Chapter 308 – Spring of the Thirteenth Year

Spring has come.

Zabuton, who woke up, greeted me.

It seems like nothing has changed.


What kind of flashy clothes are you holding?

You are not holding it as dead weight, aren’t you?

It’s the kind of clothes that kings wear for important ceremonies.

It glitters a lot and there are so many jewels.

This….ah, the spiderlings collected them?




So this is “that”.

You want to make up for the fact that you were sleeping when I went to Village Five while in need of flashy clothes.

But I didn’t wear clothes made by someone else.

I went there while wearing the clothes Zabuton made.


I understand.

I will put it on.

But only for today.

Therefore, could you stop looking at me like that.


Contrary to my feelings, the reputation of the clothes from the villagers was good.


Is this normal?


What’s that?

A short wand?

You want me to take it?

Let me……why did you suddenly cheer?

This wand is something that Dors brought.

I heard that it’s an ordinary wand that has no special effect?

…..I should put on a mantle?

Do whatever you want.

But only today.

Got it?

I’ll walk around the village myself.

Don’t carry me on your shoulders like a portable shrine.


Alfred was also made to dress like me.

Unlike me, he’s proud.

Is it because he was praised by Ursa and Nutt who’s beside him?


It suits you.

You totally look like some prince.

Let’s walk side by side.

Okay okay.

However, with all the villagers with us, is there any meaning to move around the village?

Even though it’s spring, it’s still cold, so be careful.


The residents of Village One, Village Two, and Village Three gathered in a hurry.

What the….

Did you want to see my outfit that much?

Also, villagers from Village Four.

You don’t have to apologize for being late.

I know the difficulty of your travel.

The Arachne Arako, the earth dragon, the lamias, and the titans from the Big Tree dungeon came out too.

You don’t have to come out…..


It has become a banquet for some reason so we wasted the first day.

I wonder why.

But I’m glad since everyone is having fun….


I pray that this will not be a custom.

However, what should I do with those who are currently in agony because they have missed it?

Even if I ignore both ancestor-san and Dors, I would like to do something about the kuros who were not able to participate because they are guarding each village.

I want them to experience it too but thinking that I’ll need to wear those clothes again…..I have yet to organize my feelings.

I guess I should think that we are just cosplaying but it is still embarrassing since only me and Alfred are cosplaying.

I get it.

Next year.

I’ll have everyone dress up.

Yeah, that will surely decrease my embarrassment.

I heard Ursa and Tiselle are already trying to wear something.


It is still next year you know.

But it looks like the preparation is already ongoing. The civil servant girls already ordered a large amount of cloth from the Goroun Company.

No way, will it really take a year to prepare?

The budget comes from the village but …

All right.

Do your best.


The year is only beginning but I’m already tired. However, I still have things to do.

The representatives of each village have also come so I’ll gather them as it is.

The main topic, village policy and distribution of reward medals.

However, the main topic becomes complaints.

「When you do something like this, please contact us in advance.」

I’m sorry.

「If we were late, we wouldn’t be able to participate.」

I’m sorry.

「It also needs preparations to cook a lot.」

I’m really sorry.

「We have received a complaint letter from the ghost knights and the lion family of the hot spring area. I’ll read it out.」

Yes, I will listen.

How did this happen?

Is it because I said that this will only be for a day?


We are clear about what we are going to discuss.

For the village policy, we had several meetings during winter so there’s no problem.

「Stabilize the yield of each village and increase the stockpile. Also, beware of fire.」

There is no big problem in each village regarding the yield.

I would like you to maintain the status quo or aim to be the top producer.

As for increasing stockpile, it is necessary to consider the possibility of each village being able to live on their own to a certain extent.

Not only food but also fuel and clothes.

That is why there is a fire precaution.


During winter, there was a small fire in Village Three.

The cause was a child handling fire carelessly.

Fortunately, no one was injured and the house did not burn. Some straw and clothing that had been placed in the room burned though.

The fire was extinguished immediately but it is an event that can make you chill.

Please be careful.

Ah, Glueworld.

You don’t have to apologize so many times.            

After the fire was extinguished, Glueworld had reported and apologized not only to me, but also to each village.

I know you have a strong sense of responsibility but you don’t need to brood over it.

It’s not like the child was playing with fire, it was a legitimate accident.

Though scolding is important, don’t punish him too much.

The centaur’s caretaker, Rasshashi, doesn’t have to worry too.

You were not there so there’s nothing you could do.


On the other hand, I’m pleased that I was able to confirm that we had taken measures against fire though only minimal.

However, even though it is a wooden house, it seems to be hard to burn.

Caution is important.

Therefore, we installed water tanks and barrels filled with water near places where fire is used.

I know.

You would like to say that you can easily produce water using magic.

However, think about the instances where there are only children when a fire broke out.

That was the case this time, wasn’t it?

Since water rots, you have to change it regularly and that will increase your work.

That’s where the stockpiling we’re talking about enters.

Assuming that one house will be burnt to the ground, the village should have something that can make that family live on normally.

Given our present situation, if something like that ever happens, the stockpile of Big Tree Village is enough but we need to consider self-sufficiency of each village.

It is not like I’m asking you to make your life difficult in order to stockpile. I only need each village to adjust a little.

It is only an effort target and even if you don’t achieve it, you won’t be punished.

In short, don’t overdo it.


Next is the reward medal.

I had one person from each village distribute them but this time, I’m worried about how to handle Village Five.

The conclusion is the acting village chief of Village Five Youko, holy maiden Celes, teleportation gate manager Futa, the three mercuries, and the two former four heavenly kings who were working hard to govern Village Five will be rewarded with reward medals.

In addition, another 50 pieces were handed to the acting village chief of Village Five Youko for distribution.

It is more than what was handed to other villages since population was considered.

The representatives of Village One, Village Two, Village Three, and Village Four were convinced with the explanation.


Another one, Asa was appointed as the representative of the hot spring area.

The ghost knight is qualified but there will be a problem with communication.

Though he can communicate with gestures, it will be inconvenient in various ways.

The person(?) in question understands so there’s no problem.


We have talked about a lot of things… the end.

Youko said something.

「Village Five’s income, what are we going to do with it?」


Actually, last year’s tax alone is already a considerable amount.

Even if you deduct various expenses, there’s still a lot of surpluses.

「You didn’t squeeze them, right?」

「I don’t know the details but Loch said that it was cheaper than the average of the demon king’s kingdom.」

Number of people means power.

「Hmmm….is that so? Frau, do we have to pay that money towards the demon king’s kingdom?」

「We don’t have to.」

Instant reply.

When constructing Village Five, the territory issues have already been talked about.

There’s no need to doubt her answer.

In that case…..

「Village Five’s tax will be used by Village Five.」

Taxes are originally collected for that purpose.

I’ll leave it to Youko to a certain extent.

And even though it has a huge amount of surplus, it is quite insignificant compared to the amount Big Tree Village has entrusted to Goroun Company.

Even if she forgot to report and consult on the tax issues of Village Five, there won’t be a significant impact.

Also, Youko is doing unexpectedly well so I can trust it to her.

「I understand.」

With Youko’s reply, the meeting ended.

We rush to the banquet as it is.

The banquet is already on its second day.

Well, let’s leave it be.


At a later date.

A mourning messenger from the lamias of the south dungeon and a wailing messenger from the titans of the north dungeon arrived after hearing my cosplay banquet.

「Why were we not invited…..」

「We wanted to see how you look.」

Next year, I will call you all.

Isekai Nonbiri Nouka TOC

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