Chapter 310 – Unexpected Guest of Village Five


As the cherry blossom falls, I recall that I can also grow plum trees.

Pickled plum, plum wine.

Yeah, I completely forgot.

Even if I plant it now, the harvest will be several years away.

I thought that it would have been better if I had raised it sooner but then, it might be good if I enjoy it after a few years.

Village Five seems to have unexpected guests.

The first group is a group of Korin priests.

I heard that they were important-looking priests.

It was Youko who dealt with them.

They said a lot of things but their main purpose is that they want permission to build a church in Village Five.

Though there is already a church, since I told her that everyone is free to choose and exercise their religion, Youko permitted them to do so.

The problem starts there.

The priests demand the transfer of the Village Five’s church, the one that has currently been built, to them instead of building their own.

Youko rejected it.

「There is freedom of religion in our village. If you want to build a church, you can do so. But do that with your own money.」

The priests got angry because of that and threatened to turn her to Korin religion’s enemy.

If it were me, I would have been angry but Youko responded with a smile back then.

「I apologize if I’m being rude. I’m not that familiar with religions. I’m sorry. That’s right, about the church. You should talk with the people of the church to solve it. Whatever the result is, I’ll accept it with both hands.」

The priests, who took her words as favoring the transfer of the church, enthusiastically rushed to the church.

What awaits them are the holy maiden Celes and Fushu.

Fushu is there for inspection. She’s checking if the priests she recommended are doing well.

I know about it.

She came to Big Tree Village with ancestor-san to say hello.

She was then guided by Celes to Village Five using the teleportation gate.

And yes, Youko knows that Fushu was coming.

She was with the two when they went to Village Five.


I don’t know what kind of discussion was held in the church but the priests left Village Five.

They all seemed to be holding their side with painful expressions…..

「Did Fushu hit them?」

「I swear to god that I did not hit or did something that can be considered as an assault to them.」

She’s not lying but why is she so imposing?

Since that is the truth, what exactly happened?


The holy maiden Celes is drinking alcohol with the wine slime.

No way.

Yeah, I’m sure their stomach is only not feeling right.

A divine punishment perhaps.

Let’s say that’s what happened.


The reason I was able to know the situation in detail is because, during dinner, the civil servant girls and the mercuries Loch and Nana did a reenactment play.

It was pretty good.

I’m glad that the civil servant girls can now afford to do something else.

Recruiting civil officers in Village Five seems to be working well.

It looks like you will be able to take it easy if you can leave them all the work but only in things related to Village Five.

Vitality returns in the eyes of the mercuries Miyo and Futa.

It’s great.


It looks like there are various things we need to know about Korin religion.

「Korin religion is an organization that manages the state of religion and not people’s beliefs. Korin religion is a collection of religions.」

Fushu, who is having dinner with me, told me so.

「Your own belief is as important as others. If you agree with that idea, you can call yourself as part of Korin religion no matter what kind of god you believe in.」

I remember ancestor-san’s explanation before.

「However, Korin religion will not tolerate something like surrendering a church. I already memorize their faces and names. Their future will be dark.」

Fushu’s face is scary.

Ancestor-san, help… seems like he hasn’t come back from the hot spring yet.

Is he tired?


The next unexpected guests are a group of dwarves.

There are many dwarves in Village Five but their hair color is clearly different from them.

There are about 30 of them and all of them are wearing high-quality armor.

Youko was the one who dealt with them like the previous one.

The group of dwarves declares that they will meet Youko.

「I heard that this village makes armor using precious magic iron powder. Hand that magic iron powder to us.」

Magic iron power is a precious mineral collected from the rock part that was attached to the sun castle.

Part of it was made into weapons in Big Tree Village and sold to Village Five.

「Do you hope to purchase?」

「No! Magic iron powder can’t be handled by an immature person. Excellent materials should be handed to excellent people.」

「Hand it over…is that you mean?」


Youko beat the group of dwarves and hammer them into the prison.

It seems like they were beaten so badly that they can’t even talk.

「They were bragging about their weapons so I crushed them one by one in front of them.」

The scene in which Youko beat the group of dwarves was not reenacted so she explains it while laughing.

Youko will surely be fine but don’t do anything crazy.

And….there was a prison?

「We built one.」

It seems like the north slope is rarely hit with sunlight.

And there are also a number of minor offenses in Village Five.

Violence, vandalism, threats, extortion….

Those indeed need to be punished.

There’s no one like that in Big Tree Village but there are many people in Village Five.

That kind of crime will inevitably happen.

It’s a relief that no serious crimes have occurred yet.

And should I be glad there was a place to throw that group of dwarves to?

Wait a minute, can we just throw them in the prison?

Will there be no problem?

We don’t only have the power to levy taxes but enforcement and judicial power too.

「So, when are you going to release them?」

「I want them to stay there for 1000 days but the people of Village Five have eyes too. I think about ten days. With regards to that, may I borrow an inferno wolf or a demon spider?」

「What are you going to do?」

「Nothing. All they have to do is wait in front of the prison as a lookout.」

I see.

Of course, I won’t lend them to you.

What will you do if the kuro or the spiderling have an unpleasant experience in the prison?

In addition, demon king and Beezel have asked not to bring a kuro or a spiderling in Village Five.

If it is not a matter of life and death, I won’t give my consent.

「Mou, you’re cold.」

「Do you lack guards?」

「Yeah. In addition, the prison guards are very radical.」


「Perhaps they feel too indebted to Village Five. They treat the prisoners harshly.」

「….are they going too far?」

「Not yet. However…..I can’t let my guard down since they might caught me off guard. They even think that what they are doing is righteous.」


I’m glad that they think Village Five is important but I don’t think they should be aggressive to those who don’t think so.

「Why don’t I speak with those prison guards?」

I was laughed at saying that it was counterproductive.

I don’t think that issue is something to be laughed at.

In any case, it seems like the dwarves are reflecting so they might be released earlier.


The third group was a group of elves.

There are 10 of them.

Although they are lightly dressed, all of them are armed. Their representative is a male elf.

Youko dealt with them too.

The story about the elves’ party is simple.

Adventurers are exterminating monsters and demon beasts left and right around Village Five.

As a result, monsters and demon beasts move to other places.

Some of the migrating monsters have attacked the elven village.

It seems like they want us to take responsibility.

「I see. I understand what you’re trying to say.」

「Is that so? Then how do you plan to take responsibi….」

「Hold on. Before anything else, let me try to confirm something. What evidence do you have to prove that the attack of the monsters in your village is related to Village Five?」


「Yes, evidence.」

「There’s no way there’s any.」

「Then, you can’t say that our village is the cause. Who knows if it was the effect of something else? Given that, we can’t do anything regarding your concern.」

「Even if there’s no evidence, it is clear that the actions of this village have caused trouble to our village!」

「Even though you don’t have evidence? That’s only your one-sided belief.」

「Bastard! Do you despise the elven race?」

「What do you mean by despise? Rushing towards us in a group but can’t show any evidence, you’ll only get hurt if you continue to live like that.」

「Let’s have a serious match!」

「Start anytime you want, I’ll take you on.」

「… you mean to say that no matter what happen, you won’t take responsibility?」

「Given the present situation, you are just making false charges.」

「It is not a false charge. This village rooted out monsters around it that’s why the monsters came to our village.」

「Yesterday, the chickens of our village did not lay eggs. It is because some group of elves from some village came here arrogantly. Take responsibility. Though I don’t have any evidence, it is clearly related to you. Will you apologize to our village?」

「What kind of stupid thing are you saying? That’s clearly nonsense.」

「Really? But that’s exactly how your logic works.」

「Are you making fun of us?」

「No, we are only talking normally. What’s the name of the monster that attacked your village?」

「Why ask suddenly?」

「Answer my question, what’s the name of the monster that attacked your village?」

「…….we don’t know its name. It’s a turtle-like monster that has a big shell. 」

「I see, you don’t even know. Is it strong?」


「Is it fast?」


「What does it eat?」

「Trees. It has eaten several trees that we elves cherish.」

「How many?」


「I see. Is that the only monster that has attacked your village?」


「Have you subjugated it?」


「Is that so? Then, it’s no longer there. How far is your village from our village? How many days have you spent traveling?」

「Five days」

「Really? I heard it should be seven days. It is faster than I thought.」

「If you already know the location of our village then don’t ask.」

「I only wanted to hear it from your own lips. After all, those lips were the source of your false charges. If the monster really moved because of us, there’s no way there would only be one. In addition, the adventurers are exterminating only carnivorous monsters and demon beasts. If it is a herbivore, they will leave it alone. They won’t take a risk just drive a herbivore away.」


「If you have really defeated the monster, sending two or three of you is enough. Now, why did you come here in a group of 10? Are you that free? I don’t think so. You were the one who was tasked by your village to defeat the monster. However, you came straight here and made some silly false charges…..In short, you have not able to beat the monster yet. If you want us to help, kneel.」


「And boy, learn how to suppress your emotion a little more. If the other party can see your impatience, it will not become a negotiation.」

「I’m not a boy. Even though I look young, I have lived for 200 years.」

「Then, be a little smarter. Don’t grow old in vain. Maa, that hurts my ear too.」


After that, the group of elves changed their attitude and officially requested the monster extermination.

So that’s what happened.

「They probably wanted to borrow Village Five’s strength but don’t want to pay any.」

He made those false charges in hope of Village Five voluntarily subjugating the monster.

It was their mistake when they said that they’ve defeated it.

They should have come honestly rather than annoy us with false charges.


So, did you send a subjugation force from Village Five?

「The lizardman and the beastman who always come to Village Five took command with pleasure.」

Ah…Daga and Gulf huh.

「They commanded Pirika and her fellow disciples along with some adventurers. It became a decent force. They probably won’t lose.」

「Probably won’t lose? Is the opponent an unknown monster?」

「No, I know it. It is a monster called goo turtle. It has high defensive power but its offensive power is not that much. Though it makes strange attacks, if you are careful, you will be able to deal with it. I’ve already informed Pirika.」

「….You pretended to not know anything to the elves?」

「If I said that I know about it, they’ll probably ask us to take care of it for them immediately.」


「What happened to the elves?」

「Half of them became the guide. As for the other half, I had them go to a certain place as payment.」


「Yeah, it is not good to work for free.」

She asked them to go to the dwarves’ hometown to ask them to pick up the dwarves from prison.

I see.


However, the number of unexpected guests continued to grow.

And to my surprise, there were even three groups of unexpected guests that came on a certain day….

Village Five, it looks like everything will be alright if I entrust it to Youko.

She dealt with them brilliantly.

「During the old times, I used to be something like a ruler.」


I look forward to your continuous support in the future.

Ah, I’ll count on Loch and Nana too.

Hih is…..since the manpower of Village Five has increased, he’s house-sitting.

I’ll just send him a message to do his best.

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