Chapter 300 – South Dungeon Visit

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I decided to go to the south dungeon.

As for the reason, it was due to what happened at the last martial arts tournament.

It was during the banquet.

The lamias from the south dungeon and the titans from the north dungeon came over to participate in the martial arts tournament as usual.

Those two races, I thought that they were getting along with each other.

However, they suddenly fought.

「We, the lamias, were entrusted by village chief with a dungeon augite.」

「Kuh. The north dungeon was visited by village chief himself.」

An all-out brawl between the two races started after that.

Though the martial arts tournament is supposed to have ended but there’s still this fierce battle.

No no, this is not an official battle.

But I never thought that the root was deeper than what I thought.

After that battle, the lamias and titans acted as usual.

I said as usual but….

They are looking at me with eyes that are longing for something.

OK, got it.

I know.

However, I can’t decide immediately. Let me hear Loo and Tier’s opinion first.

Is that so?


Let’s go there once we’re free.


I, Loo, Tier, Hakuren, Ursa, Alfred, Tiselle, and five lizardmen.

We are traveling by riding Hakuren’s back on her dragon form.

In addition, thirty kuros and five high elves left as an advance party a few days ago.

I have been told about the advance party beforehand but I don’t think it’s necessary.

As for me, I’m traveling on Hakuren’s back.

On Hakuren’s back, there are also a lot of souvenirs for the lamias aside from us.

I wonder if they are necessary.

As for me, it’s like a simple visit to a friend’s house.


When we got closer to the south dungeon, I was surprised by what I saw.

Before the entrance, the monsters and demon beasts followers of the lamias were lined up neatly.

This, isn’t that a little exaggerated?

Ignoring my surprise, Hakuren descends in front of the queue.

A huge cheer.

Hold on.

It seems like we’ll get down from Hakuren’s back one by one.


I’m the last?


No, that’s not……

The lizardmen were the first to get down then Ursa got off alone.

After them are Loo who’s holding Alfred and Tier who’s holding Tiselle.

Finally, me.

A louder cheer was heard.


Why are the lamias crying?

Could it be that the advance party kuros bullied them?

Answering my glance, the kuros shook their heads together saying that they are not the reason.

I’m only joking.

I know you won’t do something like that.


What’s with their enthusiasm? We’re in the middle of the cold winter.


We were guided by lamia chief Junea into the dungeon.

Inside the south dungeon, the path is around 5 meters high and the width is about the same. There are various large and small rooms too.

It is similar to an ant’s nest.

The passage is a three-dimensional complex maze and it looks like it was intended to look like this.

The dungeon extends to the south and seems to lead to the mountain where Doraim lives.

It is considerably big.

If an unfamiliar person enters this place alone, he’ll starve to death finding the exit.

This place is a little scary.


I heard that it is originally pitch black inside the dungeon.

However, because of our visit, the lamias set up glowing stones in various parts of the dungeon so it is not dark at all.

Thank you.

And I’m really interested in those glowing stones.

Is it similar to the light stone that ancestor-san brought before?

The color of light they emit is different so probably not.


We have been guided to a big room near the entrance.

It is about 30 meters in all directions.

The ceiling is about 10 meters high.

Though it was explained before that there will be a banquet to welcome us here but what’s with that throne that is several steps higher than others over there?



I’m supposed to sit there?

Not chief Junea?

I’m a little embarrassed….I understand.

I better not disappoint their effort so I’ll sit there.


When I sat on the throne, the lamias cheered with all their might.

It echoes a lot in the cave.

Alfred, Tiselle, and Ursa, you don’t have to join their cheer.

You too, Loo, Tier, and Hakuren.

I can also hear the howls of the kuros.

How long will you….ah, is that so?

I raise my hand and they stop.


They stopped in perfect sync.

Ursa was the only one who didn’t stop.

I know, I know.

Now, everyone’s eyes are on me.



Going with the flow, the next one should be my speech?


I realized my powerlessness in terms of ad-lib again.

Was I good?

Ah…. I can’t remember what I said.

Though I think that the purpose of thanking the lamias with their cooperation was achieved.


「Finally, our hard work….」

「It feels good to be alive.」

There seems to be no problem.

They’re slightly exaggerating it though.


After that, Loo and the others introduced themselves.

Alfred and Tiselle did their best.

They’re cute.

Ursa is imposing.

You’re better than me, aren’t you?

She’s surely become an important person.

However, we are not going to war so I don’t think it is necessary for you to inject that much fighting spirit into the lamias.

Remember, you’re only introducing yourself.

Whoa whoa whoah!

That….the lamias were influenced too much.

Who are you going to wage war against?


After the self-introduction, it is time to bring out the souvenir.

The banquet still hasn’t started.

Could it be because of me disregarding what should be done and started a speech?

Reflect, me.

I’m a little hungry.


The banquet has begun.

The seats were quite lively.

Most food served is simple, they are either raw or roasted.

It seems like it is based on lamias diet. They usually eat raw food.

However, ever since interacting with Big Tree Village, they learned how to cook some dishes.

Though it is inferior to the dishes in Big Tree Village, I properly received what they want to convey.

It was delicious.

Also, I would like you to refrain from piling up various eggs of monsters and other creatures before me.

No, it’s not just because it is raw….

Yeah, I don’t eat eggshells.


Since this is a banquet, lamian dances and songs are performed.

Once again, I am impressed by another unique culture.

After this, I plan to stay overnight and then return at noon the next day.

It is probably because of us. Baths and toilets are also prepared. I’m impressed with the lamias’ hospitality.

I wonder if I will be able to do as much as them for a guest.

Thank you for the bed.

We don’t have to sleep together.

Look here, Loo, Tier, and Hakuren.

We shouldn’t.

As expected, I will not have a break.

Our children are with us.

Yes, think about the children.

So please, Loo, Tier, and Hakuren, hold it in.

Hey wait, don’t forcibly put them to sleep with magic.

Oh, Ursa endured!


It was hard in various ways…..ah, no, I don’t mean about the lamias. There’s no problem with them.

Yeah, it was like an educational field trip.

After this, we’ll go back to Big Tree Village, stay for a night, and go to the north dungeon.

We’ll only be there for a day without staying overnight.

I know.

However, can I not receive such treatment from them?

It will be similar to discrimination if they were to treat me differently?

This is hard.

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