Chapter 265 – West Dungeon Survey Corps, Depart

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When I sat down on a legless chair to read a letter, a kitten….Miel came over and began climbing up to me.

Foot, belly, chest….the claws are painful.

I thought that it would settle down my shoulder but it climbed to my head.

You want to stay there?

I don’t mind but be sure to not fall.

…..I’m wrong.

It put out its claws and started scratching my head.

It’s painful, stop.

Yes, that’s it.

Oh, Uel.

You’re here too.

Seeing Miel, it looks like it wants to go to my head too.

However, it seems to be poor at climbing.

Why did I say that? Because my belly is already bloody.

I know.

Get on my hand.

I’ll put you on my head too…..hey, stop fighting.

I played with the kittens until cat came.


「Village chief can get injured?」


……hearing that, is it the first time I got injured?

But they are just scratch wounds by the kittens.

The oni maid Ann crushed a medical herb and put it on my wound.

「This one is the worst.」

「Miel fell from my head and caught my chest on the way down. It’s painful.」

I know that it is just an instinctive move of a cat.

At least it is not on a weak part of my body.

For example, between my toes.

The kittens are playful but what they are doing is painful. They should learn the right level of fun.

The kittens do that to the spiderlings and the kuros too….good thing they are patient.

Let’s try better next time.

「It is good that you love them but discipline is important too.」

「Can cats even be disciplined?」

「They were able to learn how to use toilet, they can.」

Right, how can I forget?

I had Ann train them how to use the toilet.

「Then, I’ll leave it to you….ah, wait. Be kind. Don’t be too strict.」

「…..I understand.」


Whenever Ann shows up, the kittens will disappear.


Farming at Village One, Village Two, and Village Three are going well. They don’t have any particular problem.

However, there’s a report that the harvest in Village Two will diminish because of repeated cultivation.

I did not notice.

When you plant the same crop in the same place, it will continuously absorb nourishment from the soil that will lead to malnutrition.

Big Tree Village has the AFT so no matter how many times we raise the same crop in the same place, nothing will happen.


As a measure for diminishing crop return, another crop should be planted.

Or the field should rest from farming.

The land here is still wide so we decided to let the current field rest for a year and plant in another place.

I also brought up raising dungeon potato under sunlight and use it to make fertilizer.

I don’t know if it’s effective since I never received any report from the demon king’s kingdom when they tried doing it last year.

If it is effective in the demon king’s kingdom, I would like to hand over the dungeon potato to the human countries.

But given the present situation, it will be a headache on how to give it to them.

I thought of just handing it to them normally but passing support goods to a hostile country is a problem.

In addition, how can the country who picked war instead of anything else just receive something from the country they are attacking normally?

What a troublesome situation.


But what if they are being sold by a merchant?

Should I really have this smuggled?

Though the dungeon potato is great, if the country that received it did not manage it correctly, it is dangerous.


Then, how about making it look like an important supply and have the other party take it?

Beezel had an enlightened look.


It was speculated that there might be a dungeon in the west so a survey corps was formed.

Kuros, 30.

Spiderlings, 60.

The style is to have the spiderlings ride on the kuros’ back.

Are you fine with that arrangement?

Are you sure?

Their reply is happy faces so I can only give them my support.

Do your best.

We give them bags made for them and fill them with food.

Ah……wait a moment.

Yes, that kuro over there, come here.

Excuse me.

From the bag on his back, I took out a kitten.

How mischievous?

The others are not inside another bag, right?


Though there’s no other kittens discovered, Ursa and Guraru were caught trying to tail the survey corps.


This might not be the end of today’s work.

Kuh, make sure to be strict to everyone.


Give up following the survey corps since I’ll take you somewhere else.

Though there were various distractions, the survey corps finally departed.


I turn over the captured kitten to Jewel and ride the balloon with Ursa and Guraru.

As for our destination, it is Village Four, the Sun Castle.

I want to discuss the transportation and installation of the teleportation gate.

Though the place to connect to has yet to be decided, we can already set up the first one on Big Tree Dungeon.

I want to confirm the procedure of setting up the teleportation gate.

Ah, shake shake(sfx).

Don’t horseplay in the basket.

I don’t want to fall.

Guraru can fly so she doesn’t care much.

What are you touching?


That’s a parachute.

You want to prepare for an emergency?

…….what are you even planning?


I’m serious! Stop it!

I’m as serious a mother from my previous world.

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