Chapter 301 – Parent-Child interaction

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I’m back from the north dungeon.

Why did I end up singing there?

I don’t have any confidence in singing.……

No, even if I’m confident, it is hard to sing when everyone’s attention is on you.

In any case, it was a good day trip.

My mentality.

I need the kittens to heal it.


Got it Kuro, you’re even in front of the kittens.

Come here.


I eat boiled pumpkin.


Loo, who brought me the boiled pumpkin, elbowed me.

Oh, please.

「This pumpkin, it’s very delicious.」

The hiding Ursa and Nutt were pleased upon hearing me.

It seems like the two of them made it.

I’d praised you for your effort.

Because the skin is still hard.

It seems like they boiled it with some herbs.

The smell has become terrible.

How should I inform the two without hurting their feelings before they distribute this to the other villagers?

What a difficult problem.

「Who are you going to feed next?」

「Ehto, it should be father.」

Nutt’s father, so it’s Gutt.

Yeah, let’s leave the difficult problem to Gutt.

However, even a family may collapse due to careless words.

I really want to avoid that.

「Before letting him eat, tell him that you made it, okay?」

Hearing me, they answered cheerfully as if they understood what I meant and left.

It’s cold but they are still energetic.

「Don’t forget to wear thick clothes before going out!」


The sacrifice of boiled pumpkin….there are six including me.

It seems to have been a really difficult problem.

「Did you teach them, Loo?」

「It looks like they learn in themselves by watching.」

If I had taught them myself, I’m confident that they could do better.

「Is that so? Did you eat one too?」


Seeing Loo’s smile, I already guessed.

It looks like she’s the one who designated me to be victim number one.

In comparison with all the victims….Goddess Hakuren stopped the victim increase by eating everything.

Even without giving a solution to the problem, she managed to stop the cause of the problem on the spot.

As expected of a dragon.

When I was patting Hakuren’s head, the smiling Ursa and Nutt came.

「We cooked more!」


Ah, Loo ran away.

Hakuren….her smile cramped.

Are you okay?

Can you still do it?

Hang in there.

And if possible, could you let go of my arm?


An oni maid wasn’t able to keep herself so she taught the two on their second try. Compared to the first, it’s really delicious.

Thank you.

And the escapee Loo, let her be the first one to taste the dish that Alfred and Tiselle are making.

They might have been influenced by Ursa and Nutt.

Yeah, several oni maids are on stand by teaching them.

As for their reason, it is winter so we can’t waste any cooking ingredients.


This, not eating it will become the punishment.

I’ll be the first to taste.

It was a peaceful day.


Snow began to fall.

It’s cold.

As for how cold it is, Kuro goes to the toilet and immediately returns after going out of the door.

Keeping it inside is bad for you so go to the toilet properly.

Should I build an inferno wolf toilet here?

There’s a toilet for cats so I guess it’s okay?

But I should consult others first….

The oni maid Ann shook her head.

Considering the average size of the kuros’ poop…..I don’t know.

But I’m sure the size of a cat’s poop is not comparable.

I’m sorry.

I’ll do my best to build one near the mansion.

Moreover, it won’t be built until spring.

Kuro dashes to the outdoor toilet while having a depressed face.

After he returned, he did not move out of the kotatsu.

It got so cold.


The next generations of kuros are moving around energetically in the outdoors.

The horses, cows, and goats are fine too.

The chickens are densely packed in their coop.

Snow measures are being practiced so everyone should be safe.

Ah…Ursa and Alfred, the snow hasn’t piled up yet.

You’ll only get mud.

Their clothes are muddy already.

Ann will get angry.

Both of them changed their clothes after taking a bath.

Hakuren, please.

And Tier, block Tiselle who’s trying to go out.

I’ll hold down Guraru….

A personnel selection mistake.

I should have asked Hakuren to hold down Guraru.

Guraru is a dragon after all.

After receiving Guraru’s tackle, I was pushed outdoor.


Hey, let’s go back.

If you want to play, let’s wait for a better day.

I picked up Guraru and dashed into the mansion.

Now I understand what Kuro feels. I should build an indoor toilet for them.


Ah…..taking a bath during a cold day is the best.

I took a bath with someone.

I didn’t plan to join but Alfred wanted me to join so it can’t be helped.

I wonder if he’s embarrassed to go in with Hakuren and Ursa…..

Nah, it’s still early.

He’s still a child.


Us, a parent-child combination is sitting up in the bathtub.


Why is Doraim next to us?

「When I went to see my grandchild, my daughter treated me harshly.」


Then warm up with us to your heart’s content.


After Doraim and Alfred got out of the bath, I thought that I should take this chance to wash Kuro but he didn’t come out of the kotatsu.

Yuki came instead.

This is the men’s bath but…..well, I guess it’s okay.

Wash wash wash.

They are usually clean so she doesn’t have much dirt.

After washing, Yuki steps into the bathtub and soaks in hot water.


Does it feel good?


Kuro came.

Did you feel lonely?

Or are you jealous?

Hahaha, I’ll wash you too.


Kuro and Yuki soaking in the bathtub is a good sight to see.

Escapism in action.

Kuroichi, Kuroni, Kurosan, and Kuroyon are looking at me as if waiting for their turn.

They are often outside so they are dirty.

Their feet are clean since they wipe their foot first before entering my mansion.

Maa, it’s better to be clean than dirty.

When their body is dirty, they don’t dare use the kotatsu.

Alright, let me wash you thoroughly.


A cold winter day.

I spent it in the bathroom.

I didn’t catch a cold, it is probably thanks to my “healthy body”.


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