Chapter 307 – State of the Hot Spring During Winter

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It is still noon but let’s go to the hot spring.



Soaking to the hot spring this cold winter warms you up to the core.

Before me is the lion’s pride.

This is supposed to be a men’s bath but they don’t care about gender.

I caressed the lion cub’s back.

It was still small when I met them but now, it’s about the size of its parents.

It is probably female because it doesn’t have a mane.

Ah, yes yes.

You guys too.

Another lion cub approaches me asking me to pat its back too.

I don’t mind even though they’ve become bigger.

This feeling of pressure.

Yes, I’ll do you one by one.

But remember that I’m on vacation too.


Next to me, who’s patting the back of the lion’s cub, is the ghost knight who’s relaxing while soaking in the tub.

Who taught him to put a towel on his head?

In a place a little far away, a dungeon walker, also known as earth dragon, dives with its almost 3-meter body.

I was worried since it has been long underwater but it seems to be okay even if it dived for a few days.

Is it similar to a turtle?

I thought it always stay in the dungeon all the time but I heard that it came to the hot spring to dive from time to time.

It looks like the arachne Arako has been accompanying it when it goes outside.

It seems like they are usually in the same bath but it is in the men’s bath now while Arako is in the women’s bath.

My question is, does this mean that the earth dragon also goes to the women’s bath?

I don’t even know if this earth dragon is male or female.

Arako told me not to worry so I won’t mind it anymore.


The earth dragon shows up its head and…..looks around sfx

Are you looking for Arako?

When I pointed at the ladies’ bath, it seems to have understood and swum towards it.

It’s pretty fast.


A kuro jumped into the place where the earth dragon disappeared.

When one of them jumps in, another one will follow then another one.

Hey hey

This is not a pool so enter quietly.

And don’t swim.

Don’t bother the lions too.

Enter in order.

You guys are the best.

So don’t sulk.


It is the pups who were born this year that have jumped into the hot spring.

Though their bodies have grown considerably ever since they were born, their heart is still young.

They are at the age where they want to go wild.

Until a while ago, they were hunting along with adults around this area.

Did they come to the hot spring area in order to calm their temper?

Before jumping into the men’s bath, it seems like they washed their bodies using the water I prepared for the lions. It is now muddy.

I have to replace the hot water.

A little later, another adult kuro leading a batch of pups arrived.

Okay, you don’t need to get in quietly.

Thanks for your hard work.

Did you hunt prey?


You managed to hunt one panic caribou?

Well done.

I’ll praise you later.

I’m currently patting the lion’s cub.

You guys are smart.

You formed a line on your own.

But you don’t have to form a line in the hot spring.

Is it deep there?

Only the tip of your nose can be seen.

You didn’t get water in your ears, are you?

You don’t have to overdo it.

Got it?

Okay, line up on this side…..


After patting the lion’s cub, I patted the kuros.

I worked hard.


Oh, you’re the one who found the panic caribou?

One of the kuros who was born this year has a proud face.

Alright alright.

I’ll pat your stomach too.


The line was formed once again.


I understand.

Don’t look at me with eyes full of expectations.

I’ll do my best.

It was good that there are only a few of them that came here.


I understand the lion’s cubs joining but why are you in the line too, ghost knight?

I don’t want to pat your ribs.


The purpose of me coming to the hot spring is not only to take a bath.

I also gave vegetables to the lions and repaired the hot spring facilities. However, my main purpose is Asa Foguma, the hot spring teleportation gate manager.

I need to talk to him.

The content of our conversation is related to the management of the teleportation gate.

I have to ask him myself if he is pleased with one job I ask him to do since Bell and Gou might not be pleased if they were in his situation.

Even if I ask Miyo, she said that it would be better to do different tasks.

Hearing that from different people, I thought that I had to hear what Asa thinks himself.

Just like what I did earlier, I managed to use the gate even without speaking to the person in charge so I came to personally talk to him.



There does not seem to be a problem in particular.

It is not like the manager is stuck with the teleportation gate.

He had to check whether or not the teleportation gate was working regularly.

He also needs to explain the rules and manners for first-time users.

He also records the teleportation gate users.

Once he has done those three, he’s free.

The lions and the ghost knights are also cooperating with him which makes his job easier.

I was convinced when I saw Asa’s room near the teleportation gate.

It is a room full of hobby related things.

It looks like he’s into fishing now.

There are many handmade rods.

Even while fishing, he doesn’t worry about his safety since the lions and the kuros are guarding the hot spring area.

「If I use the teleportation gate, I can immediately go to either Big Tree Village or Village Five so there’s no problem. Thank you for your concern.」

So that’s how it is.

「I’m a little more anxious about Futa.」


「I heard that Hih, Roch, and Nana are working tirelessly under the acting village chief. Since Futa is only managing the teleportation gate, is she not dissatisfied?」

「Ah, she’s okay. She’s the one who advised me about you.」

「Is she? Please apologize to Futa for me.」

「Don’t mind it. She’s too busy to be dissatisfied.」

「Really? How?」

「Miyo had her help with the paperwork with a smile. She’s doing that while managing the teleportation gate at the same time.」


「There is not enough manpower to do paperwork, it’s my fault. Big Roof Shashaato and Village Five brought paperwork beyond my expectations. Since we are taking measures to deal with it, it might become easier from spring. Futa will be freed when the time comes.」


「Is that so? I’m glad…..cough. Changing the subject, between Gou and Holy, what’s the latest information about their relationship?」

「Are you interested in Gou’s love story?」

Or is Asa aiming for Holy too?

「Though she’s a wonderful demoness, I won’t obstruct them. I honestly wish for Gou’s happiness. When Holy is involved, Gou’s mouth is really tight.」

「Indeed. But it’s the same for Holy. It seems like they are something like a pen pal….」

「Pen pal. I didn’t hear about that. I’ll ask Bell to keep an eye on it.」

「Reading stealthily won’t work.」

「Of course. As I said earlier, I honestly wish for Gou’s happiness.」

「What is your true intention?」

「Hahaha. Hmmm…..He’s too slow, he needs to be more aggressive! That’s what I really want to say but the speed of love differs from each individual. I can only watch.」

However, he was muttering if he would give him some advice.

Do you like love stories?

He’s mourning that Gou’s still slow giving their very late love affair.

No, I don’t know their actual age but even though they look like an elderly couple, I still think it’s fresh romance.

「Ah right. What does village chief think of Bell?」

Darn, the spear turned to me.

Immediate withdrawal.

Let’s prepare for dinner.

Of course, the dish will use panic caribou’s horn.

I won’t monopolize it.

The females will come to the hot spring at dinner.


I enjoyed a lively dinner at the hot spring.

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