Chapter 311 – Commuting Carriage and Letter of Challenge


There is a certain distance from my mansion to Big Tree Dungeon at the south part of the village.

It is roughly a little more than 2 kilometers.

Is it near or is it far? It depends upon the person in question.

For me, it’s a little far.

From the entrance of Big Tree Dungeon to the teleportation gate of either Village Five or hot spring area, it will be a 15-minute walk.

Is it near or is it far? It depends upon the person in question.

For me, it’s a little far.

I’ll be honest.

During winter, going to Village Five and the hot spring area were a bit of a hassle.

I think it should be more convenient.

However, that will sacrifice our crime prevention measures.

That’s the first thing we talked about before.

I won’t complain because of that.

However, there are those people who go to Village Five to work and at night, there are people who’ll go to the hot spring.

I can’t think of anything but consider those people’s round trip as a waste.

Therefore, I would like to propose a stagecoach.

First, the round trip from my mansion to the entrance of the Big Tree Dungeon.

I want regular service at a fixed schedule.

Next, from the entrance of Big Tree Dungeon to the two teleportation gates.

There will be a coach waiting by for each route at the entrance of the dungeon and they will move as soon as the commuters arrive.

When they arrive at the location of the teleportation gate, they’ll drop off the commuters and return to the entrance even without anyone else riding.

Considering crime prevention, there’s only one route in the dungeon.

I want it to have a total of three routes.


I called for a race meeting and confided my idea.

After repeated discussion, I thought that it would be good if we can start if we can operate one route starting next year.

But that wasn’t the case.

We suddenly started making a carriage.

Me and the mountain elves already have the hang of it so we will be able to complete it in no time.



We don’t have to build a new carriage, don’t we?

There are several carriages in Big Tree Village.

There are four wagons for carrying crops, two carriages without hood, one luxurious carriage, and one camping coach.

As for me, I originally planned to use a carriage without hood as it is.

「Let’s make a proper carriage.」

I guess it’s okay since the mountain elves are making it with passion.

Within a few hours, one was completed.

It is a passenger type carriage with suspension.

It has a roof as an anti-rain measure and the walls were removed to make getting on and getting out easier.

As for the size, it is a seven-seater including the coachman.


Test drive.

But before that, there was an argument whether to have a horse or a centaur to pull the carriage.

The horse seems to have won this time.

The satisfied-looking horse pulls the wagon.

Yeah, there seems to be no problem.


Next, making a carriage for the dungeon.

No roof is required because it will be used inside the dungeon.

Considering sharp curves, we made a smaller one.

It’s a four-seater with no coachman seat.


It looks like a bicycle-drawn cart with four wheels and chairs installed on it.

It’s simple so it only took an hour to complete.


Test drive.

This time, instead of a horse or a centaur, a lamia from the dungeon will pull it.

「Is it alright?」

「Yes. We find it encouraging to play a role. I mean it.」

I was thinking of leaving the carriage pulling to the centaurs since they love it but if they are this motivated, let’s leave it to the lamias.

Instead of pulling the carriage using hand, the lamia used the end of her tail to grip the carriage.

There’s enough power.

Hnn….what’s this?

The vibration is different.

It is very comfortable.

The carriage arrived at the place where the teleportation gate is in about five minutes.

The kuros and the spiderlings took the lead. Although we took the shortest route, they get rid of all the obstacles so it’s fast.

I’m satisfied.


With this, we will be able to go to Village Five in ten minutes.

The ones who are most pleased are Yoko and Celes who go there every day.

Or so I thought. The most pleased was the females of Big Tree Village.

It is now easier to go to the hot spring area.

It looks like everyone thinks that it’s far.

Thus, the number of bicycle-drawn like carriage that’s used inside the dungeon has increased. Eight of them are now in operation.

The lamias are not enough so the big spiderlings and titans pulled them too.

Next time, let’s gather those carriage pullers and have a banquet as acknowledgment of their hard work.


A little while after the commuting carriages became operational, Village Five received guests.

Those guests came over to pick up the dwarves in the prison.

They are also dwarves.

First of all, they apologize for the lawlessness and rudeness of the dwarves who are currently imprisoned.

As a nuisance fee, they paid the village four large casks of ore.

As for Youko, since the dwarves in the prison also expressed remorse, she agreed to release them.

Or not.

The dwarves who came over did not demand the liberation of the imprisoned dwarves.

「They didn’t come here to take the imprisoned dwarves?」

「They want them to be punished according to the law of the village.」

「Then, what did they come here for?」

「To apologize and to pay nuisance fee. That’s it…..」

One of the dwarves offered his ax to Youko.

「This is wonderful.」

「I forged it myself.」

「Really? Are you gifting this to me?」

「I don’t mind but I have a request.」

「What is it?」

「I heard that in this village, there are weapons that are forged using magic iron powder, is that true?」

「Yes. It’s a little pricey but you can buy them in a store.」

「Were they forged here?」

「…….you can say that.」

「Then, I want you to show this ax to the person who made those weapons.」

「Is that all?」

「Yes. We are staying at the inn on the south, it is called…..what’s the name again?」

「If it’s the one near the foot of the mountain, it is called “Cat’s Eye Pavillion”. If you’re hungry I recommend “Firefox Pavillion”.」

「 “Cat’s Eye Pavillion”, we’ll stay there.」

That said, the dwarves group who were supposed to pick up the imprisoned dwarves, left.


In Big Tree Village, the beastkin Gutt and his two apprentices are forging an armor using magic iron powder.

Gutt was on fire after seeing the ax brought by Youko.

「 Village Chief! That’s a challenge!」

It looks like a normal ax tome but it seems like there’s a hidden message.

「 We need a place to have a match!」

That’s what happened.


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