Chapter 285 – Normal Human Adventurer

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My name is Gondo.

A human.

I made a name as an adventurer in a distant human country. I came here to the demon king’s kingdom in search of a place to earn money.

A human country is such a hassle since there is a border for each territory compared to the free for all demon king’s kingdom.

If you’re a registered adventurer, you can basically go to most places.

In addition, this is a great place to show off your skills especially if you’re an adventurer. It is normal for someone who can fight to go to the demon king’s kingdom.

I’m one of them.

However, the number of adventurers without real ability that came to the demon king’s kingdom has increased recently.

It’s deplorable.

Maa, those kinds of people will disappear naturally.

This is the demon king’s kingdom after all.

The strength of monsters and demon beasts here are one or two tiers higher compared to those in the human countries.

The outskirts of Shashaato City are still good but it is already a classic story for someone to suffer as soon as he arrives.

Because of that, there is this severe type of baptism to anyone who’ll register as an adventurer.

Thanks to that, there’s now a new funny custom called re-registration here.

But after you’ve become an adventurer, there’s a little chance that you’ll lose that qualification.


It’s not really rare but there’s no instance of someone losing it.


By the way, I’m now a leader of an adventurer party of 12.

I’m the leader but it doesn’t mean that I can do whatever I want.

Especially for us adventurers, our work is often life-threatening.

Before getting a job, I consult my companions first.

「It is a village under construction so they requested to exterminate nearby monsters and demon beasts…. It looks like they don’t know the strength of monsters and demon beasts to be exterminated, do they? Is this okay?」

「Are they trying to get the adventurers do something dangerous in the pretext of creating a new village?」

「The reward is considerably good. Something’s fishy.」

My companions speak of their doubts.

Nobody on my team holds his opinion back.

It is already expected if you don’t want to die.

「The job you choose is always awful.」


For the time being, I’m not going to say anything until we get more information.


「The story about constructing a new village is true. I heard that it was led by a recently retired high rank noble. The reward is good because nobles are involved. Also, though we’ve been nominated, the other teams are being called too. Even ordinary adventurers can participate. I think they’re overreacting to do that for this job though.」

First of all, there’s no way there can be powerful monsters or demon beasts in a place where a village will be built.

In order to build a village, they need to check if the location is safe first. It is better than choosing any place and exterminating whatever is there.

The person that sent out a request is a retired high-rank noble which means he’s just being meticulous in trying to make his retired life safer.

In any case, the reward is good.

In addition, accommodation and food are provided.

There will also be additional rewards depending on the quality and amount of monsters and demon beasts we defeated.

Though this might be tough, my companions will surely take this on.

I haven’t eaten curry for a while so let’s get some.


There was no lie in the request content.

The accommodation was clean, the food was good and it will be provided in the morning and in the evening. They can even serve food in the middle of the night too.

There are other adventurer teams too.

In full force…..we don’t exceed 200.

Even so, there’s no shortage in both food or accommodation.

Large number of wooden boxes are piled on the back of the headquarters called base.

If those boxes are full of supplies then this request might be quite serious.

Wariness hits my mind and heart one after another.

There’s only one thing I’m fully concerned with now.

That is the strength of the monsters and demon beasts.


And, finding the very first demon beast in this mission, I’ve regretted taking it.

「It’s a lieeeeee!」

My companion screamed.

To become that angry in front of a demon beast, only an amateur will do it but I can understand how he feels.


It is a powerful demon beast and it is said that to beat one, 30 soldiers were sacrificed.

There are three of them.

Is it a family? One of them is small.

Or maybe, the small one is a female and the two big ones were males and they were in the middle of a duel?

In any case, the three of them are hostile to us now.

Even escaping will be hard.

「Everyone, get ready for battle! Let’s do it! Luggage carrier, to the back! Throw your luggage and run to the base! Call for backup!」

We did everything we could.

Fortunately, we were able to hold up until the backup arrived without losing someone.

No one died but a lot were injured.

Both my arms were severely injured too.

The guys who backed us up were also in terrible states.

However, we were not able to kill even one of the war bears.

We were only able to drive them away.

I regretted taking up this job and went back to the base.


Treatment is already waiting for us at the base.

The healer, who asks for a large amount of money before healing anyone, treats us immediately without asking anything.

As for the treatment fee, it is shouldered by the requested.

I’m thankful but wouldn’t this mean that this mission will continue as long as we don’t die?

We can’t abandon this mission given the present state.

Anyway, I have recovered.

If we abandon this mission without valid reason we will surely be penalized.


It was a shame.

I was treated with great effort but I no longer have any weapon.

Both my main and sub-weapons were destroyed.

The only thing I have now is my dagger for dismantling.

Furthermore, my protective gears are tattered too.

Given my state, how could I fight?

Though I might still receive some penalties, it is a good enough reason to abandon this mission.


New weapons and armor were provided.

The weapons are better than what I’ve been using.

They came in different sizes and shapes.

There are even weapon craftsmen where you can request some adjustments.

The same is true for armors.

Armor craftsmen are standing by for adjustment requests.


I’m f*cked.

I held my head with my recently cured arms.


According to the other adventurers, the war bears are not the only dangerous adversary.

There are wood killers that mimic trees and suddenly attack.

There are jaguar bulls that suddenly attack from the top of the trees.

There are rabbit foots that can instantly kill someone with a kick.

Mysterious creature that can cast magic, Kinrune.

30cm centipedes that attack from the ground, Kyatter.

Day or night doesn’t matter and it will continuously fly in the sky, crewcocrew.

TN: I don’t quite get the names of the last three. They’re just mobs so there’s no need to fret over their names.

All of them are either monsters or demon beasts that have high extermination rewards if requested at the guild.

Of course, there are other monsters and demon beasts aside from them.

Though those are weaker than them, they are still something that you can relax your guard against.


It is a good thing that there are a lot of adventurers here.

It was decided to deal with the enemy with a large group.

After cooperating with both acquaintances and non-acquaintances, we somehow managed to trim down monsters and demon beasts little by little.

We shouted cheers of joy when we managed to beat one of the war bears without casualty.


However, it seems like the client was dissatisfied with our progress.

Though the client didn’t publicly say anything about dissatisfaction, I heard that a new group of adventurers was called in.

If it’s the usual mission, we would have been angry already but our situation this time is different.

To be honest, we are thankful for the additional adventurers.

Though I feel sorry for those new adventurers….

We thought that we should at least give them all the information we gathered so far.


The new adventurer was Gulf.

Swordgod Gulf.

His weapon is a wooden sword.

No armor.

Still, he’s the adventurer who overwhelmingly won the championship of the martial arts tournament in Shashaato City.

This Gulf here has a proper weapon and is wearing an armor.

Moreover, he has companions.

I thought that with their help, we can survive this.

I’m sure of it.


I’m not mistaken….

They independently took some action and defeated the monsters and demon beasts we’re struggling to defeat with a little effort. That….

My heart hurts.

It is said that we’ll receive additional rewards depending on the quality and quantity of the monsters and demon beasts we beat…

I’m not happy.

I want to cry when I see Gulf being beaten in a sword match when we’re taking a break.

Who are those lizardmen?

Are those normal she-elves?


We can also participate in your practice match?



I did my best.

I knew that there’s a higher level in this world.

I’m not aware of that place and am thinking how far am I to achieve that place?


I’m an adventurer!

I finally peeked at the secret of strength even for a moment!

My companions feel the same.

Anyway, one more round!

If possible, with the weakest member of Gulf-san’s group…..


Gulf-san is the weakest?

Hold on hold on.

Isn’t Gulf-san the leader of your group?

Gulf-san only became the leader since he’s the only registered adventurer among you?

I see.



In life, there were times where you’ll need to withdraw.

Eh, god, I’m surrounded!


I hope I got a little stronger.


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