surely be in the wrong no matter how much effort she gives.

So I taught her the characters of the teleportation gate.

「This, aren’t these ancient characters? You can read them?」

「I can read them for some reason.」

「…..Eh, hold on.」

Loo went to her room and brought back a lithograph, a crystal, and a jewel.

「Those are?」

Similar characters are written.

「Ehto….on the lithograph, what’s written are reflection sentences about immorality. On the crystal, looks like a name of a person. No, a list of names. Graduates of Graibell School. As for the jewel….letters and numbers. It looks like a money balance book.」

When she heard what I said, Loo collapsed on the spot.

「I’ve been treasuring them for years……」

My apologies.

I’m really sorry.

No, I know how you feel.

Characters aside, the lithograph looks like something important is written on it, and the crystal and jewel look really mysterious that what’s written changes depending on how you view them.

They really look like something important.

Yeah, sorry.

Thinking about it, is there something that I failed to decipher in the past?

I can even decipher a person’s name no matter how hard it is to decipher them.

Since it is a code, it should be complex and there should be rules on how to decipher them.

But I can easily read them, why?



Afterwards, I explained all the characters carved on the stone of the stone circle of the teleportation gate one by one.

I kept Loo company in order for her to research them.

Loo wants to recreate the teleportation gate but she doesn’t seem to want to spread it.



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