Chapter 317 – Medicine Rack and Shelf Room


Chapter 317 – Medicine Rack and Shelf Room

When the crops I planted during the spring are about to be harvested, I was working hard with woodworks in the workshop.

What I’m making is a medicine rack.

I’m doing my best because it was Loo who requested me.

Even though I said medicine rack, it is a shelf full of drawers. Because of that, it is not difficult to make since there won’t be mistakes in sizes.

The size of the drawers is what Loo requested.

Height is 20 centimeters, width is 20 centimeters, and depth is 60 centimeters.

The shelf that will hold the drawer will be 10 drawers in width and 10 drawers in height.

It looks like a square in front view.

I’m going to make the shelf first before making the drawers.

Shelves are simple.

I have a lot of experience in making one.

I calculated and measured the size with ease.

Of course, I also considered the thickness of the wood.

You shouldn’t make drawers too tight when you’re making one.

It won’t move.

There should be some spaces to consider.

Yeah, I’m glad that I noticed that when I was making my first drawer.

But what happened?

Actually, all the parts of the drawer were cut out at the beginning.

I should be on my way to assemble it….

Who would have thought that I would make something so tight?

Should I shave it?

No, let’s just make a new shelf.

That would be faster.

There are only a few parts to prepare.


I made a new shelf.

The drawer moves smoothly.

Not too loose, not too tight.


Then, I’ll do my best to make all the remaining drawers.

The drawers have decorative metal fitting at the four corners and a knob.

The decorative metal fittings were made by Gutt’s disciples.

They are for 100 drawers and 10 spares.

They are stunningly the same shapes and sizes.

I’m charmed.

However, it is difficult to assemble everything alone.

I’ll ask the spiderlings to help me.

It will already be helpful if they can hand over the decorative fittings or even the knobs.


It took some time but the medicine shelf was completed.

I made it myself and it looks good.

Let’s bring it to Loo.

When carrying a shelf, it is dangerous since the drawers are not fixed.

When I was thinking about what to do, the spiderlings tied them with web.

Thank you.

As for how to transport it…

About 30 spiderlings lift the shelf and start moving.

The other spiderlings lead, guide, and open and close the door.

Honestly, thank you.

We managed to carry it to Loo’s laboratory.

Loo’s reaction upon seeing the medicine rack was excellent.

「Thank you. I’ll take good care of it.」

When I was thinking of what she’ll put in it, she put the same herb in every drawer.


Could it be that what you really wanted is a cabinet?

「That’s not the case. This is a magical amulet for medicine shelf. I think it is okay to leave it now. With that, the quality of the medicinal herb won’t change.」

Could it be some sort of sterilization?

Well, that’s Loo’s specialty.

She won’t make a mistake.

「If there’s a problem, just let me know.」

I told her that and went back to the workshop with the spiderlings.


In the workshop, the first shelf I made is still there.

What should I do with this?

It will be a waste to dismantle it.

How about I make drawers for this shelf?

Or maybe, this shelf should be used as it is.

I feel like I’ve seen something like this before. Ah, a shoebox….but it’s too narrow to be used as one.

When I was thinking what to do, the spiderlings entered the shelf.


A slightly spacious private room for fist-size spiderlings.

For magazine size spiderlings, it will be a narrow private room.

Will this make you feel better?


Then, let’s make this the rooms for spiderlings.

The question is, where to put this shelf……

Should I bring it outside?

Or should I put it in an empty room of the mansion?

You want inside?


I’ll ask Ann’s permission.

「This mansion belongs to my lord. Please feel free to do what pleases you.」

Though you looked confused about why I’m asking permission, that face won’t fool me.

I remember you being in a bad mood for a while when I remodeled one of the vacant rooms before.

「The matter before, it is because there’s soil all over the room.」

I did not intentionally spread them.

I only brought a wooden box filled with soil there.

And my purpose is not to plant anything there but for Ursa’s clay dolls.

I wondered if the clay dolls, who are Ursa’s room keeper, can’t settle down because of the environment.

I had no choice but to use trial-and-error method to figure out the environment where they could settle down.

Well, as a result, I heard that the clay dolls have no problem with the current environment.

The reason why they seem struggling is because Ursa throws her clothes all over.



I got permission to use an empty room in the mansion.

I immediately installed it.

Yeah, looks great…..

Given the numbers of spiderlings, there is clearly not enough room in the shelf.

The spiderlings who failed to get a room are staring at me.



Let’s work hard together.


Drawer is not needed.

This is easy.

In three days, we made a total of eight shelves.

The vacant room in the mansion became a shelf room.

Given the total numbers of spiderlings, these are still insufficient but it seems like they can share rooms and even use it in turn.

This is heartwarming.

Though this is heartwarming, I wonder what I should call this.

I feel like I’m a beekeeper or bug raiser.


At my feet is a spiderling which is one level bigger than the magazine size spiderling, a half tatami mat spiderling.


I understand.

I’ll build a larger shelf and find another vacant room.



As expected, I think the two-tatami mat big spiderlings should use an empty room instead of a shelf.

If that is the case, we’ll run out of vacant rooms.

I know.

I’m not sure if I should make a shelf for one…..okay, I’ll make something that can hold some of you.

I’ll need another vacant room.

Maa, you guys helped me a lot in various ways.

You don’t have to worry about it.

And so, the shelf rooms are recognized as the resting rooms of the spiderlings.


A few days later.

An incident happened with a fist-size spiderling staying on the center part of the first shelf.

Its room was blocked with webs.

I’ve never seen them doing this before.

What’s this?


Or molting?

You’re not collecting nectar like bees, are you?

A spiderling next door from the blocked room says that it’s okay….I’m worried but I’ll trust you and leave it alone.

From that day on, the number of small closed rooms on the shelves have increased.

There are 21 of them.


A few more days later.

It is around the beginning of spring harvest.

The first closed room opened.


A spiderling has come out.

It looks like something I’ve never seen before.

However, it raises one of its legs to greet me like usual.

Yeah, some things never change.

All right, all right.

Did you molt?

You’re shiny now.

No, since it changed its appearance, it’s metamorphosis.

Or evolution?

Maa, let’s just say you molted.

From the other small room, another new kind of spiderling came out.

The pattern on your back looks pretty cool.

Oh, the first one also looks cool.

Hahaha, don’t get angry.


When I showed them to Loo and the others, their faces twitched.

It’s not that scary.

Well, they’re girls so they are probably not fans of spiders.

No, they usually interact with spiderlings.

Maybe they are not used to it since it looks strange.

Look, Alfred and Ursa greeted it energetically.

They’re not scared.



Since then, the shelf room has become a room for molting for the spiderlings.


Could it be that you were in pain till now?

You can only do it in hole of trees….

I should have made it sooner.

I’m sorry.



A kitten slept in a small shelf room.

Why do you even have to go in such a narrow place…..

Spiderlings, sorry.

I’ll take it out immediately.


You don’t mind if it stays here?

Thank you….

You should help each other?

You guys are kind.

I’ll do what I can to be that kind too.

To me who decided to do so, the sleeping cat meows as if protesting for troubling its sleep.

Good grief.


Loo and Ann’s conversation

「That’s a, death-announcing spider, right? That showing up announces death like how one of it destroyed a kingdom before.」

「It matches the image drawn in the documents.」

「The other one is car spider elite.」

「Between one and a group, it is said that that spider alone has a greater threat compared to a group.」

「A group huh…..even a single car spider is enough to cause an uproar.」

「That’s right. Living here can really make you crazy.」



New fist-size spiderlings:

Immortal Demon Spider

Alias: death-announcing spider

Feature: Immortal


Car Spider Elite

Alias: death-carrying spider

Feature: Wide range healing magic

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