Chapter 309 – Field, Lobster, and Cherry


I plow to my heart’s content.

Feels great.

However, it doesn’t go well.

The size of the field of Big Tree Village is the same as last year.

After this, I have to go to Village One, Village Two, Village Three, and Village Four.

It went well because each village has already decided where should be the field and what to cultivate.

The only field I won’t plow according to my schedule is the field at the Big Tree Dungeon.


There’s a request from Asa. He wants a field in a place a little far from the hot spring area.

He wants fruit trees too.



I also went as far as the south dungeon and the north dungeon. I plowed new fields near the entrance.

It seems like the lamias were interested in fieldwork when we went there last winter.

I thought that it was good for the lamias but unfair for the titans so I asked them.

Their fields are only small so the lamias and titans can eat the crops as they want.

If you want to start full-scale farming, just let me know.


Finally, Village Five.

The most important thing here is to be careful.

Therefore, it was the last.

First, change clothes.

Yes, I wore good clothes.


Yes, hello.

You don’t have to kneel, waving your hand is enough….who is it? Who the heck taught them “banzai sanshou”!

This is the demon king’s territory.

What if some misunderstand that the demon king has come?

My apologies for only greeting you now.

However, didn’t you already see me last winter?

Please take care of me this year too.

There’s no need for tribute.

Ah, I should take it.

Then, you have my thanks.

Ah, I can’t receive it directly?

Youko should be the one to receive it for me….and before Youko receives anything, the mercury Hih received it for her.

What a hassle.

No, Loch seemed to be in more trouble since he’s the one writing the inventory of tributes.

Yeah, hang in there.


It took me half a day to receive all tribute.

After that, a banquet.

Even if I say that it’s a banquet, I can hardly eat because of greetings.

Is this some sort of harassment?

Think about me a little more…..

This is because there are few opportunities to show my face?

Even if you say that…

Besides, Youko is the representative of Village Five.

「I’m only the acting village chief, remember?」

「Yes, that’s right.」

I think it will be more beneficial for them to connect with Youko than me.

Maa, let’s just greet them all with a smile.

I’m tired.

However, this is only the first day.



The next day, finally, time for work.

Yeah, it’s just good that the gatekeeper only looks at me as someone suspicious now.

I’m going to do something on the small mountain of Village Five.

Originally, I was planning on planting something when the mansion was completed but because of Pirika’s affair and winter, I put it temporarily aside.

The AFT can grow anything regardless of the season but I don’t want to overdo things.

I think there should be a food shortage in this country.

Perhaps the dungeon potatoes were effective. It might have spread to the who’ll demon king’s kingdom.

It seems like no one died of hunger last winter.

However, it seems like we have to worry about the drop in food prices next year.

That’s just great and I hope it lasts a long time but the world is having a hard time.


There’s not much green on the small mountain where Village Five is so I decided to grow fruit-bearing trees.

「The trees near the inn of Big Tree Village. Please plant some of them.」

That is Youko’s request. What’re the trees near the inn?

It is not short…..AH, cherry.

「Areh? Could it be that you prefer ornamental value rather than fruits?」

「Shouldn’t we make its beautiful flower bloom? We have enough leeway for that, don’t we?」

Of course.

Ah, is that the reason why Youko has been going to the inn lately?

Now is the time for it to bloom.


Then, let’s plan some cherry trees intensively.

Though it will take several years, on the days of its full bloom, cherry blossom viewing here will be fun.

「What is cherry blossom viewing?」


How should I explain?


That evening.

We decided to have a cherry blossom viewing in Big Tree Village.

I explain the cherry viewing tradition and etiquette to them.

Maa, it was supposed to be cherry blossom viewing but it has become a banquet held near the cherry trees.

Everyone is used to banquets.

That’s not a problem though.

The free nyunyu-daphnes gathered and made the night shine instead of lanterns.

They also light up the cherry trees.

The wooden chaise lounge is covered with a red-dyed cloth giving it a slightly luxurious feel.

The music is also soothing.

「I understand now.」

Yoko is more than happy.

Maa, she’s having a hard time in Village Five.

This is good, right?


「Village chief, I brought it.」

The dwarves brought eight large barrels of alcohol.

Thank you.

You may begin to drink.

The food will be here in a moment.

The oni maids are cooking in the inn’s kitchen.

Today’s main dish is lobster.

The lobsters we’re culturing seem to have increased more than expected.

I think it’s okay even though it hasn’t been a year.

But I have my doubt.

This is so easy. Are we culturing it correctly?

「Vilage chief, is culturing lobsters difficult in other places?」

Since the lizardman who’s cultivating it says so, it might be….what do you mean?

Could it be feeding problem?

Maa, I have no complaint since the lobsters are delicious.

When people gather and the dish cooked by the oni maids was brought, the banquet begins.

Kuro and the others…..ah, he’s waiting near where I’m seated.

Good good.

A little later, the children’s group, led by Loo, Tier, and Hakuren, arrived.

It may be boring for the children because it only has atmosphere.

Fried lobster, steamed lobster, roasted lobster.

The smell of alcohol….is not good.

Ursa and Guraru were turned off.

Drink some juice instead.

Here, take this cup.

Look up.

Enjoy the cherry blossom.


I’m sorry, spiderlings.

Were you hiding in the cherry trees and were preparing something?

It’s okay, please go on.

It might ruin the atmosphere?

Come on, don’t mind it. 


Isekai Nonbiri Nouka TOC

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