Chapter 316 – Details of the Battle

Chapter 316 – Details of the Battle

The interview with the elves and the adventurers revealed the details on how they fought with the elven villages.


Gulf, Daga, Pirika, 20 of Pirika’s fellow disciples, and 30 adventurers.

It is a group of more than 50 people.

There were five elf guides too but three of them left in order to report to their village that the goo turtle has been defeated.

The elf guides of Gulf’s group are now down to two.

Thinking about killing other monsters and securing food, they move into the forest.

They were discovered by a small scouting group of the Garets Forest Village.

The purpose of that small scouting group is to guard their village.

The place where they discovered them is a place a little far away from their village’s territory so they’re not supposed to fight.

Unfortunately, they were in a hostile relationship with the two elves who accompany Gulf’s group.

The leader of the small scouting group in the Garets forest was a young elf and when he saw two hostile elves getting along with Gulf’s group, he made a big mistake.

「He called for their army.」

The leader of the small scouting group requests for reinforcements from Garets Forest Village.

More than a hundred elves were deployed by Garets Forest Village.

The elves’ fighting style is centered on long-range attacks with bows and magic while encircling the enemy.

During the time when they were encircling Gulf’s group, the three elves who were able to report back to their village weren’t able to return to Gulf’s group.

They were attacked by the army of Garets Forest Village who were on their way to surround Gulf’s group. The three of them were wounded.

They were also taken.

That time, the three already have another companion.

In order to thank Gulf’s group for their monster extermination, an elder from the village accompanied the three.

He managed to escape while being injured on one of his arms.

He came back to the village and shouted.

「The Garets Forest attacked!」

The village of the elf guides is called Gon Forest Village.

More than 100 elves were deployed from Gon Forest Village.

Unfortunately, the elf reinforcement from Gon Forest Village had not been informed about Gulf’s group.

Another unfortunate thing is, the two elf guides were already injured by the siege of the Garets Forest Village.

With no one explaining the situation, Gon Forest Village and Garets Forest Village went to war with Gulf’s group in the middle.


As for Gulf’s group….

First, they counterattacked against the forces of Garets Forest Village who made the preemptive strike.

Gulf, Daga, and the adventurers struggle against the elves who devote themselves to long-range attacks. Pirika and her fellow disciples on the other hand are doing great.

They evade fast traveling arrows and magic.

They also defeated elves with one blow.

While doing so, the Gon Forest Village forces approached.

Though they came from a village hostile to Garets Forest Village, they are still elves.

Gulf’s group misunderstood them as enemy reinforcements.

No one can solve that misunderstanding.


The battle started at noon and it is already night.

Further reinforcements arrived from the two forest villages.

In the middle of the battlefield where they are fighting 500 elves, Gulf’s group thought of a way to break the status quo.

That is, to capture the enemy’s stronghold.

They were able to guess that there are two places that seemed to be the enemy’s stronghold.

Either of them will be the real one.

The battle continued and the tension has gone up.

Even if they were fewer than the enemies, Gulf’s group divide themselves into two groups.

Then, on the night of the second day, they started moving towards each of the two strongholds.

While repelling the chasing enemies, both groups managed to capture the enemy’s strongholds noon of the fourth day….when the news arrived at the villages, the two elven villages surrendered.


Listening to everyone’s story, I can only call it an unfortunate encounter battle.

But I’m glad that there are only injured.

I’m really glad that no one died.

It seems like both elven villages have people who can use healing magic and Gulf’s group has them too.

However, if you only treated the elf guides first, wouldn’t you be able to reduce your enemy to half….

「No one can use it infinitely, right? We are already thankful that they protected our bodies.」

It is one of the elf guides. I heard they fainted.

However, your goodwill and sacrifice backfired.

Well, I can’t criticize them since I’m not there.

If I’m there, I’m surely be in a panic.

I can only think that everyone has done their best towards their goal.


The first one who came is an elf from Gon Forest Village.

Their representative is a middle-aged male elf.

It seems like he’s good at manipulating tree magic.

I heard that he is called tree king of Gon Forest Village.


As for the elven village that attacked Gulf’s group, it is called Garets Forest Village.

Their representative is a fierce-looking elf female.

She’s good with bow and she seems to be called bow king of Garets Forest Village.


….why are they called king even though they’re from a village?

Is it boost their ego?

Maa, since the two representatives initiate to work for Village Five themselves, I’ll accept it.

The two forest villages seem to be hostile against each other, will it be safe for them to work together?

Youko, who asked why they are hostile with each other, was stunned since they don’t have any serious reason to fight at all. As for me, I don’t care why.


In any case, the two of them migrated to Village Five along with a few companions.

With the proposal of the two former four heavenly kings, it was decided to build a house near the top of Village Five for them.

Is it necessary to do that?

「They are representatives of two forces that have their own territory near Village Five. If you treat them warmly, you won’t even need to deal with other forces.」

So, it is necessary.

Let’s prepare a house by all means.

What are the two of you planning to do from now on?

Will you help with the monsters and demon beasts extermination of the adventurers? Or are you going to help with the domestic affairs of Village Five?

Though they could have helped with the exterminations of monsters and demon beasts, they chose to help with domestic affairs….I think tree king might be able to do it but can bow king do it?

You want to deal with the village’s external affairs?

Excuse me for being rude but that’s not going to happen.

Are you well-known?


For the time being, let’s have them show their face by being the judges of the blacksmith showdown on the final day of the festival.

The high elf Ria came with me too and participated in the event as a judge.

Are you acquainted with those two?

It looks like you are talking positively.

「I warned the two of them. They will not trouble Village Five in the future.」

Well, thank you.


Though it is a pity that Gutt did not win in the blacksmith showdown, I don’t have any complaints about the result.

For the winner, the Village Five team, I’ll have…no, I’ll even cook for you.


Do not hold back.

Youko and the two former four heavenly kings are doing their best for Village Five so let’s not forget them.

There’s not much I can do so don’t hold back.

Let’s share some with tree king and bow king too.


The ax dwarf team will also stay in Village Five? No, it was decided that they’ll migrate?

They are great when it comes to blacksmithing so that helps us a lot.

As for prison dwarf teams A, B, and C…..they’ll return to prison but only for a day. After that, they’ll work under ax dwarf.

You have my consent.


After that, Village Five still has a lot of things to discuss with outsiders.

If it was only me, I would have given up already.

Is Youko still fine?

You still have some leeway?

Good, very reliable.

Then, I’ll leave Village Five to you.

Ah, and don’t do anything in the dark.

I can’t help but say that…..

「You don’t have to worry village chief. Please leave Village Five to me.」

I feel dignity backed with experience.

She’s really reliable.

She gives off the beautiful lord feeling.

However, when she comes back to Big Tree Village at night, she turns into a lazy fox.

「If you have anything worrying you, please let me know. I’m not that useful but I can listen to your complaints.」

After a short interval when she heard my words, Youko laughed loudly.

I cheered her up…..

「I’m sorry. However, if village chief is not considered as  useful, don’t you think the world is too harsh? If you won’t have a little more confidence, those around you will be in trouble.」


I’ll think about it.


Village Five’s personnel.

Acting village chief – Youko

Consultant – two former four heavenly kings

Military, first in command – Hih

Civil Affairs, first in command – Loch

Intelligence – Nana

Chief of Security(provisional) – Pirika

Village Guards – Pirika’s fellow apprentices

Diplomats – tree king and bow king

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