Chapter 315 – Playing with Spiderlings

Chapter 315 – Playing with Spiderlings

I intend to play with the spiderlings but….I wonder what we should play.

Let’s ask them.


I’ll be watching the theatrical show of the spiderlings.

There are three plays to be performed.

The stage is the table in my room.

Oh, they even prepared costumes and the stage props.


There’s a curtain too?

Professional standard.


The first one is about encouraging good and punishing evil using the principles of royalty.

When a monster was bullied by a bad adventurer, a good adventurer came to help.

The introduction, development, denouement, and conclusion are solid and easy to understand.

Standing ovation.


The second one is a musical cooking battle.

Did you really have to make it into a musical in order to express the deliciousness of foods?

The coordinated stomp of 20 of them is a masterpiece.


The third’s theme is mystery.

Oohhh, an original way of dying.

That’s quite a trick.

They even use stage props.

The stage props were made with the cooperation of the mountain elves.

So that’s how it is.


They are all good enough….I mean, they are interesting.

Everyone worked hard.

Ah, don’t mind your misstep.

During the musical, one of them got its leg tangled in a complex step.

Are you injured?

You did your best and did not stop when you made an error.

The follow up of the others was wonderful.


As a summary……

All of you should utilize the size of the stage a bit more.

You only move on a certain place which is too narrow.

Also, I think it’s a good idea that you have a placard of your lines but I think you should increase the font size a little.

I think it may be good to use a kuroko.

Do you know what a kuroko is?

Though that person is on the stage, he’s not treated as one of the actors by the audience and is there only to help the actors.

You have to dress up properly as a kuroko or no one will get it.


Everyone’s interested.



But will this be considered as playing together?

I was just watching.

Want me to join you….being in the play is impossible.

Alright, I’ll just cooperate with the stage set like the mountain elves….they built something great.

There are other gimmicks that you were not able to use during your plays?

It looks like there’s no room for me to join the stage equipment building.

It can’t be helped.

I’ll just make a lighting device.

It’ll be more exciting.

The spiderlings agree too.

The problem is the light source.……

There’s no electricity.

Let’s ask Loo to do something with magic.


Isn’t it hard to ask Loo?

It’s hard for sure.

However, it’s for you.

Leave it to me.

And next, let’s show it to the children.

It will be a waste if you only show it to me.

It’s okay.

Hakuren teaches well so they can read characters.

I’m a bit doubtful for Tiselle but….

If it’s a musical, she can enjoy it even if she can’t read.

Yeah, that’s it.


That day, I concentrated on making lighting equipment with the spiderlings.

If I make it by myself, it won’t be counted as playing with them.


The lighting device is complete. The spiderlings are pleased.

And Zabuton is waiting behind me.


I’m sorry for not seeing you but it’s already night.

How about we play tomorrow?

I was relieved when Zabuton nodded but I regretted being too focused.

I’m hungry.

Let’s go for dinner before Ann gets angry.

Spiderlings, you should eat too.


When the spiderlings waved their legs together to reply to me, I find it cute so I unintentionally laughed.

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