Chapter 313 – Village Five’s Battle


Chapter 313 – Village Five’s Battle

Village Five’s festival lasts for a week.

However, the festival is not 24/7.

The festival takes place only from sunrise to sunset.

There’s normal business operation at night.

Maa, you can hear lively voices from banquets here and there but it is fine since they are happening in a store or in a private house.

If it is not outside, there’s no problem.

The blacksmith showdown is ongoing continuously even at night so there’s no choice but to work.

The Village Five’s residents are watching over them closely too.


Watch them more with interest.

No, this is not compulsory.



By the way, this blacksmith showdown….

I don’t know what a sword hatchet is.

What is a sword hatchet?

Is it different from an ordinary hatchet?

When I asked Youko, the one who decided the subject, she showed the real thing to me.

It’s a little longer than a normal hatchet….is it a hatchet that can also be used as a sword?

In rural areas, it is sometimes called machete. It is said to be used when walking in a forest or when dealing with daily necessities.

「The name only changed because of the length of the blade so you don’t need to mind it.」

So that’s how it is.

By the way, how will the outcome of the blacksmith showdown be decided?

「I’ll inspect it. However, if village chief wants Gutt’s team to win, I can do something. Do you want me to?」

「If you want to anger me.」

「Hahaha. I’m joking. Though we have known each other for a short time, I know village chief’s preference. You want fairness in judgment.」


I parted from Youko and came back to Big Tree Village.

This is my daily life.

Yeah, I’m always surprised at the difference with Village Five that is currently full of festival atmosphere.

The teleportation gate is amazing.

I also allow people here to participate in Village Five’s festival.

Those who want to can go and participate in Village Five’s festival.

I also give them money.

However, children must be always accompanied by adults.

When I told them that, I also asked them to form some groups and go by batch.

The surprising one was Ursa.

At first, she was eager to go but when she learned that the kuros and the spiderlings can’t go, she stopped saying that she’ll go.

Alfred and Tiselle followed suit.

I’m glad that you have a gentle heart but you don’t have to endure it.

Don’t hesitate to go.

Hakuren, take Ursa.

Alfred and Tiselle will be accompanied by Bulga and Stifano.

It should be Loo and Tier that should accompany them but they have to accompany me to watch the result of the blacksmith showdown on the final day.

Hitoe will go later. Youko will personally take her.

Nutt will also go on the final day.

He wants to see the brave figure of her father, Gutt.

As for the beast boys….they went there on the first day.

They seem to have had a hard time due to the crowd.


After seeing off the children, I return to my room and lie down on the carpet.

I push reality away a little.

The kittens rode on my head as I’m lying face down.

You guys are already big.

You are quite heavy.

I felt a little impact from my side and when I looked at it, I saw Kuro’s eyes.

Want to lie with me?

Before I knew it, Yuki was already on my other side.


Ugh, I can’t move.

I was in that state the next 30 minutes.

That ends my escape from reality.

Let’s face reality.


A problem occurred in Village Five.

When it is still the planning stage of Village Five’s festival, Gulf’s group, who went out to exterminate the goo turtle, still hasn’t returned.

I thought it would be inconsiderate of me if I didn’t inform them about the festival so I sent a messenger.

The messenger managed to contact Gulf’s group and returned with the message “we will return during the festival”.

The goo turtle has been exterminated but it seems like there are still some troublesome monsters around so they plan on rooting them out.

I was about to worry for their safety but Gulf’s group has already returned to Village Five.

They brought two elf dignitaries.

One of them is a serious-looking middle-aged male elf.

The other one looks like a fierce-looking female elf.

When the two of them met me and Youko, they suddenly said their declaration of surrender.

「I don’t care what will happen to me but please spare our village.」

This middle-aged male elf looks serious when he says that.

「Using my neck, let this battle come to an end.」

That’s the fierce-looking female elf.

When I look at Gulf, he looks away so I ask.

「Wait, village chief, we did not do anything bad. We only exterminated monsters while being guided by the elves as planned.」

Then, why is this happening?

「For some reason, we got involved in a battle between elves. When we defended, we beat both of them.」

….you beat them while defending?

「Fo-for some reason, we went on offense….」

For some reason?

「It was a night raid so we went all out on offense….」


My head hurts.

I only ask them to exterminate a monster, why are they in a situation where they subjugated two elven villages?


Ugh, first, what’s the damage on your group?

Anyone injured?

Several adventurers huh.

Did anyone die?



How about the damage on the other party?

Were there wounded? Did someone die?

A lot were injured but no one has died.

Good, we escaped the worst situation.

Next….aren’t they part of the demon king’s kingdom?



For the time being, let’s hear the circumstances of each party involved.

Though I feel sorry for the two elves, I’ll have them stay at the inn for a while.

The accommodation fee at the inn is….eh?

The inn is fully booked because of the festival?


Let’s have them stay at the mansion.

I’ll have a civil officer ask them about their situation.

Youko, take care of them.


Gulf, Daga, Pirika, and Pirika’s fellow apprentices.

You worked hard.

I’m glad that you came back safely.

You counterattacked as self-defense so it can’t be helped.

Therefore, allow me to say this.

「Great victory.」

Let’s talk about the details tomorrow.

Take a rest today.


「Ah, my apologies but, where are the adventurers who accompanied you?」

They might be reluctant to go here but I would like to hear from them as well.

「They went to the festival.」


Am I thinking too much?

Considering my relationship with the demon king’s kingdom, aren’t we in a serious situation?

It’s pointless.

Let me refresh a little.

…..thinking about it, I came back to Big Tree Village to escape reality.


Youko doesn’t particularly care.

She even praised them for winning.

It looks like I’m overthinking things.

Is it really not a big deal?

I feel heavyhearted just by thinking I had to contact the demon king to explain the situation and to apologize….


The next day.

The conclusion after consulting the two former four heavenly kings, it’s not a big deal.

The demon king’s kingdom has various big and small territories.

Though unauthorized attack to other countries is strictly prohibited, domestic battle between territories of the kingdom is allowed.

I heard that as long as you have your reason, you can initiate territorial battle.

I heard that it is necessary in order to maintain the vast territory of the demon king’s kingdom.

In short, it’s fine as long as you are not hostile to the kingdom itself.

I learned something important.

Therefore, beating elf villages that belong to the demon king’s kingdom is not a hostile act towards the kingdom.

Is that so?

「Though it will be a problem if you exterminate them to the last elf, the demon king’s kingdom’s war potential won’t be affected even if you beat them and take them as subordinates.」

No no, there was fighting and there were injured.

I wanted to say so but I swallowed it down since it is the custom of this country.

「In any case, I’m happy we’ve won. I would like to give you something too.」

Looking at the two pleased demons, I wondered why I was so troubled yesterday.


After that, I met with the two elves again.

Isn’t it great to have an audience?

It’s like an interview.

I had the two former four heavenly kings sit with me too.

「I accept the surrender of the two villages. You are now followers of Village Five.」


With that, this is finally over.


I return to Big Tree Village and play with the spiderlings.

I was not able to play with them yesterday.

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