Chapter 302 – A Certain Day in Winter

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TN: This shout can also mean that he’s calling the kuros. Remember, he named the next generations of inferno wolves using numbers.

Bark bark bark bark bark bork bark!

One, it means that we have to put out our individuality.

TN: A dog’s bark in Japanese is “wan” which can be pronounced like the number “one”. So their bark earlier is wan wan wan wan wan won wan!

What’s happened?

Did your voice flip out because of tension?

Ah, I’m not angry.

Do not mind it.

However, don’t let your guard down!

Are you ready?

The kuros nod all together.

They all have courageous expressions.


Then, let’s go.

We matched our timing as I charged with the kuros.

We’re heading towards a fortress made of snow.

Our target is the flag in the inner part.

While avoiding flying snowballs….why are you focusing on me!


I was killed.

The kuros who charged with me were annihilated too soon after me.

I never thought of this result but it can’t be helped.

Instead of throwing snowballs, both Alfred and Tiselle clumsily came to us while holding them.

The kuros are kind.

They can’t avoid them so they have no choice but to be annihilated.

By the way, Ursa and Guraru who did the same were evaded.

It’s because of the difference in momentum.

Yeah, you should have a more lovely face and decrease your speed.

Maa, the kuros who avoided Ursa and Guraru were surrounded and hit by snowballs.

Was it a bad strategy? Or is our number too few?

Our team is me along with seven kuros.

The other team is composed of the children and their guardians.

The snowballs thrown by the oni maid who participated as Alfred’s guardian is particularly brutal.

The sound of the snowball she threw when it hit something is not “toink” but “boom”!

It was a mistake to decrease the number of kuros as a handicap.

During the participant selection, there are around 50 of them.

The kuros can’t throw snowballs so that might be the correct number.

Why did I reduce the number of kuros….

「Papa, there are a lot of bow wow.」

I remember Tiselle telling me that.

It can’t be helped.


One more time?

That would be good.

The team will be the same as before.


The kuros behind me nod.

Don’t even think that we’ll end up losing!


We ended up losing.

A kuro even dived into the snow to advance unnoticed but Ursa found it.

She has good intuition.


Alright, children.

After playing, it’s bath time.

Warm-up your cold body.

I’ll grill mochi after taking a bath.

「Soy sauce?」



All your favourite flavor will be there.

But why miso, Nutt?

I don’t think that will compliment mochi.

「I like ground edamame.」

「I think it’s delicious as it is.」

「Powdered soybean and sugar are the best.」

Yes yes.

The taste doesn’t matter.

Take a bath first.


The brazier is too small.

No matter how much I grill, it won’t meet the demand.

As for the taste, the oni maids have prepared them for me….why am I grilling alone?

Is it because I lost the snowball fight?


I want to eat too.


Oh, Tiselle.

By chance, is that for me…


She went to Tier.


As expected, is a mother better?

Ancestor-san and Doraim who suddenly appeared out of nowhere are also chewing mochi.

I’m glad that you praise it for being delicious but are you not going to come here and help me grill?

That’s not it.

I didn’t ask you to bring additional mochi from the warehouse.


I feel like I have been playing a lot since winter came……

Well, only on sunny days.

If the weather is bad, I’m working at home.

That’s my job….

I feel like I’m only playing with the kuros and the children during winter neglecting the spiderlings.

The spiderlings don’t go to cold places.

They can only play indoors.


Let’s build the first one.

I’ve prepared a large board and asked the spiderlings to cosplay as shogi pieces.

This is not a human shogi now since the spiderlings are the pieces.

As for the rule, the same as ordinary shogi but an additional rule was added which is all pieces must be moved at least once.

There’s also an effort in participating in this event so I want everyone to move at least once.

Now, who’ll be my opponent?

The spiderlings that are good at it are….before I knew it, Kuroyon is already sitting at the opponent’s side.

Unfortunately, I can’t let you participate, Kuroyon….

Kuroyon protests.

No, you’re always the winner of the village’s chess tournament.

I know that you are good at shogi too.

I’m a greenhorn.

You want to reduce your number of pieces as a handicap?

That won’t do. The spiderlings play the lead role here.

The spiderling that will be kicked out will cry.

How about putting your reduced pieces as my pieces as a handicap?


What pieces should you reduce?

This and that….eh? That? And that one too?

「Let’s have a match, Kuroyon! Your undefeated legend will end today!」


I lost.

I really had the advantage at first but the rule that I must move all pieces at least once drag me down.

No matter how much handicap the opponent has, a greenhorn is a greenhorn.


I would like to say it again, the lead roles for this game are the spiderlings.

Did you enjoy it?


I should have moved you like that during that situation?

No, if I did that then….

No no, the situation will be like….

Oh, I won.


The spiderlings are better at shogi compared to me.

That means….

「Kuroyon, one more time! Though I’ll be the commander, the brains will be the spiderlings!」


Why do you have all the pieces?

Aren’t you going to decrease your pieces?

You’ll be defeated if you don’t play seriously?


He knows that the spiderlings are better than me.

I have this complex feeling.


Though it was a good game, I wasn’t able to beat Kuroyon.

Though the spiderlings lent me their wisdom, Kuroyon managed to emerge victoriously….



Did you like the feeling of being a shogi piece?

You don’t mind winning or losing?

However, not everyone can join.

Don’t brag too much.

By the way, the second game for the spiderlings is….

Are you sure?

You want to cosplay as chess pieces too?

You want me to prepare for two batches?


I’ll make it.


By the way, only fist size spiderlings can cosplay what I made.

It is not for the spiderlings of magazine sizes or half tatami mat sizes.


Okay, don’t give me that look.

I’ll do what I can for you too.


At a later date.

A battle between shogi and chess will be held on board.

I don’t know which one is superior but it will probably be a hot battle.

While the match is ongoing, the kittens intrude.

The spiderlings suddenly scatter.

I caught the kittens and placed them somewhere. The spiderlings returned to their original position.

Good, wonderful.


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