Chapter 314 – Dwarf Juano

Chapter 314 – Dwarf Juano

My name is Juano.

I am the leader of a group of 200 dwarves.

I have become the leader ten years ago and am currently in the midst of being questioned for my leadership skills.

Until a little while ago, I was able to smith at will but after becoming the leader, things have become troublesome.

I can now understand why the former leader always looks sulky.

Meanwhile, a group of them annoyed a certain village and we were informed that they had been imprisoned.

The one who informed us are elves who live in the nearby forest.

Do you know what’s funny? How can these ferocious elves who dislike us inform us?

However, that information is helpful.

If we go pick them up, they will release the imprisoned dwarves.

I’m thankful. I’m worried about those guys too.

I want to leave immediately and beat them up upon picking….

The village they caused trouble to is called Village Five.

Although it has only been founded recently, I heard that influential people from the demon king’s kingdom have gathered there.

It is impossible for them to leave without anyone intervening.

As the chief, I have to apologize for what they’ve done.

I thank the elves for the information they brought and start preparing to leave.


You want my signature as evidence that I have received the information?

Is it necessary?

No, I do have a signature but….well, if it’s really important.

I understand.


I went to Village Five with a few relatively manned people.

If I take someone violent, it will only cause more trouble.

According to the information we gathered before leaving, the purpose of those guys in prison were the weapons and armors sold in Village Five.

To be exact, the magic iron power contained in those weapons and armors.

It seems like they asked the other party to give it to them for free.

Those idiots.

That will only work in dwarven society.

It won’t work elsewhere.

If you are in other places, you should have said “Please let us use magic iron power” obediently.

How can they not know that?

That might be the reason why there are not many leader candidates.


We arrived at Village Five.

I think my mouth is wide open.

I heard that Village Five is a really big village.

But where is the village?

Isn’t this a huge town, no, this is a city!

Those idiots!

How dare you trouble a place like this?

Kuh…. My stomach hurts.


Fortunately, the representative of Village Five…..the acting village chief is a very gentle person.

She easily accepted my apology.

Peace of mind.

Since this is the case, she won’t execute the imprisoned dwarves.

Also, I won’t need to force myself to ask for their freedom.

I want you to punish them according to the law here.

It will become a good medicine for them too.

If you are really troubled, you can work in this village as an apology.


Ah, that’s right.

I almost forgot.

I presented an ax to the acting village chief.

「This is wonderful.」

I was surprised. She can tell.

I’m glad.

I’m sorry for troubling you but, can you show this to the person who forged those weapons using magic iron powder?

He will understand what it means.

I’ll wait for your contact.

Inn on the south side … What was the name?

The inns here have similar names so it is a little confusing.

Acting village chief-dono, I think you should do something about that.


It has become a blacksmith showdown.



Did I make a mistake?

I thought that the blacksmith of this village would understand if I showed him my ax.

I am one of the blacksmiths of the demon king’s kingdom that adopted the techniques of an eminent blacksmith group.

I intended to prove that there would be no shortage of blacksmiths that can process magic iron powder.

Could it be that they want to test my ability?

If so, I can’t decline….

When I saw the opponent, I was almost blown away.


The son of the mayor of Howling Village?


The blacksmith of this village is Gutt-dono?


Th-this is bad.

I’ve completely failed.

My technique came from Howling Village.

I have also trained in Howling Village for several years.

That ax of mine….

To a blacksmith from Howling Village, being shown of the ax that was forged using the technique of Howling Village is the same as provocation!

This is bad.

He’s glaring at me.


It’s all a misunderstanding-desu.


「That dwarf over there, if we win, you can’t say that we’re not skillful enough.」

Hnn… Gutt-dono raised the edge of his lips while glaring at me.

By chance, do you remember me?

When you met me, you were only a child who hadn’t even entered a forge yet…

No no, leave nostalgia aside.

I’m worried about the gaze of the dwarves behind me.

The current me is a leader.

As the leader of this group, I have to stand straight to a challenge even if it is due to a misunderstanding.

Yeah, there’s no other way.

「Let’s make a weapon better than the beastkin blacksmiths over there.」

I, myself, don’t have time to play.

Let me show you my skill as a blacksmith!


The blacksmith showdown will be taking a week.

Meanwhile, Village Five seems to have a festival.

Kuh, those were some fun music.

Those smell delicious.

I’ve been served with food and alcohol but they are not this good smelling.

I have never smelled something so delicious smelling before.

As for the alcohol.

Yes, especially that alcohol.

No no.

Concentrate on blacksmithing.

I’ll make a once-in-a-lifetime kind of sword hatchet!

However, I’m curious about those delicious-smelling food and alcohol.

How about we take turns?

If I knew this would happen, I would have brought more people.


Third day.

When I requested acting village chief-dono, she prepared delicious smelling food and alcohol.

We take turns in eating.

The dishes are curry, pizza, udon, and kushikatsu.

Umu, they are all delicious.

Especially the kushikatsu.

Ho hou, this chicken barbeque and this vegetable dish….I’m quite happy.


I was surprised.

I’ve never had such a delicious alcohol.

Moreover, there are various types.

Among those, I especially like the bubbly beer.

It goes well with kushikatsu.

It is so good that I think beer is an alcohol made for kushikatsu.

Ah, no.

I almost forgot about blacksmithing.

Don’t rush into the banquet.

The banquet is after the blacksmith showdown is over.


The final day.

I almost broke my waist.

The dwarf whom even the dwarven king would care about, the elder dwarf Donovan-sama, has come to see me.

He’s here for the blacksmith showdown.


You’re not here for alcohol?

Ah, Donovan-sama is the one who’s making the alcohol in this village….

It was very delicious.

I’m glad it wasn’t before the showdown.

Even I will be nervous in front of Donovan-sama.


The method of judging the blacksmith showdown is simple.

The judges will use the sword hatchet made for the blacksmith showdown to cut a stacked up wooden boards.


Our finished product is not bad.

The sword hatchet forged by Gutt-dono is quite good too.

As for the sword hatchet made by those abominable imprisoned dwarves, it’s good.

They have that attitude but they are skilled.

The sword hatchet of the group called Village Five team is not bad either.

It is a slightly curved sword that’s popular among adventurers these days.

It is also suitable for throwing.

They’ve studied.

However, there’s something I’ve been worried about since a while ago….

Why are the judges elves?

If I remember it correctly, those two are the tree king of Gon Forest and archer king of Garets Forest?

Or do they only look similar?

However….there’s no mistake that that elf there is a high elf.

Or am I mistaken?


As the result of the review of the judges, the winner of the blacksmith showdown is Village Five’s team.

The imprisoned dwarves complained saying that they were favored but I’m convinced with their win.

The sword hatchet I made emphasized appearance too much.

On the other hand, the Village Five team emphasized practical use.

It seems like they were able to utilize their advantage of receiving orders from adventurers.

As for Gutt-dono….I think he was harmed by his frequent use of magic iron powder.

Though a lot of first-class materials were prepared for this blacksmith showdown, there’s no magic iron powder.

Gutt-dono was supposed to compete without magic iron powder.

Given the presence or not of magic iron powder, the tempering, forging method, and even fire handling is different.

This time, I feel like he was not able to fully demonstrate his ability because he’s adjusting on those areas.

If the showdown is one more week longer, Gutt-dono would win.


I’m disappointed in losing the showdown but I’m satisfied with the result.

By the way, I have to apologize to Gutt-dono to resolve the misunderstanding.

I didn’t show the ax as provocation …


There are familiar people around Gutt-dono…

Ehto….from the right, they are the bloodsucking princess and the angel of annihilation…..

「Are you the one who provoked Gutt?」

「Ara, Loo-san, do you know Juano-shi?」

「Yeah, I asked him to sharpen my favorite dagger a few times.」

Yes, she did ask me that several times.

I can still remember those times.

In the middle of the night, there was a tyrannical customer that commanded me to sharpen a dagger and would not take no for an answer.

「That dagger was broken by you.」

「Ah, is it that dagger you used to cut off my right arm?」

「Yeah, that one.」

「That cuts well.」

「It was a waste. It seems like you know him too.」

「Yeah, I asked him for some armors for the angels.」

That was because of the relationship our group has with the angels. We’ve been acquainted for several generations.

The deadline is so tight that it can kill someone.

Moreover, the most annoying part is the details about decorations….it’s difficult too.

Why do they ask for carvings at the inner side of the armor?

Nobody will see it.

I don’t know what it means too.

It will only reduce the durability.

It is probably because if you take a hit, you’ll have carved bruise on your skin.

However, they are wearing clothes as undergarments so that’s not possible.



I knew from the atmosphere that they were related to this village.


Let’s not get involved with this village.

Though I wanted to use magic iron power, it’s not worth it.


Oh, acting village chief-dono.

You want to speak about various things….eh?

How many good blacksmiths do we have?

No, we’re leaving tomorrow.……

You want to make the imprisoned dwarves your subordinates?

Those guys will not listen to me.

There will be a banquet from today onwards?

Though I’ll be happy to……there were other alcohols aside from what Donovan-sama made?



The next day.

The group of dwarves I’m supposed to be leading is working as blacksmiths in Village Five.

I don’t even know why.

Alcohol is bad.

Kushikatsu is bad.

Somehow, new dishes are delicious.


I…no, I hope our future is bright.

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