Chapter 303 – Celestine Lodjineh

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My name is Celestine Lodjineh.

Third daughter of the Lodjineh family.

Even if I seemingly introduced myself as someone with a superior background, I’m only a daughter of a farming village household.

A girl from a farming village which is caught up on the strange wheel of destiny.

I have, stigma.

When I was ten, strange birthmarks showed up on my palms.

I concealed it since it doesn’t look cute but the person from the church who came to our village found it out.

The person from the church was quite excited and talked with the village chief and my father.

As a result, I left the village with the person from the church.

It is quite regrettable but what happened to me is quite common.

However, my destination is the church so my life might become a little better.

My only complaint is the amount of money the person from the church paid to my dad.


Yes, I’m too cheap.

You can’t even buy a goat with that amount.

Is my worth only that much?

Is he going to be punished if he paid 10 times more?

I’m sad.

And so, I rebel.

Perhaps it is also due to puberty that I want to break things.

Though I didn’t break anything since it is a waste, I took a considerably rebellious attitude towards the person from the church.

When he said to ride on the carriage, I’ll go on the roof of the carriage.

If he says eat, I’ll eat as much as the others.


But it was a failure.

Apparently, he seems to have thought and treated me as a completely uneducated girl.

「Go into the carriage and sit in the farthest seat. A seat means a chair. One should sit on a chair. Sit means putting your buttocks on it. Yes, that’s right. Keep that posture and don’t move. It is not good to flutter your feet in particular. Got it?」

When he’s telling me to do something, it will be similar to that.

I apologized several times, but it didn’t work.

Yes, I won’t rebel anymore.


The person from the church brought me to a splendid church in a big city.

It was decided that I will train them in order to hear god’s voice.

During my training, many big men from the church came to see me.

Can you let me train?

Why do I have to be interrupted every time one of them comes by?

Ah, I had to change my clothes again.

Who is it this time?

It is very troublesome that I have to change clothes depending on who’ll meet me.

All right, I’ll wear my best formal dress.

It seems like the one I’ll meet is an extremely extraordinary person.



It has been two years since I started my training.

I feel like I’ve only practiced half of the time but I can already hear the voice of god.

At first, I thought it was only an auditory hallucination but apparently, what I heard is the voice of god.

Only I, can hear it.

But it is not possible to converse.

The voice feels like dozens of people talking at the same time.

When I hear meaningful words, I only need to utter it.

This time, I do not know what I uttered.

It’s strange since I don’t remember.

However, all the big men from the church bowed before me.


From that day on, I was called the holy maiden and I have 10 caretakers.

My room is also of the highest quality.

It’s like I’m living in a dream.

However, I still find it hard since I hear the voice of god once a day.

Well, the people in the church have it harder compared to me.

After hearing the voice of god, sometimes they cry, sometimes they celebrate, sometimes they are frightened by fear….what am I saying?

I’m curious but no one will tell me.

It seems like if they tell me additional information, the voice of god will be distorted.

Though I think that might be the case, I’m still dissatisfied.


How many days has it been since I heard the voice of god?

It’s for about four months.

The church was attacked.

As someone who was raised in a village, I panicked.

The attackers were people dressed in black.

TN: Shadow garden?

They came right in front of me.

The purpose of the attackers seems to be me.

But I managed to repel them.

It seems like the other party didn’t expect me to attack.

As a village girl, I’ve learned a lot of things that can help me defend myself.

Even after coming to the church, I practiced every day for an hour before going to bed.

My killer move is characterized by an orbital trajectory that comes from below.

And, the attacker screams.


Any strong person will faint in agony if he is hit there.

You have to hit it accurately though.

I hit the same place three times before he goes down.

Then, I crushed the collapsing attacker’s jaw with a right uppercut.

That was satisfying.

However, the attacker managed to escape as if he was not damaged.

He managed to escape.


However, I did my great.

Victory pose!

My caretakers show up.

No, I’m sure you should have been in front of me to defend, right?

When we first met, didn’t you say that you will also act as my guards?

Starting tonight, how about practicing with me?


There were many attacks.

I was taken twice but I was saved before anything else happen to me.

Ah, I’ve become familiar with one of the attackers.

He was the very first attacker.

I feel like hiring him since he sympathizes with me.

I think that’s a good idea.

It was good that he’s always treating me politely.


The church’s side is not incompetent either.

They call for reinforcements and hire adventurers to investigate the other party.

However, it is not enough.

Yes, I was taken again.

For the third time.

Now, when will help arrive?


They didn’t arrive.

It seems like the church’s side was incompetent.


For about half a year, I conveyed the voice of god while being in the hands of the kidnappers.

I can’t go against them.

If I go against them, I’ll be in a terrible situation.

If I follow them obediently, they will treat me with care and serve me food.

It was not every day now but once a week and I also find it easier that I only need to deal with a few people.


I wonder if it is better if the help arrives a little later.


It was the church that came to help me but it is from another power of the church.

And it was finally revealed to me that the power that kidnapped me was also from the church.


What does this mean?


I now know that all the powers are targeting me.


Let’s go to the one that will treat me the best.

「There seems to be a legend that says, if you crush your eyes, you can hear the voice of god better.」


That power-up is pointless.

I decline.

Somebody, HELP!


Several years have passed and I’m constantly being kidnapped.

I went to various places.

It was hard.

It’s painful when I’m kidnapped by violent powers from easy-going powers.

I especially hate the food when I was kidnapped one time, it was not good that I even thought of escaping.

Every day, my three meals are composed of nothing but rice porridge…..moreover, it’s as tasteless as water.

The big man with us on the other hand is eating a luxurious meal. I even prayed for him to receive divine punishment.


In the end, the military group from the Korin religion headquarters secured me.

It is a group famous for being scary.

I was wondering if I would be hidden in the church’s headquarters but I was thrown into a village.

They told me to hide there for a while.

It seems like they are aware that I was a former village girl but I have experienced a lot of things up to now.

I’m satisfied with the less stimulating village life…

I changed my clothes countless of times.

If this is god’s trial, this is too cruel.

I also have a sense of shame.

Also, I’m sorry for saying something cheeky.

I’m indebted to you.

Please take care of me from now on.

Yes, if permitted, I want to stay in a room for a while….ah, it’s already late so I thank you for providing me with a room.

The food, it’s super delicious-desu.


It took me a long time to get used to the village.

I apologize for the inconvenience.

I’m sorry.

Also, this wine-colored slime helped me a lot.

It also brings me alcohol from time to time.

Thank you.

It is an unforgettable memory when we were both scolded by the oni maid.

I’m sorry for my “drink and dash”.


I’m not treated as someone special in this village.

They treat me as the girl I am.

Because of that, I worked in the village as a village girl and not as the holy maiden.

Harvesting is nostalgic-desu.

All the crops in this village are superb which is enviable.


However, do I really not need to work as a holy maiden?

When I’m in this village, the voice is incredibly clear.

Yeah, really clear.

It’s like the one talking is just beside me.


What’s wrong, cat-chan?


I was scared of you first but now I’m fine.

Why did I faint when I saw that cat?

Oh, please don’t apologize.

It’s not that cats are bad.

Let me embrace you.

Yeah, what is this feeling?

A strange feeling.

It’s like holding a god…

It might be because of my state of mind.

Let’s go and greet the god of creation together.

It’s my daily routine.

That statue is amazing, isn’t it?

It seems like it was personally carved by village chief but it makes one bow her head upon seeing as if it’s the most natural thing to do at that moment.

Would he let me do the work of managing that statue?


It has been more than a year since I came to the village.

It was officially decided for me to migrate to this village.

It seems like the great man from Korin religion headquarters, who was looking for a place for me to settle, hadn’t found a place suitable for me.

I apologize, but there is no need for that.

I will live in this village.

But my workplace is in a different location.

My workplace will be the church in Village Five which is located at the end of the village’s underpass.

It’s strange that going down to the underpass, the exit will be on top of a small mountain but that doesn’t matter.

I am already used to the mysterious life in the village.


I became the top of the church.

Isn’t it great?

I’m alone there so that’s what will really happen….

No, I must try my hardest.

But, I’m alone….

I’m sorry.

To tell the truth, I’m ashamed to say that I’m not familiar with the church’s rituals.

I’m the holy maiden so the ritual will be held for me not by me.

I only need to sit without moving.

The great man from the korin religion headquarters knows my situation so he brought some priests.

That seriously saved me.

Yes, please do what you have to do.


I should study too?


I understand. I’ll work hard.

However, let’s start tomorrow.

Today, I have to help the village in harvesting crops.


I should consult Youko-san about Village Five’s harvest festival.

think it’s better to be flashy, but what do you think?


I’m sorry.

It seems like I did not say the right words.

What I’m trying to say is, shouldn’t it be better for the food at the harvest festival to be delicious? Or will it be better to be frugal?


Then, I’ll consult the others if we go with that.


My name is Celestine Lodjineh.

A holy maiden that could hear the voice of god….I don’t really care about that.

「May I make a field behind the church? Really? I can choose the crops I want to cultivate, right? Hooray.」

I was able to obtain my own field. This is my childhood dream.


I will not forgive anyone who’ll damage my field.

I will ask god to curse him.

And he’ll also eat my killer move “short left hook”.

I excitedly talked about how to properly cultivate my field with the village chief of Big Tree Village.

AN: Short left hook’s target is the liver.

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