Chapter 264 – Kitten and Big Tree Dungeon’s Manager

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When the kittens’ eyes open, they began to actively move.

The only time they settle down is when they are being breastfed by their mother, Jewel.

They still don’t understand anything and might do something so I can’t take my eyes off them.

I repeatedly bring a kitten back to the mother, Jewel, every time one tries to go far.

The kittens are yet to know what fear is so they also come near the spiderlings.

I don’t know how the spiderlings treat the kittens so I stop them every time there will be a possible contact.

I’m so sorry.

I apologize but it looks like cat and Jewel were the most apologetic ones.

Oh, their next targets are the kuros.

The kuros are playing outside so if they really come to them, they might get crushed.

I’m sorry, please bear with me.

Because of that, I made a toy to please the kittens.


A simple nekojarashi.

No, it’s not for you cat and Jewel.

It’s for the kittens.

……the kittens’ reactions are….not good enough.



Zabuton, who’s beside me, sees that I’m perplexed. She made rat stuffed toy for the kittens on the spot.

The kittens are super excited.

They bite, kick, beat, scratch… it that good?

I was jealous for a moment.

The kittens who played with the stuffed toy finally got tired and fell asleep.

The Jewel took them together with cat.

Ah, it seems like the two of them are relieved.

This might continue for a while so hang in there.

If there’s anything you want…..

Ah, a spare rat stuffed toy.

Given the situation, they might indeed tear it to pieces soon.

Zabuton made three non-rat stuffed toys and put them beside the sleeping kittens.


Should I try knitting one too?

No, the kittens are probably cats already before I complete the first one.


There seems to be trouble in Shashaato City.

According to Michael-san’s letter, the population of Shashaato City has grown considerably that it already caused confusion in the city.

As for the reason, it looks like it is Big Roof Shashaato’s fault.

Because of delicious food, an increasing number of jobs due to the increase in demand for related businesses, people no longer want to leave.

Related businesses?

I tilted my neck. It seems like the other businesses of Big Roof Shashaato are doing so well that there is already a manpower shortage and new buildings are already needed to meet the demand.

That reminds me, I have this large poultry farm built outside the city too.


A company security force was formed by the Big Roof Shashaato and it seems like they are the ones responsible for the security of the store and its vicinity.

The employees are now over 1,500 people and from what I read, they can still manage it but they can’t take any more additional jobs.

That’s the report…..they’re amazing.

Aren’t Marcos and Paula really great?

If I were them, I’m not sure if I could do their job as good as them.


The main contributor for the people who refuse to leave Shashaato City is the human country sailors.

When it is already time to embark, they refuse and settle down in Shashaato City instead.

That causes the problem. Each ship can no longer embark from the port since there’s a lack of manpower. The manpower shortage keeps the ships occupying the port of Shashaato and given their numbers, it has begun to interfere with trade.

Thus, logistics is delayed.

This is serious trouble.


They would like to ask Big Roof Shashaato, more specifically me, to help them solve the mess but what do they want me to do?

TN: Simple, it is time to invite inferno wolves to the city.

Ah, should I start a branch in another city?



I don’t have enough know-how.

Big Roof Shashaato achieved its current state due to our management backer, Michael-san’s Goroun Company.

Even if we found a perfect place to place another branch, the time is still not ripe no matter how I look at it.

In addition, our employees are already undereducated.

It is Michael-san’s request and I really want to do something about it but I can’t find the right solution.

This might only affect a little but maybe we should develop our products more that it can be taken home and has a long storage life.

Right, I should discuss this with Loo and Frau’s group.


When I was thinking of going to the Grocks of the eastern dungeon to finally meet them, the lamias from the southern dungeon, and the titans from the northern dungeon, came.

Is it already time for the festival?

I was in doubt but it seems like their purpose is Big Tree dungeon.

They insisted on working at the dungeon.

I don’t mind but…..what do you mean by working at the dungeon?

I was troubled a little so Loo explained.

She said that it was for the upcoming monster extermination.

In a place like a dungeon, small monsters spawn easily and if you leave them be, they will get bigger.


You mean we now have something like that beneath our village?

Just below where we are living?

It looks like we are safe because of the statue of the god of creation in our village.

That, I’m the one who carved it though…..

Are we really okay? Are you sure?

In case of emergency, the spiderlings will take care of everything before anyone notices that there is a problem…..

Thinking about it, my knowledge about monsters and demon beasts is severely lacking.


In any case, I explained to the lamias and titans that we will install a teleportation gate there.

I conveyed the worst case scenario of possible enemy attack but their resolve is firm.


I’ll consult Zabuton.

I employed both races since there’s no problem.

I had them choose the location of their liking.

When the teleportation gate finally runs, the lamia transport service will definitely decrease.

This will be something like a compensation.


They both settled down on the fourth floor.

Both races went home at once. It seems like they’ll bring the right number of demonpower.

I don’t mind but aren’t you exaggerating?


After installing the teleportation gate, you want me to leave the management to you?

That will save me a lot of trouble but are you sure?

I understand.

However, it will still take some time before we finally install the teleportation gate.


However, how did you know of the Big Tree Dungeon?

The titans heard it from Ursa during the snowball fight.

The lamias heard it from the titans.

…’ve got along well.

At least it is better than you fighting.


The lamias of the southern dungeon, the titans of the northern dungeon, the grocks of the eastern dungeon.

Is there a dungeon in the west too?

Let’s form a survey corps.

How about linking each dungeon underground?

That’s hard.

However, once they are linked with each other, it will be easier to move.

A method to connect them underground….

Should I dig or should I push it to the spiderlings?

Maa, let’s consider both options.

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